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Jewel Cafe & Bar

Jewel Cafe & Bar - (17)

Any fans of Jewel Cafe along Shenton Way out there? Did you know that Jewel Cafe have opened a second branch in Rangoon Road and now serve full-fledged hot meals? I guess Jewel Cafe will always be known for its coffee, thanks to the brightly lit COFFEE sign that greets anyone who drives along Shenton Way. It’s kind of subliminal messaging, in a not so subliminal way huh. Unfortunately, parking is a PAIN in Shenton Way, so hooray that they now have this new outlet!

Jewel Cafe & Bar - Onion Soup $8

Onion Soup $8

I haven’t really been on the look out for onion soup whenever I eat out because I don’t normally order soups to begin with. However, my mother was feeling a little under the weather so I thought a nice soupy thing might just be up her alley. When the soup arrived, I was instantly reminded of the fantabulous onion soup I had at the famed Angelina in Versailles in France! Similar to Angelina, Jewel Cafe had a luscious layer of mozzarella cheese covering the soup and keeping the heat in. Under the cheesy goodness was another layer of bread pieces, to soak up the onion soup and to act as the carbo. And of course, underneath the bread was the delectable and piping hot onion soup with shreds and shreds of sweet tasting onions.

How I wish I’d ordered one for myself too but I was forced to relegate the onion soup to my mother after 3 mouthfuls. Return, I must, to Jewel Cafe to try the onion soup, and you can bet your top dollar that I ain’t sharing.

Jewel Cafe & Bar - Eggs Royale $14 (2)

Eggs Royale $14

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Relish @ Cluny Court

My ex-colleagues came to pick me up for lunch last week. Was really happy to see them again but I was kinda surprised to see my ex-boss in the driver’s seat of a strange car. Turns out another colleague was supposed to come along as well but had to back out at the last minute. She still lent the car to the group nonetheless, how cool is that? A car is such a prized possession nowadays, I don’t think you’d easily find someone loaning their car out just like that!

Relish @ Cluny Court

We decided to visit Relish at Cluny Court. I thought it was a great idea because I had never tried Relish despite going to Cluny Court numerous times. Btw, Cluny Court is a nifty little mall directly opposite the Botanic Gardens MRT station. If you’re in the vicinity, you can stop for a cuppa here as there’s Da Paolo, Simply Bread, Relish and Society Canteen. There’s even a sizable Cold Storage. Parents ought to come check out Cluny Court too as there are quite a number of unique stores retailing kids’ stuff. It’s a great place to relax, as long as you avoid the lunch hours.

Relish @ Cluny Court - Blue Cheese & William Pear Beef Burger with walnut peanut butter, blue auvergne, arugla, poached pear $21.90

Blue Cheese & William Pear Beef Burger with walnut peanut butter, blue auvergne, arugla, poached pear $21.90

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Will be getting married at 4 Seasons Hotel. On the day that we signed the contract, we were treated to a lovely meal at One-Ninety Restaurant. We were too busy discussing the contract details hence I didn’t even realise that I hadn’t noted down the menu prices. Heck, I’ve also forgotten exactly what we ate, given that this all happened more than half a year ago. Still, I don’t want to waste the nice pictures I’ve taken so this shall be a pictorial review!

OneNinety - Chocolate Cake

4 Seasons Signature chocolate cake! Costs about $10 and is decadent like hell! A normal human would not be able to finish this piece so it’s best to share. Love the intense and heavy chocolate fudge on top, with a thick and crispy granola base. I don’t even think there’s any sponge cake in this chocolate on a plate!

OneNinety - Chocolate Gelato

This chocolate ice cream $15 is another good choice to order if you’re hankering after something chocolaty and sweet. The ice cream is deeply chocolaty, aided by generous amounts of chocolate fudge and crispy cocopop bits. You know what, for my wedding day, AFTER the wedding, I’m going to order myself this chocolate ice cream and just relaxxxxx after the excitement of the day.

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