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Bobby’s Taproom.Grill.Bar

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Chijmes. To think that at one point in time, because my office was so nearby, we would visit the restaurants at Chijmes at least a few times a month! The 3 restaurants we patronised the most at Chijmes were Hog’s Breath, Lei Garden and Sun Dining. For some reason, we would never visit the restaurants in the Courtyard. What a pity, because I now know that quite a few of them offer good lunch promotions!

Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs - (13)

If not for the tall building in the distance, wouldn’t this make you think of some courtyard in France or Italy?

Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs - (6)

You may have seen the Chijmes Church from the front, but have you seen it from this angle?

Bobby’s Taproom.Grill.Bar has been at Chijmes for the longest time. In fact, this was one of the 1st restaurants I reviewed when I first started my blog! They now also have another outlet at Cuppage Centre. This time round, I was invited to Bobby’s along with Hazel and Grace.

Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs - Crunchy Potato with Smoked Salmon $18

Crunchy Potato with Smoked Salmon $18

To start off the lunch, we had some crunchy potato shells with smoked salmon. They looked so pretty on the plate they were almost too irresistible to eat. Turns out that these potato skins aren’t all that crunchy after all. They might have been, if it were just the skins only, but because the sliver of potato flesh that is next to the skin is also served, these tasted more like wedges than potato skins. I liked the smoked salmon that goes with the potato but I think the chef was a little heavy handed on the mayonnaise.

Bobby's Taproom.Grill.Ribs - Fish & Chips with sides of fries and coleslaw $24 (2)

Fish & Chips with sides of fries and coleslaw $24

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Hard Rock Cafe

When I told my friends that I was invited to a food tasting session at Hard Rock Cafe, many of them told me that they had either been there once eons ago, or never at all. This caught me by surprise, as I was under the impression that people liked going to Hard Rock Cafes all over the world to buy their memorabilia as evidence of having been to the respective countries. Perhaps that’s just it, they go only for the souvenirs but not the food.

Personally, the first and only time I was at Hard Rock Cafe was way back in 2007. It was the birthday of our American intern, and he specifically requested for a celebration at Hard Rock Cafe to remind him of home. The birthday meal was fun, and I believe he even received a small birthday cake compliments of the house! It’s interesting to know that Hard Rock Cafe actually started as an American diner in London, and not in USA! I’ve been to London’s Hard Rock Cafe, and I have a Tshirt to prove it too, heh.

Fast forward to last week, and I was there once again to sample Hard Rock Cafe’s new Seafood Menu with the URBAN TEAM bloggers I made friends with during our Greenwich V Amazing Race. I even had a special guest with me, the winner of my Hard Rock Cafe contest!

Hard Rock Cafe is a very lively place. A stage and a huge ceiling to floor projection screen take centre stage. Loud music is played and MTVs are shown on the projection screen. Needless to say, music memorabilia such as guitars and photos of singers decorate every wall available. When you’re in it, you know you’re in Hard Rock Cafe alright. By the way, did you know that there are more than 70,000 guitars, drums pianos etc on the walls of over 163 Hard Rock Cafes, Hotels and Casinos in 52 countries around the world? And the 1st guitar ever donated, which started the collection going came from Eric Clapton!

Hard Rock Cafe - (2)

I ordered this Mocktail for $10 to get things started. If you don’t know what to order, I would highly recommend this drink. It’s pretty humongous and lasted me the whole evening!

Hard Rock Cafe - Seafood Platter with an assortment of grilled prawns, calamari rings, battered sea bass fillet, soft shell crab served on a bed of french fries with tartar sauce $28   (2)

Seafood Platter with an assortment of grilled prawns, calamari rings, battered sea bass fillet, soft shell crab served on a bed of french fries with tartar sauce $28

I love it when someone at the table orders a seafood platter. It’s always such a feast for the eyes. However, the downside is that with nearly everything being covered in batter, it can be very unhealthy. I only tried the calamari rings and soft shell crab. The soft shell crab was very nice but the squid was a little on the soft and mushy side.

Hard Rock Cafe - Crab Fried Rice, wok fried with succulent crab meat, prawns and diced portobello mushrooms, wrapped in an egg omelette $20   (2)

Crab Fried Rice, wok fried with succulent crab meat, prawns and diced portobello mushrooms, wrapped in an egg omelette $20

Out of the entire seafood menu, this was my favourite dish. First of all there is a generous amount of crab on top of the rice. That’s good because when the crab meat is hidden within the rice, if not done properly, the flavours can be lost. At least with the crab outside, you can savour it separately. The olive rice was also pretty fragrant, and was kept piping hot by the enveloping thin egg omelette. A lime was provided which added an extra tanginess to the rice.

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Broun Cafe – Tried and tested

Over the weekend, I made it over to the newly opened Broun Cafe. It seems that they opened a few months back, then decided to change their concept. So they closed to renovate, and are opened again once more.

At this point in time, the menu is pretty limited. You can check out their menu selections at their website. For dessert, they only had chocolate brownie and apple crumble available yesterday, which was a disappointment to the Partner who had set his heart on the country carrot cake.

Broun Cafe is still in the midst of tweaking its recipes. The wait staff came over to seek our feedback on every single item ordered. In a month or so, they also expect to increase their menu offerings. Broun cafe prides itself on serving only “healthy food” that is not deep-fried and has a home-cooked flavour.

Broun Cafe Brownie w Ice Cream

Broun Cafe with Ice Cream

Brownie with Ice cream $6 – This was quite good. The ice cream was perfect when combined with the piping hot brownie. The taste of the ice cream wasn’t that particularly appealing when eaten on its own. When slurped up with morsels of brownie, the brownie became a creamy chocolatey and oozy mouthful of goodness.

I later found out that the ingredients used are low-fat, which kind of explains the lack of richness of the ice-cream. Thankfully, the brownie didn’t taste low fat.

Broun Cafe Apple Crumble with Ice Cream

Grandma’s apple crumble with ice-cream $4.50 – Quite small for a slice of apple crumble. I didn’t like the soft and mushy texture of the apple crumble. It was as if the apple crumble hadn’t been baked long enough. Even though it didn’t taste raw, I had a momentary fear that the ingredients were still half raw.

Broun Cafe Cafe Affogato

Affogato $5 – Shot of expresso over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. My parents had this and proclaimed that it was DAMN GOOD. The whole thing disappeared in under 2 minutes. Interesting serving concept, normally affogatos are served in coffee cups.

Broun Cafe Kopi Broun and Ice Lemon Tea

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea $2 – Cheapest drink in the house, tastes quite good.

Ice-Shaken Kopi Broun $4.50 – Basically expresso coffee sweetened with condensed milk instead of normal milk and sugar, to give an old-school kick. Unfortunately, the kick missed the ball, and I thought the drink was average at best. The coffee tasted strong and bitter yet somehow the drink still tasted diluted.

Broun Cafe Cafe Latte

Latte $5 – Normal latte.

Broun Cafe Seating Area

Broun Cafe

Location: 36 North Canal Road, Singapore 059292

Hours :

Mon – Tues: 11:00 am-3:30 pm

Wed – Thurs: 11:00 am-9:30 pm

Fri – Sat: 11:00 am-11:00 pm

Broun Cafe’s Facebook

Broun Cafe Website

Shots Cafe

I have been eating so much lately, my shirt doesn’t even fit me anymore. Last week was the 1st time I wore that shirt and it was fine. Today, I felt as if I was being compressed within a tight capsule. If I continue on this trajectory, I may just pop a button.

But how can I help it when I’m been assaulted by good food? Yesterday I sinned again, at Shots Cafe no less. This Cafe I presume is against sinning since they had Joseph Prince’s book prominently displayed on their counter. Joseph Prince, if you didn’t know, is the famous pastor from New Creation Church. Yet people must sin here everyday when the cafe has so many decadent pastries and baked goods on display!

Shots Cafe - Chocolate Fudge Brownie (2)

This damn decadent and chocolatey chocolate fudge brownie here was the culprit, the catalyst! If you want chocolaty, this is 10 times better than Awfully Chocolate, you can be sure of that. It was as moist can be and the fudge was oozing all over the place. I ate 3 quarters of it and left 1 quarter for my friend, but only because I felt I had to be sociable. And, this only costs $5.50 instead of $7+ for the Awfully Chocolate cake.

Shots Cafe - Chocolate Fudge Brownie (4)

Shots Cafe - Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Mmmmmm chomp chomp chomp….



8 Ang Siang Hill, Singapore 069788

TELEPHONE : +65 6224 8502



Farmers’ Market at Loewen Gardens Dempsey

Jun 6, 2010 @ 14:38

Here are the photos of the new Singapore farmers’ market organized by The Pantry. It is also the largest farmers’ market in Singapore as far as I know. Contrary to my fears, the farmers’ market is very much like the farmers markets you see in NZ, UK and USA. They had lots of stalls selling fresh produce, artisan breads and jams, brownies, cakes and muffins of all colours and sizes. Go hungry, because there are lots to sample and how else can you tell whether what you’re buying is good?

My only grouse is that most of the items on sale are more expensive than what I am used to when I visit the farmers markets overseas. This is undoubtedly because a lot of the premium ingredients have to be shipped from overseas.

Despite the initial drizzle I’m glad I did make it to Loewen Gardens in the end. You can see the roads are wet, but it’s fine because all the stalls are under tents. In fact, it was pretty cooling even though it was noon. I had a wonderful time taking in the vibrancy of the place as well as taking photos.

For such an “off-the-map” location by Singapore standards (you really need a car to get here or risk walking uphill for at least 20 minutes?), the market was pretty crowded. Most of the people there, be it customers or stall-owners were Caucasian. I wonder if this is because Singaporeans are not interested in Farmers’ markets. Does the average Singaporean even know what a Farmer’s market is? Or is just because the farmers’ market was the brainchild of a Caucasian woman, and the word-of-mouth has yet to spread to the locals? Whatever the reason, it’s definitely a treat to spend a Saturday morning at Loewen Gardens whoever you are.

The Pantry - Inside

Inside The Pantry cafe. I love how the goodies are stacked on the counter top in full view.

The Pantry close up shot of muffins

Closer shot of the muffins. Now tell me you can resist this and I’ll tell you you’re lying!

The Pantry - Scones

Scones from The Pantry

Wild Honey baked goods and jams

Wild Honey – They sell jams and loaves of cakes here. They also have a cafe at Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road.

Wild Honey baked goods and jams close up shot

Close up shot of the Wild Honey goodies – According to their facebook page, they were selling brioche breads, granola, jams and honey, doughnuts, chicken pies, tea breads etc The stuff is not cheap. We tried their delicious jam and wanted to buy some but it cost $18 per bottle! The tea breads cost $15 I believe!

Zenxin stall

Zenxin – Zenxin is also available at Shop & Save. In my opinion, Zenxin sells the cheapest organic produce in Singapore.

Unnamed organic vegetables stall

Imported Organic vegetable seller

Unnamed fruit stall

Another stall selling organic veggies and fruits

The Pantry Baked Goods

Baked goods and artisan breads. No more generic Gardenia or Sunshine for me.

Open air cooking of paella

Open air cooking of Paella (seafood rice dish) $5 per serving


MadzChef – Baked goods of all sorts

Freedom Eggs

Freedom Eggs from Chews I believe– No more battery hens. About $2.50 for half a dozen

The Pantry's alfresco area<br />

The Pantry’s Alfresco area for you to rest after a hard day’s marketing, or to watch the shoppers haggling

Farmer's Market kids playing

The little ones can be amused at the painting area, or the trampoline

More pictures below and directions on how to get to The Farmer’s Market

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