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Relish @ Cluny Court

My ex-colleagues came to pick me up for lunch last week. Was really happy to see them again but I was kinda surprised to see my ex-boss in the driver’s seat of a strange car. Turns out another colleague was supposed to come along as well but had to back out at the last minute. She still lent the car to the group nonetheless, how cool is that? A car is such a prized possession nowadays, I don’t think you’d easily find someone loaning their car out just like that!

Relish @ Cluny Court

We decided to visit Relish at Cluny Court. I thought it was a great idea because I had never tried Relish despite going to Cluny Court numerous times. Btw, Cluny Court is a nifty little mall directly opposite the Botanic Gardens MRT station. If you’re in the vicinity, you can stop for a cuppa here as there’s Da Paolo, Simply Bread, Relish and Society Canteen. There’s even a sizable Cold Storage. Parents ought to come check out Cluny Court too as there are quite a number of unique stores retailing kids’ stuff. It’s a great place to relax, as long as you avoid the lunch hours.

Relish @ Cluny Court - Blue Cheese & William Pear Beef Burger with walnut peanut butter, blue auvergne, arugla, poached pear $21.90

Blue Cheese & William Pear Beef Burger with walnut peanut butter, blue auvergne, arugla, poached pear $21.90

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Spruce at Upper Bukit Timah FireStation

This was my 2nd visit to Spruce, but first visit to it’s Upper Bukit Timah Firestation outlet. My 1st visit was to the Spruce at Phoenix Park near town. As usual, I decided to sit al-fresco to avoid the air-conditioning. Also, it was drizzling slightly that day, and it was just a delight to be sitting facing the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve that was shrouded in a slight haze. Living in the Eastern part of Singapore, which is bereft of Nature Reserves, I often feel, or try to feel like I’m not really in Singapore when I see so much trees!

We had gone to visit a photographer in Choa Chu Kang, and were famished by the time we got out. I didn’t actually have a clue as to where to eat, but thankfully, when we drove past the Firestation, I remembered Spruce was in there and we turned in.

Spruce - Eggs Benny (Corn Waffle, Back Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce) $15 (2)

Eggs Benny (Corn Waffle, Back Bacon and Hollandaise Sauce) $15

The most vegetarian option as usual, this was ordered by my father. They so kindly switched the corn waffle with brioche toast, and the back bacon with slices of avocado! An extremely healthy dish, unlike what I ordered…. Love the contrast between the feta cheese and tomatoes!

Spruce - Spruce Big Brekkie (eggs, Bacon, German Sausage, Roasted Tomato, Roasted Potato, Mushrooms and Foccacia Toast) $19 (3)

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Marriott Hotel – Riot of good food!

Singapore Marriott Hotel has completed a S$35m refurbishment, one of the most extensive projects of its kind in the Hotel’s 17 year history in Singapore. You will remember that before the Marriott Hotel, it was formerly the Dynasty Hotel.  Apart from the overhaul of all guest rooms, the once traditional hotel lobby has been converted into a welcoming open plan zone while Marriott Cafe boasts a sophisticated new ambience, extended seating and open kitchen block. A brand new F&B concept, Java+, has also been added.

I was lucky to be invited to check out all the restaurants in Marriott Hotel. It’s interesting to know that I have not eaten in Marriott Hotel for more than 10 years! I vaguely remember that I tried out the Marriott Cafe, and Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant too. For some reason, despite my love for trying out hotel restaurants and new restaurants in general, I’ve always bypassed Marriott. Perhaps the Crossroads Cafe on the ground floor facing the streets always looks so full of tired Caucasians that I’ve never felt an urge to dine there. Also because it was not air-conditioned. But after this food trail, I’m glad to announce that Marriott Hotel has more than just the Crossroads Cafe. It also has the air-conditioned Marriott Cafe, yes right behind to the Crossroads Cafe. Anyway, enough talk, and on to the actual Marriott Hotel Restaurant Trail!

Marriott Hotel Restaurants

There are 5 restaurants in Marriott Hotel:-

  • Java+ – Takeaways, Sandwiches, Tapas
  • Marriott Cafe – Buffet buffet buffet
  • Crossroads Cafe
  • Pool Grill – Chic al fresco restaurant
  • Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

First stop, Java+! Java+ is a premium retail deli outlet and offers a selection of premium cured meats, cheeses alongside homemade cakes freshly-baked breads, sandwiches, salads and quiches. If you’re in the vicinity during lunch time and want a quick bite, you can grab a sandwich for $9.50 or a salad for about $8. Tapas are also available for those who wish to linger longer.

Marriott Hotel - Java  (2)

Marriott Hotel - Java  (3)

Marriott Hotel - Java  (4)

These 2 tapas were fantastic. The above one was a cheese and quince tapas. The sweetness of the quince went very well with the tartness of the cheese. The lower photo is that of a ratatouille tapas. I was amazed by the rich flavours of the ratatouille and to be frank, I’ve never actually been a big fan of ratatouille because of the strong tomato base. However, I was told by Marriott Executive Chef Kevin Thomson that if you cook the ratatouille ingredients individually, as they do so at Marriott, you would be able to taste the other vegetables that go into the ratatouille, and not just be overwhelmed by tomato. Fantastic, I will never look at ratatouille the same way again!

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Au Chocolat Bistro

As promised, here is part 2 of the Au Chocolat write-up. I visited Au Chocolat a total of THREE times in the span of 1 week, BEAT THAT!!!

The first time I was there, I was there with my BFF2012 to recce if Au Chocolat would be a nice location for my pre-wedding shoot. It was a pretty easy and unanimous decision that the whimsical and quaint look of Au Chocolat would be just perfect for chocolate loving me. A food blogger having her pre-wedding photos taken in a restaurant, not a bad idea right? We were there at 4pm to recce the place, and after perusing the menu, I was so famished that I ordered dinner! Ok fine, I had a very light lunch, and I had a Spa session which would end only after 8, so it was a good time for dinner.

The 2nd time I was at Au Chocolat was with The Partner and a whole contingent of photographers and makeup artist! The staff at Au Chocolat were so sweet (a pun?) they just made our day by being so helpful throughout our shoot. I’m glad I didn’t scare off any customers. They looked more amused and curious than annoyed. And in fact, the number of passers-by that did a double take, some even retreating their steps to get a better look at us, it made me feel like a model, aww!! It must be the wedding dresses I wore, plus the entourage!

The 3rd time at Au Chocolat was with The Partner again, after a quick visit to the Harry Potter Exhibition. This time I got to eat a proper dinner, although I had to rush off for the F1 after that. While eating, lo and behold, another friend walked into the restaurant! The same friend who I mentioned Au Chocolat to, and couldn’t wait to come and try it out too!

Au Chocolat is definitely a must visit when you are at Marina Bay Sands. Even if you don’t dine there, it’s worth taking a look. The sweet shop is enough to make you wanna open up your purse or wallet. Hey, that’s what happened to my make-up artist, who ended up buying some cute sweets for her son!

Au chocolat (11)

Au chocolat (36)

Au chocolat - Croque Monsieur $16 - Sliced ham & aged gruyere cheese between 2 slices of crusty bread, coated with creamy bechamel grilled (2)

Croque Monsieur $16 – Sliced ham & aged gruyere cheese between 2 slices of crusty bread, coated with creamy bechamel grilled

Before I begin on sandwich, I have to tell you that Au Chocolat’s fries are fantastic! Really crispy on the outside, and having fluffy insides. It was a pleasure to eat every single one of them. And they arrived piping hot and crisp on all the occasions that I ordered them.

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Two Blur Guys

I spent SIX hours selecting gowns for the photoshoot and even after the 6 hours, I wasn’t exactly sure if I’d made the right choice. I hope the photographer is good enough to make the photos look stunning regardless!

So at 9pm, we stumbled out the studio in Tanjong Pagar and tried to find something to eat. We had previously dined at this fantastic ramen place at Orchid Hotel a week ago (more about that in another post) so we had to bypass it. I was SO SO glad to find a cafe still open at Orchid Hotel.

Two Blur Guys is pretty new. Well Orchid Hotel is pretty new too. I heard it is a budget business hotel. Anyway, the menu is pretty limited, and their signature dishes are their burgers. The name of the cafe may make you think twice about dining there, but let me summarise our experience by saying that Two Blur Guys makes one of the BEST BURGERS in town! For the price that they charged, which is about $10-$12 per burger, it was the best cheapest burger I have ever tasted. And even if it wasn’t the cheapest, it was still the best burger I have tasted in a long time. And the buns are delicious even on their own! Really special bread they have there. LOVE LOVE LOVE the burgers, and I’ll definitely be back again. One of the few places where I’m salivating as I blog about it!

Two Blur Guys - Duck Rilette Burger $10.50

Duck Rilette Burger $10.50

Two Blur Guys is 5 minutes from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. The shop occupies a space in Orchid Hotel, but faces the main road, right next to the traffic lights so you won’t miss it!

Oh I just perused their website and it seems that their chef consultant is Chef Jimmy Chok! No wonder their burgers are comparable to restaurant quality burgers, if not better.

Two Blur Guys - Prime Beef Burger $12.50

Prime Beef Burger $12.50

Prime Beef Burger topped off with Gruyere cheese, sweet relish and truffle mayo sauce. Served with mesclun salad drizzled in special balsamic mix with olive oil, and potato salad. I had this. Asked for the mince to be done medium. The meat was so juicy that juice was dripping out with each bite. I love the freshness of the meat and the deep flavour. That the meat wasn’t greasy or oily was another huge plus point. They were also very generous with the Gruyere cheese. As you can see it was all over the patty. I just couldn’t stop wolfing down this delicious burger. And the bun itself was amazing. I really could imagine eating the bun on its own, perhaps for breakfast if I’m rushing to work.

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