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Ritz Carlton Summer Afternoon Tea 2013

I’ve been a fan of Ritz Carlton’s Afternoon Tea for the longest time and after my cousin asked me to recommend me great places to have afternoon tea in Singapore, I started to have cravings again. Yes I know the last time I had afternoon tea at Ritz Carlton was but a mere 6 months ago, but for an afternoon tea lover like me, that just feels like decades ago. Besides, back in December, it was the Winter afternoon tea menu that we tried. It’s Summer already for god’s sakes!

For the uninitiated, Ritz Carlton Singapore’s Chihuly Lounge changes their afternoon tea menu four times a year to suit the four seasons. It’s all about getting inspiration from the produce of the season as well as the weather of course. And what better way to celebrate summer than to have a Mediterranean theme for the Summer Afternoon Tea. (I have a good mind to ask Four Seasons Hotel if their afternoon tea is inspired after the four seasons as well, ha!)

The Mediterranean afternoon tea theme is best showcased by their desserts, so let me first tempt you with the dessert pictures. Don’t get me wrong though, I was a good girl and ate the savouries first before hitting the dessert table. Actually, I’m the sort who has to have the main course first before dessert. And I can’t just have desserts as the main meal. I’ll feel as if I haven’t had lunch/dinner, even if I’m busting from the cake I just consumed. Interestingly, as long as I’ve had the mains first, I can go on to dessert and back to savoury again, if we’re talking about a buffet setting. Smile

Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea - Ivoire Mousse with Candied Orange (2)

Ivoire Mousse with Candied Orange

Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea - Shell Shaped Macarons with Olive Butter (2)

Shell Shaped Macarons with Olive Butter

These were really delicious macarons! Light and airy meringue casings sandwiched together with an interesting olive butter. There was just a tad too much olive butter to my liking but otherwise, the macarons tasted fantastic. Neither were they overloaded with sugar, like how most macarons are. You know what’s the best part? You can eat 10 if you want to because it’s a buffet!! Probably the most value-for-money macarons ever!

Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea - Seaweed Cake

Seaweed Cake

I don’t usually eat cakes with fondant, but these were too good to resist. Aren’t they cute? I’ve yet to come across a seaweed cake before. This tasted like a somewhat heavier than usual sponge cake with seaweed flakes all over. Delicious!

Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea - (38)m

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Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea at Chihuly Lounge

*Media Invite*

Recently, I was invited to sample the new Winter Afternoon Tea menu at Ritz Carlton. As you may already know, I hold the Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton in high regard. Ritz Carlton was one of the 1st few places where I first cut my teeth in food blogging. Wow, come to think of it, it has been 2.5 years! I recall I was so mesmerized by the creative display of desserts that I even split my blog post into 2 posts so that I could post more food pictures! I would have returned sooner, but having a blog meant that I also wanted to try out new places so as to be able to have more blog material. It’s been too long….too long.

I was told that Ritz Carlton changes the Afternoon Tea menu 4 times a year to suit the season. The day that I was there was the launch of the Winter Weekend Afternoon Tea. Available at Chihuly Lounge from 24 November 2012 to 24 February 2013, Executive Pastry Chef Terence Pang has created thirteen unique variations such as Sesame Nougat with Yuzu, Pistachio and Nougat Crème and Caramelized Chocolate Mousse with Parfait etc.

Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge Winter Afternoon Tea - Almond Cake with Caramel

Almond Cake with Caramel

Guests may also dine upon an assortment of sandwiches, scones and other savory dishes such as Maple Glazed Prosciutto wrapped Scallop and Sesame and Cajun Spiced Prawn Kebab with Glazed Pineapple.

What’s afternoon tea without tea, right? You can enjoy a range of over thirty blends of loose leaf teas from the Ronnefeldt tea collection featuring citrus-flavoured teas such as Morning Star and Roibosh lemon. Flavoured black teas – “Wild Cherries” and “Rose Tea with Petals”, are as refreshing as fruit-infused “Raspberry Royal” and “Strawberries with Yoghurt” teas. The most interesting thing about Ritz Carlton’s tea is that they put the teapots over a lighted burner! First hotel that I’ve come across that does this, and kudos to them for doing so because I just hate having to drink cold tea! And the tea will invariably become cold because it’s a huge pot!

Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge Winter Afternoon Tea - Chocolate Fudge Cake (3)

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Damn delicious! It wasn’t all just fudge, but had layers of actual cake. Not cloying (jelak) at all!

Afternoon Tea at Chihuly Lounge Ritz Carlton Singapore – Part 2

As promised, here are the rest of the photos from my Afternoon High Tea buffet at Ritz Carlton. You know what, I’m so impressed by the Afternoon Tea spread, I think I’m going to make another reservation for afternoon tea when the Partner returns. (That’s not to say that I’m going to be the one paying….)

Chihuly Lounge Ritz Carlton Singapore The Chihuly Lounge has a very bright and airy feel to it due to the glass walls and high ceiling. I love those big sofas but they are reserved for the big groups. Couples can also have the comfy grey sofa type seats.

Chihuly Lounge TablesWe had to sit at the tables because there were only 3 of us. The chairs are unfortunately not very comfortable because they are made for tall people. My back was unable to reach the back of the seat properly. But there is a trick to doing this. Ask the waitstaff for one of the cushions from the sofa seat, and the chair is instantly transformed!

Chihuly afternoon tea spread Savouries displayChihuly Fried Food CounterFried food!

Chihuly smoked salmon french loafSmoked Salmon, Caviar and Cabbage in mini French Loaf

Chihuly smoked chicken croissant Smoked Chicken Salad in Mini Croissant

Chihuly Parma Ham and CamembertParma Ham and Camembert in Sesame Bagel

Chihuly Stuffed Vine TomatoesStuffed Vine Tomatoes with Eggplant Caviar  – After googling, I realise eggplant caviar doesn’t contain fish eggs at all…..

Chihuly OtahSpicy Seafood Cake in Pineapple Chili Coulis – otherwise known as high-class otah!!!

Chihuly BegedelDeep fried Begedel (potato cake) with spicy soya dip

Chihuly Prawn and Cheese Wanton FrittersPrawn and Cheese Wanton Fritters

Chihuly Seafood BallsSeafood Balls

Chihuly Fruit SconesFruit Scones

Chihuly 1st round attackItems I picked for my 1st round (out of many rounds….)

Chihuly Blueberry Iced TeaYou can select a whole list of drinks from their menu as well. And when you are finished with your drink, you can order another one as many times as you like. I like ordering their iced teas. It’s almost like an artform. In the picture above, I ordered blue-berry iced-tea. It comes in 3 glasses rather than 1. One glass has the blue-berry concentrate, 1 glass has the tea, and 1 glass contains iced-tea ice cubes! How unique is that? The waitstaff then pour the tea out for you. Here I’ve stopped them from doing so to take the pictures.

Chihuly Sugar rocks Sugar rocks

Tell me if you agree that the Chihuly Lounge at Ritz Carlton serves one of the best afternoon tea buffets in Singapore?

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Afternoon Tea at Chihuly Lounge Ritz Carlton Singapore

I’ll say it upfront, I am in love with the afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton! The Ritz Carlton has got to have one of the best afternoon high teas in Singapore! It’s amazing I haven’t discovered this place until now. I am in awe of the creativity of the chefs at the Chihuly lounge. They must have put in a lot of thought into their beautiful dessert displays. Thank you. For this alone I am sure I will return for a second meal here. Scroll down to see pictures of the tempting desserts at Chihuly Lounge.

Chihuly Pink Lemonade Macaron Yes this is indeed a colourful macaron. They’ve put the pink lemonade flavouring separately so you don’t get a soggy macaron by the time you get to the desserts.

Chihuly Strawberry and rhubarb crumble

This looks so much like the seaside! It’s not sand you see, it’s brown sugar! And that’s strawberry and rhubarb crumble in the tiny bucket.

Chihuly Chocolate mousse cakeChcolate Tri – Chocolate mousse cake made out to look like little sail boats

Chihuly orange sunrise sponge Orange sunrise Chihuly pine apple sponge Pineapple Sponge

Chihuly afternoon tea dessert display Chihuly afternoon tea dessert display Chihuly afternoon tea dessert display

Some people start with dessert first, and so shall I. Shall return with the savouries in a while.

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