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My alternative Chinese New Year 2014

A happy Chinese New Year to all of you out there! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! For me, I took Monday off as well, and including Thursday’s half-day, it was a luxurious 4.5 days of festivities, relaxation and binging to my heart’s content.

Chinese New Year 2014

In a nutshell, this was what I did over the 4.5 days. If it doesn’t look very CNYish, it’s because I only visited 2 places to bai nian. I’ve been told that many people wish for a quiet new year, but you miss most what you don’t have. I wish I had a close knit extended family to celebrate Chinese New Year with, just like how it was in years past. Thankfully, even though we only had 2 official places to visit, we still spent our time well visiting other places, such as a park, furniture stores, makan places and cafes!

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What is open during Chinese New Year 2014?

Here’s my annual list of places that are open during the CNY period! Hope you find it useful. If the supermarket or shopping centre in Orchard road is not listed here, it’s because the information is not available! You can also check last year’s guide or 2012 guide for reference.

Smile Here’s wishing you a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah!! Smile



  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Most stores close at 5pm. Selected open 24 hours. Airport T3 till 11 pm.
  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – Most stores closed. Selected open 24 hours. Airport till 5 pm.
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) – Most stores open till 5pm. Selected open 24 hrs. Airport till 11 pm.
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Open
  • See the full list of NTUC operation hours here

Cold Storage Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Most stores close at 7pm. King Albert Park & Jelita are 24 hrs. Takashimaya 5.30pm
  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – Most stores open until 9pm.
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) –  Mostly normal hours
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Open
  • See the full list of Cold Storage opening hours here

Sheng Siong Supermarket

Giant Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Looks like normal if not EXTENDED operating hours!
  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – Operating hours remain the same except for a few stores
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) – Operating hours remain the same except for a few stores
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Open as usual
  • See the full list of Giant Supermarket opening hours here

7-Eleven Stores

  • OPEN during Chinese New Year!

Shopping Centres/Airport

Marina Bay Sands

ION Orchard

  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Most shops closed by 5-7pm. Some restaurants open till 10pm
  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – 2/3 of ION Orchard shops closed
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) – 1/2 of ION Orchard shops closed
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Mostly open
  • See the full list of ION Orchard opening hours here


Wheelock Place


  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Closed at 5pm
  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Open
  • Tangs Website

The CentrePoint

  • Mall operating hours during CNY festive period will be 10am – 10pm, however many stores will be closed.

Changi City Point

  • Mall is open as usual, but selected stores closed
  • Movie Under The Stars screening of Croods on 1 Feb, 7.30pm
  • Call friendly Customer Service at 6511 1088

Bedok Point (Not Bedok Mall)

  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Majority of shops still open
  • PastaMania, Paradise Inn, Starbucks,Popeyes, The Manhatten FISH MARKET, Suki-Ya, MOS Burger, XYTUA, Hei Sushi and KBOX will be opened on 31 Jan and 1 Feb 2014
  • Call customer service at 6481 1353 for more details


Crystal Jade

  • Open only on 3rd Day

Paradise Inn

  • All restaurants open except Taste Paradise, Paradise Dynasty @ ION which would closed on 31st Jan and Paradise Inn @ MBLM, Funan on 31st jan & 1st Feb.
  • Notice of CNY Openings

Sushi Tei

Kopi and Cafes


  • CNY Eve (30 Jan) – Almost all close at 2.30pm, except Vivo 6pm, Changi Airport 24 hrs
  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – Only a few like Parkway, 313 Somerset, SGFlyer open till evening. Changi Airport 24 hrs.
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) – Only a few like Vivocity, Parkway, 313 Somerset, SGFlyer open till evening. Changi Airport 24 hrs.
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Almost all operating as usual
  • See the full list of Yakun Outlets opening hours here


  • 1st Day (31 Jan) – Mostly closed except at Airport, Plaza Sing, Suntec, and a few
  • 2nd Day (1 Feb ) – Mostly closed except at Airport, Plaza Sing, Suntec, and a few
  • 3rd Day (2 Feb) – Mostly open except those in CBD or closed on Sunday ones
  • See the full list of WangCafe Outlets opening hours here

The Orange Thimble

Haagen Dazs

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Strangers Reunion

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Highlander Coffee

To-gather Cafe

Assembly Cafe

Let me know if you know of any great makan or kopi places open for CNY! Huat ah!

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[CNY 2014] Canele’s Auspicious Goodies

Canele CNY Cookies and Chocolate Truffles

I’ve saved the most eye-catching Chinese New Year goodies for last. Presenting Canele’s Auspicious Koi Box ($88) that includes a 3D sculptured Koi-shaped milk chocolate stuffed with mandarin orange truffles as well as 400g of assorted cookies! Bring this for any reunion dinner and you will surely be the talk of the party! If you turn the Koi upside down, you will be able to dig into the white chocolate that lines the body. The mandarin orange truffles are also in a festive gold, and there are about 8 of these delectable morsels!

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[CNY 2014] Thye Moh Chan Pineapple Tarts

Thye Moh Chan Pineapple Tarts

Golden Pineapple Pastries | $22.80 (一盒八粒 8pcs/box) (There are 6 only in the picture because I have to taste first right? Actually, I gave one away as a mini present when I bumped into my friend)

How’s the Chinese New Year preparations everyone?? Have you bought all your new year goodies yet? Here are some more ideas if you’re thinking of getting unique CNY goodies rather than from the usual supermarket varieties.

For the festive season, Singapore’s iconic Teochew confectionary shop Thye Moh Chan presents their signature, melt-in-your-mouth pineapple pastries which now come in two new flavours – Walnut and Longan.

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[CNY 2014] BreadTalk Horseperity Cookies & Pineapple Tarts

Next up, my review of BreadTalk’s Hosperity Cookie Set! The kind people from BreadTalk presented to me their unique 3-in-1 Horseperity Cookies Set ($33) that includes an assortment of almond cookies, sweet potato sesame cookies and prawn samosa. They also threw in a box of tasty Pineapple Tarts ($22) for an extra dose of good luck!

BreadTalk Horseperity Cookies Set ($33) (5)

The 3-in-1 cookie set is really very festive looking, to the extent that they have used the boxes as decorations at their BreadTalk store! When I went to the BreadTalk at Bedok Mall to collect my loot, I totally walked past their CNY cookie display on the shelves because I had assumed that the shelves had been decked up in their CNY finery. It was only upon closer inspection that I realised that the boxes were the boxes from the Hosperity cookie set.

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