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I’m back in Singapore ladies and gentlemen! I’ve been back from Norway for a week already and this is my first post post Norway! It’s funny how I managed to find energy to publish something nearly every single day while overseas, yet I go a whole week without writing anything once I’m back in Singapore. It really reinforces the idea that when you’re on a roll, don’t allow yourself to lapse! Not even once!

BTW, if you’re wondering where the Norway and Denmark posts are, they can be found at It’s still work in progress in regards to the theme and layout, but I should get that sorted by the weekend. I’ve decided to allow to focus on food related blog posts while will be where you can read about my ramblings on life and travel. I feel like I have so much more to talk about than just food, but I didn’t want to have to subject my food only readers with my travel exploits, so with the new website, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. YAY!

Wow wow wow!

I had the most amazing time in the last 2 days. Lots and lots of gorging on good food, in addition to 1st time experiences and making new friends. I finally managed to make it up to the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark and it was just BREATHTAKING. If you haven’t been there, I urge you to at least make the trip once. $20/pax feels pricey, so the best way is to book a room at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and then you and your guests can go up to the SkyPark as many times as you want all throughout the day from 6am – 11pm. That was what we did and it was well worth the money. We took so many photos, the camera nearly ran out of battery!

Did I mention that I have been feasting a lot? I’ve so much to write about I don’t think I can even finish everything this weekend. I thought I would fancy a light meal after all the binging, but the Partner is cooking steak tonight and I’m not about to pass that up! Stay tuned, it’s going to be post after post after post this weekend… I hope. Well at least that’s the idea. Hehehe Smile!!!!

Egg3 Cafe

It seems that nowadays, it’s not enough to open a simple cafe. Not only must the cafe serve good food and drinks, it’s also imperative to have an interesting theme to keep the visitors coming!

Egg3 Cafe has done just that by incorporating a furniture store into it’s cafe. Or, more accurately speaking, Egg3 used to just be a furniture store, but its owner really wanted to open a cafe as well, and voila, Egg3 Cafe was born!

When we visited last week, we managed to snag the last available table. It’s laudable for a cafe that has barely opened for 2 months, and for one that is located off the beaten path. Egg3 Cafe is tucked away in a spot so hidden, it’s easy to get lost if you don’t already know the area well, as was what happened to us. Scroll down for more directions on how to get there.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to the food.

Egg3 Cafe - Carrot Soup Soup of the day – Carrot Soup – $4.90  We found it to be very flavourful. You could even see crunchy bits of little carrot swimming around in this creamy soup. I just wish there was more soup for that price since it was so tasty!

Egg3 Cafe - Carrot Soup close up shot See the orangey bits of carrots?

Egg3 Cafe - Tuna SandwichGiven that I am not a fan of tuna, I must say that the Tuna Sandwich was also wonderful. The thick crusty bread really carried the flavours of the tuna well. And for $8.90, I thought it was  reasonably priced. For $8.90, you can also get chicken or egg & bacon sandwiches as well.

Egg3 Cafe Ham and Mushroom PastaOn the other hand, the ham and mushroom aglio olio pasta I ordered seemed a little pricey for $15.90. The dish tasted good. The pasta was al dente, light and not too oily, as aglio olio can sometimes be. They even spiced it up with some chilli flakes for some fiery zing. However, despite it all, I thought it just seemed a little too ordinary. Perhaps the tomato sauce or the cream sauce version (which they do offer for all their pasta options) may have been more interesting. Apart from spaghetti, fish and chips is the only other main course type of dish they offer.   Egg3 Cafe - Cafe Latte

The whole meal still ended well thanks to the lovely cafe latte $4.50 served. It was strong, and you could taste the coffee in it. (Don’t you just hate the coffee flavoured milk that some establishments pass off as cafe latte?) There was a hint of almond essence too, a very nice touch.

Egg3 Cafe Kitchen If possible, don’t choose a seat next to the kitchen or your clothes and hair will smell of oil!

Egg3 Cafe - Dining Area Bright and breezy dining area.

Egg3 Cafe - Furniture Area Wouldn’t you love to sit on that big arm chair sipping an iced-cold latte?

Egg3 Cafe
Block D, Mountbatten Centre, #01-06 231 Mountbatten Road
Tel: 6241-3823

Last order: 8.15 pm.

How to get to Egg3 Cafe: – Mountbatten Centre is the old Haig Boys School. You won’t be able to find it if you drive along Mountbatten Road. Instead, drive along Guillemard Road in the direction of town. After Fatty Weng and the Old Badminton Association which is now known as Guillemard Village, turn left into Guillemard Crescent. You should then be able to spot Mountbatten Centre where Egg3 Cafe is located.

Epicurious – again

Yes, despite my new policy of not eating at the same place twice, or at least not so quickly, we made it back to Epicurious again, this time with the Partner in tow. There are actually quite a number of cafes in the Robertson Quay area. I really ought to give them a chance. It is sad but true that it is possible to actually overdose on baked eggs.

As expected, the service was so so. Although we arrived at 10am to beat the crowd (the website says their busiest hours are 11-1pm), it was actually more crowded than the week before. We waited 10 minutes before we got a seat, and we waited 40 minutes before we got our food. More than half the tables were waiting for food when we got there, so I really do wonder if Epicurious is crowded simply because the patrons have to wait so long.

But, as they say, there’s no free lunch, so you just have to wait if you want good and cheap food! If the pictures in the previous post did not entice you enough to go, maybe these 3 pictures will.

 Epicurious Baked Eggs with PrawnsBaked Eggs with Prawns

Epicurious Big Breakfast with scrambled eggsScrambled Eggs with bacon, sausages and tomatoes.

Epicurious Sunny Side UpSunny side up. The REAL way to eat eggs!


Read about my 1st visit to Epicurious.


Epicurious at The Quayside

#01-02 The Quayside, Robertson Quay
Tel: 6734-7720

11:30am to 2:30pm, Tuesday—Friday

5:30pm to 10pm, Tuesday—Sunday

9am to 4pm, Saturday & Sunday

I love cookbooks!

I am the proud owner of 2 new cookbooks! A few weeks ago, we entered some radio contest and managed to win. I was quite ecstatic to find out that the prize would be a cook book, even if it was a Gordon Ramsay’s cook book. If you’ve watched his cooking shows, you know he loves yelling at his staff. I don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen for the very reason, and I refuse to buy his cookbooks. But snagging them for free is another matter altogether.

Today the books arrived at my place:- Gordon Ramsay’s Desserts and Gordon Ramsay’s Chef for all seasons. Have never seen these recipe books in any of Singapore’s bookshops before. I must admit, I’ve already fallen in love with them! The luscious food pictures!!! I can’t wait to get started on the recipes! Asparagus soup with fresh cheese croutes, rump of new season’s lamb with lentils, Turbot with courgette flower fritters and Noilly Prat sauce (whatever a Prat may be), fricassee of scallops and girolles, roasted rhubarb and apple crumble, and steamed chocolate pudding! I can hear them calling out my name!

Nothing like flipping through cookbooks to get you inspired to cook. Now I’m almost sure I will resume my cooking activities again this weekend. There is only a slight problem. The Partner will be off to NZ this weekend and who will wash the dishes???

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