Hiking in Flåm

In the end, it was a good decision to stay 2 nights in Flí¥m. I was a little worried that there’d be nothing to do in Flí¥m. Flí¥m is so small that during the off peak season, which was the time we


Danishes in Denmark

Hello everyone! I’m now in Copenhagen! This city feels so much more city like as compared to Oslo. The buildings here remind me of London and Paris. The prices here are much better too. Food is almost half the cost of what

Aker Brygge

Oslo has a sort of ”museum-island” called Bygdí¸y Island. Well technically speaking, it’s a peninsula, but from the city part of Oslo looking out to Bygdoy, you would think that it was an island. Our Oslo Card allowed us to take the


Greetings from Oslo!

It’s COLD COLD COLD! On the first day that I arrived, which was yesterday actually, it wasn’t that bad at all . I only had 3 layers on. Then the weather turned so cold in the evening it was a struggle making