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PasarBella Suntec City – What to eat?

Although PasarBella touts itself as a farmer’s market, I don’t really view them as such, as there’s hardly any local produce being sold and it’s mostly eateries instead of a good mix of retail and food. But whatever the name, it’s quite enjoyable going to the PasarBella outlet at The Grand Stand (former Turf City). Guess what, they’ve now opened another outlet at Suntec City so it’s much easier for those without private transportation to get a taste of what PasarBella is like.

Pasar Bella (3)

PasarBella is located at the ground floor of Tower 1

If you’re familiar with PasarBella at The Grandstand, PasarBella at Suntec City isn’t exactly the same. The PasarBella at Suntec City is much smaller, think 1/3 the size? Also, out of the 13 stalls there, 12 are eateries. In fact, PasarBella at Suntec City strikes me more as a grungy and urban foodcourt with an overdose of graffiti laden walls and neon coloured lighting. Order from any stall that you please, collect your food and sit where you will. It’s a pricey food court though, let’s be upfront with that, be prepared to spend at least $10 for lunch there. And there’s no ubiquitous drinks stall selling canned drinks or mineral water, so that’s another $4 or so for a cup of coffee or $6 for juice.

Pasar Bella (1)

Still, I’m sure it must be packed on weekdays with office workers looking to have something different to eat, minus the fuss of deciding on a specific restaurant to go to. The food that we tried was quite good (not thinking about the price), and I would definitely like to go back again to sample more stalls.

Pasar Bella Wolf Burger

Wolf Burgers – The Wolf

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PasarBella at MBS

You may be familiar with PasarBella located at The Grandstand, aka the former Turf City. I think many people have visited at least once, but admittedly, the location is quite out of the way. Did you know that PasarBella has decided to bring the experience to a more convenient location, right outside Marina Bay Sands? It’s called PasarBella & Friends Go to Town! Cute huh.

Pasar Bella at MBS  (4)

You still get the same vibrant and convivial food and lifestyle market, except that it is all outdoors and facing the picturesque Singapore River and the tall buildings of Marina Bay. There are about 20 traders which include existing PasarBella traders as well as non PasarBella purveyors. One thing’s for sure, having a beer and snacking on some pork crackling under the cool night air sure is different from eating indoors.

Here are some pictures I took on the opening day on 7th March. Pardon the hazy background because it was bloody hazy that day. I’m SO GLAD the rains are here again, which makes visiting PasarBella & Friends Go to Town more enjoyable. The whole thing will be there until 30 March 2014 and is totally free entry.

Operating hours are :

4.30pm – 10pm on Mondays to Fridays

10 am – 10 pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Swirls Bake Shop Cupcakes

These are Swirls Bake Shop cupcakes the kind BFF passed to me. These are available here at PasarBella! You can get over 100 flavours from Swirls.

Pasar Bella at MBS  (3)

With any luck, the rains the last few days would have washed the haze away. Otherwise, outdoor activities are best kept to a minimal.

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Curry GardenN

While we’re on the topic of PasarBella, here’s a quick post on where we had lunch after our visit to PasarBella. PasarBella takes up a huge section of The Grandstand (the former Turf City), but there is more to The Grandstand than just PasarBella. Just after you exit PasarBella’s inner exit, you will reach what I dub the restaurant row. We had lunch at Curry GardenN, an Indian casual eatery, but there are many more eateries to choose from such as MAD – Modern Asian Diner, Omakase Burger, Restaurant Hoshigaoka, The Ascot and even Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant! Click here for the directory of the full list of restaurants, cafes and other stores at The Grandstand.

Anyway, here’s what we had at the Curry GardenN. Prices are really affordable and you can definitely get a good meal for under $10. In fact, some of the items are just above foodcourt prices I feel. Of course, Curry GardenN’s not a fancy restaurant, quite no frills in fact, if you sit in the air-conditioned area. I’d actually recommend sitting at the al-fresco area, which seems to have a nicer ambience. At least you can stare at the abundant tall wild-grass plants in the courtyard next to Curry GardenN. You can’t see the al-fresco area from outside of Curry GardenN, so it was a nice surprise for us when we entered the restaurant.

Curry GardenN (2)

This is the al-fresco area of Curry GardenN

Curry GardenN (5)

I can’t remember now but I think I ordered the plain naan with mutton curry. Mutton curry was slightly disappointing, as you can see there is hardly any meat, and most of the solid things in the curry were bone. The curry itself was rather nice though.

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PasarBella at The Grandstand

Have you heard of Pasar Bella at The Grandstand? If the Grandstand doesn’t sound familiar, maybe the word Turf City will? The Grandstand is the new name of the former Turf City, and Turf City of course got its name from the place being the former Turf Club of Singapore. If you haven’t been to this area in a long time, like more than half a year ago, you really ought to make a trip back because the whole place is revamped! Taking centrestage is this lovely Farmer’s Market concept called Pasar Bella. This is different from the weekend only Dempsey Loewen Gardens Farmer’s market because PasarBella is a permanent farmer’s market, so you can visit anytime from Monday to Sunday.

Pasar Bella (27)

This Pasar Bella is something many Singaporeans who have been overseas and fallen in love with romantic and pretty farmers’ markets, have been pining for. It’s a wonder why we haven’t had something like this long ago judging from the crowds that thronged the opening days of Pasarbella! There are numerous shops at PasarBella, ranging from florists, to organic grocers, to gourmet coffee stops and of course cafes and restaurants. The name of the game here is to offer something better than mass produced goods. Quality, value and sustainability are key words here. Come hungry and you will be able to spend a lovely morning or afternoon here. Smile Sounds like an advertorial, but nope, I am not being paid to write this!

Pasar Bella (46)

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