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Kooka Cafe

There is a new cafe on the block, this time at Purvis Street! Opened just after Christmas! Chanced upon it when I went to the famous Chin Chin coffeeshop for Hainanese food. It’s right next door to Chin Chin and just 2 doors away from YY Kafeidian, which serves one of the best kopi in Singapore.

Can’t ever resist when I see a new cafe, especially one with a Christmas tree in it (even though it was already more than 12 days past Christmas), so I had a cuppa there and a bite to eat. The place is started by an Australian Lauren Chambers and her Chinese partner. Lauren also has another establishment called Chalk Restaurant at Old School along Mount Sophia.

You won’t miss the dessert showcase when you walk in. A lot of the stuff is very Australian themed, naturally. They have things like Yo-Yos, which is a shortbread cookie with cream cheese filling. I’ve never heard of them and neither has the Partner, who is from NZ. Anyway you all should go check it out, cuz Kooka is having a little promotion right now. You can choose a coffee and a cake for only $7.50. It’s a good deal coz the cakes/desserts cost about $5-6 each on their own already.

Kooka Cafe - Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream

Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream $5.90 – I wasn’t that keen on dessert actually because of a heavy lunch at Chin Chin next door, but the Partner wanted something so he chose this. Turned out to be a very good choice. The apple crumble was very tasty. The crumble is made with lots of nuts and isn’t overly sweet or buttery. There are some out there that is mostly pastry and no nuts at all. This was a much healthier version and equally tasty. The vanilla ice cream was creamy and paired very well with the hot apple crumble. Between the 2 of us, we polished off the whole thing.

Kooka Cafe - Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte – Forgot the price but I recalled it to be pretty affordable for a town area cafe. Coffee was strong and smooth. No complaints.

Kooka Cafe (3)

Apple tart, Citrus Cheesecake, Chocolate Apricot Tart, Carrot cake, Chocolate Brownie etc are amongst some of the desserts offered at Kooka Cafe. The cafe also has some hot food, but doesn’t seem to be a lot at this point in time.

Kooka Cafe (4)

Kooka Cafe (2)

Read about other eateries along Purvis Street

Kooka Cafe

18 Purvis Street, Singapore, Singapore 188597

Tel : 64670288

Kooka Cafe Facebook

Gunther’s – Modern French Cuisine

I realise I haven’t finished posting about my week long birthday celebrations. On the Friday before my birthday, we went to Gunthers at Purvis street to have lunch. My 1st visit there was back in 2007 when they just opened. It was a birthday treat for my colleague and we had a private room which was cosy, but strangely very blue hued.

Don’t ask me why Gunthers has the tagline “modern French cuisine”. Gunthers aint no French name, it’s German! One of the ang moh staff who looked like the head waiter or boss of the place was speaking in German too. Ok I just googled and I realise one of the owners is a German called Gunther. Hmmm but won’t the other owner get jealous?

Anyway if you’ve been to Garibaldi’s, which is just next door, Gunther’s is also another small and cosy restaurant along Purvis street. There aren’t that many tables unless there are many hidden rooms. Those that the eye can see, I estimate about 15 tables of 2 and 4 seaters? The staff are really friendly and most eager to answer each and every request that you may have.

We both opted for the $38 +++ set lunch, which comprises of the following:


1. Braised Portobello mushroom, sunny side up; or

2. Glazed Foie Gras Ravioli; or

3. Roasted tiger prawn salad cocktail

Main Course:

1. Stewed carrot, sweet pea, potato mousseline, mustard sauce; or

2. Gunther’s creation; or

3. Roasted threadfin glazed vegetables, hollandaise sauce

Dessert of the Day

Tea or Coffee

Petit Fours

I don’t know if anyone would order the Stewed carrot main course? It sound quite unsubstantial, but then again, they must know what they’re doing.

Here’s what we had, starting with dessert first of course!

Gunthers - Panna Cotta

Vanilla Panna Cotta – Best panna cotta I have eaten to date. And it’s fun to eat too. I found it quite hilarious to have it wobbling around. Kept giving the plate a little shake, while the Partner tried to hide in embarrassment….I liked the raspberry on top. It looked so funny wobbling on top of the wobbling panna cotta, but it refused to topple!

Gunthers - Complimentary Bread

I love the mini baguette. It tastes so good!

Gunthers - Foie Gras Dumpling

Foie Gras Ravioli – I had this and it was damn good, as all foie gras are apt to be. I wish the ravioli were bigger, each was barely bigger than my thumb!

Gunthers - Fish (2) Gunthers - Fish

The partner had the fish, which he said was tasty and tender. The rice was too little though and tasted like chicken rice. which was quite unexpected.

Gunthers - Striploin Steak

I had the Striploin steak. The meat was very tasty, despite the seeming lack of sauce. Perhaps that’s the mark of good cooking, when the meat is well marinated such that you don’t need a side serving of sauce? Once again, Gunther’s could have been more generous with the starch. The 3 potato puffs at the top left of the picture was basically the only starch for the dish.

Gunthers - Petit Fours

Despite the lack of starch, I still felt damn full after the dessert, such that when the Petit Fours were served, I was close to collapsing. Didn’t even realise we were going to be served some, since it was not in the menu. A welcomed gesture nonetheless.

Gunthers - coffee

Nice coffee served in a cool looking glass. I normally don’t have much faith in the complimentary coffee served for set meals. I feel the cheapest stuff is used. Luckily this coffee was nice and I finished most of it, which was why I was close to bursting by the time the Petit Fours were served.

Is it a blessing to get full easily, or to be able to eat and eat and eat and still have room for more?

Gunther’s – Modern French Cuisine

36 Purvis Street #01-03 Singapore 188613
Tel: (65) 6338 8955 Fax: (65) 6337 3770

For Reservations, please email:
For Events, please contact:
Open from Monday to Saturday
Closed on Sunday
Noon – 3pm
6:30pm -10:30pm

Valet parking available
* Gunther’s has a ‘no children under the age of 7’ policy at the restaurant.

Killiney Kopitiam vs YY Kafei Dian

YY Kafei Dian’s breakfast beehoon has fallen in standards. It used to be so good, I would drive to Beach Road almost every morning just to have it. The bee hoon costs $1, and a fried sunny-side-up costs another $0.50. YY’s coffee is also damn good. I used to look forward to waking up in the mornings just to go to YY Kafeidian!

But….some months back, the cook changed or the budget for ingredients changed. The bee hoon is quite horrendous now. It tastes oilier, like as if it has been cooked and left out for a long time. Worse still, there are black flecks in it, which means that the oil used must have been reused countless times. Do you know how carcinogenic that is? The bee hoon sucks, the service sucks since day 1, the only thing left keeping us going back is the coffee.

So for a long while, I haven’t had YY Kafeidian’s bee hoon. Actually, there are numerous coffee shops lining Purvis Street that sell bee hoon and other local breakfasts. I have tried a few of these coffee shops over the years, but the stuff they sell looks unappetising and tastes just as unappetising. And since YY Kafei Dian used to serve me well, there was no reason to go back to those coffee shops.

After a long haitus, we were back at Beach Road again. I decided to hop across the road to Killiney Kopitiam to try out their version of beehoon for the 1st time. The bee hoon didn’t look too bad. It had little bits of egg in it. I ordered a plate, plus the customary fried egg, and was shocked to be billed $2.70!!!!! I’m like WHAT THE HELL??? Is that daylight robbery or what? And apparently the bee hoon costs $2.20 already! It’s such a waste, because the beehoon tasted very good. It was QQ (or al dente if you will), and tasted light and refreshing. I would have loved to have this for breakfast on a more regular basis, but no I am not going to pay $2.20 for almost plain noodles! This is breakfast, hello!

And that wasn’t the end of it. My father ordered the French Toast set, which comprises of a slice of French Toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and 1 cup of kopi. The set cost $4.10!!!!!!!! Even Yakun doesn’t charge that much. What’s going on? And the best part? The individual components themselves added up to $4.10. So what’s the logic in calling it a “set’”????

Does the main branch Killiney Kopitiam know that this is happening in their franchises?

Purvis Street

Jun 5, 2010 @ 21:25

I was back again at Purvis Street Bugis so I decided to take some better shots of the place. Don’t want to run the risk of the government or some commercial entity pulling down the old shop houses before I’ve had a chance to record them down properly.

There are lots of interesting shops and cafes along Purvis Street. The big name restaurants are Garibaldi, Gunthers, Yhing Thai, Restaurant Ten to name a few. Garibaldi and Gunthers are very expensive Italian and French restaurants respectively. A main course there would cost above $30 at least, although there are cheaper dishes to order too, if you want to sample the place but not overspend. Yhing Thai, is not surprisingly a Thai restaurant. I’ve not dined there before. As for Chinese cuisine Restaurant Ten, click here to read the review of Restaurant Ten I did a few weeks back.

In addition to the restaurants, there are also the local favourites YY Kafei Dian, Chin Chin (think Hainanese food and pork chops), Killiney Kopitiam, Yet Con (famous chicken rice) etc. Click here to read my review of YY Kafei Dian. Also, there is a motley assortment of other shops like furniture shops and spas.

Purvis Street Shophouses

Purvis Street Shophouses

Purvis Street Garibaldi

You are looking at the Garibaldi restaurant

Purvis Street Shophouses, Restaurants and Cafes

View of the entire Purvis Street, with the National Library in the background

Purvis Street Chin Chin Eating House

Chin Chin Eating House, the one which serves good Hainanese pork chops, so I hear

Purvis Street 3a Chin Chin Eating House close up shot

And Chin Chin also serves Hainanese chicken rice

Purvis Street Corridor View

View of the 5-foot way in front of Garibaldi. 5-foot ways used to be a very important aspect of Singapore in the early days.

Restaurant Ten at Purvis Street

**Either Closed Down for good or under renovation. Their website and Facebook are down too. Will update when I have more info**

Row of Shophouses where Restaurant Ten is

We had originally wanted to go to Garibaldi’s on Friday but we hadn’t made a reservation, so it was no surprise when we got there that it was full for the day. We fretted for a few seconds as to where to have dinner next and spotted a really brightly lit shop directly across Garibaldi’s. It was so bright, and the entire shopfront was glass, that for a moment, I’d wondered if it might be a furniture store.

So we hopped across the narrow Purvis Street and to our delight, it was indeed a restaurant, a Chinese Restaurant, the new kid on the block. Restaurant Ten. Very interesting name.  I remember the previous place, Limon, which closed down several months back. Apparently, Restaurant Ten is new only in name and location. It used to be known as Metropole Herbal Restaurant located in Clarke Quay.

Anyway we were game to try out Restaurant Ten as it was new to us. The ground floor had only seats for large groups, so the manager ushered us upstairs to the second floor. The place was very nicely furnished, and it exuded a stylish upper-class vibe. We were served a complementary “health” drink each, which was a cranberry tasting reddish coloured liquid in a narrow and tiny sipping glass. They had some really interesting dishes on the menu. Too bad it was just me and the Partner, or we could have tried out more dishes.  In the end, we decided upon an appetiser of Fried Eggwhites and dried scallop in Potato Nest, Sauteed Mushrooms with garlic, Braised Cod Fish, Fried rice with baby prawns and fried butterfly buns.

Fried Egg whites in potato mesh basket

Fried Eggwhites and dried scallop in potato nest. These were absolutely heavenly!  Kudos to them for transforming something as bland as eggwhite into something so delicious. And together with the potato mesh, it was like a match made in heaven. I had to exercise alot of willpower in order to save half a portion for the Partner! It’s a wonder we don’t find this simple looking dish more often in other Chinese restaurants. The waitress told me to add some of the apple vinegar to enhance the taste, but I didn’t because it was so good as it was that I didn’t want to risk having to lose any bit of that egg in case I didn’t like the apple vinegar.

Sauteed mushrooms in lettuce bed

The sauteed mushrooms were also very delicious, although a little less salt and oil would have made it perfect.

Braised cod in special sauce

Braised cod. Once again, extremely delicious, flaky and rich to the taste. Now, I am very fussy with fish, and many a times, a fish is ruined in my eyes if it is just a tad overcooked. Thankfully, not this time.

Fried Rice with shrimps

All the previous items had been served in small and dainty dishes, so when the fried rice arrived, we were quite taken aback at the size of the portion. But on second thoughts, this is the usual amount of fried rice that is served in the usual Chinese restaurants. Taste wise, nothing to complain about. We polished off the entire serving in the end.

Fried Butterfly buns (Mantou)

I really wanted to see what the butterfly buns were like even though I didn’t really need them. The Partner is very particular about us (me) not over ordering lest  he has to endure more “I’m so fat” comments. They come in steamed versions as well as fried versions. I chose the fried version, and I must say, the colour seems a bit off, but trust me, 100 marks to the taste. Buns crispy on the outside, and so fluffy on the inside. I polished off 2 and left the Partner with only 1.  We saw the steamed version too as they’d forgotten we wanted them fried instead of steamed. The steamed version looks better as the buns retain their individual colour (pink, green and yellow I think), but I don’t know about the taste.

On the whole, it was a very satisfying meal and I definitely want to try out more of the other dishes the next time, especially the braised pork / Dong Po pork in bun. I tried my 1st ever Dong Po pork in Shanghai more than 5 years ago. It was so delicious, I have never forgotten it  in all this years! And since then I’ve hardly come across any restaurants serving this dish, and I’m really keen to see if Restaurant Ten can whip up Dong Po pork like how I remember it to be.

Restaurant Ten Facade with cute lampsHere are a few pictures I took during the day time of the facade of Restaurant Ten several weeks later. I really like the colourful lamps hanging from the ceiling. So you see, not all Chinese restaurants are fuddy duddy looking. Some Chinese restaurants can be cool looking too.

Row of shophouses along Purvis Street

Restaurant Ten

7 Purvis Street #01-01

Singapore 188586

Telephone: 63339901

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