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Chinese restaurants / eateries offering deliveries and takeaways – Many dishes cost less than $10

Delivery options

Here are some delivery options that you can consider for your family meals at home during these trying times. I’ve listed down the cheapest dish from each restaurant so that you can still enjoy delivered restaurant food at home at an affordable price. The pictures are popular dishes from each of the restaurants and may not correspond to the cheapest dish though. Stay safe everyone! Hoping this post will keep your spirits up!

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Tim Ho Wan – Revamped menu and a new outlet in Punggol Waterway Point

[Media Invite]

After a change in management, Tim Ho Wan has gone through a menu revamp. I am glad to report that you can now expect many new creations as well as improved classics. Tim Ho Wan is also on another expansion plan. The latest outlet to open is the 11th outlet in Punggol Waterway Point, which would be most convenient for people living in the far north as there is no other Tim Ho Wan outlet nearby.

Tim Ho Wan - Sesame Balls with Molten Salted Egg $4 (2)

The last time I visited Tim Ho Wan was in late 2013. Since then, a number of outlets have opened and closed, such as the ones at Toa Payoh, Aperia Mall and Bedok Mall. To be frank, the food then did not impress me. It just didn’t strike me as Michelin quality, and certainly not worth the 1 to 2 hour queues then. There were some hits, but there were numerous misses too. Thankfully, I think with this current menu revamp, there are now more dishes worthy of trying. And with numerous outlets dotted over the Singapore, the queues aren’t as scary anymore. Scroll down to see which dishes I thought were great, and those that were not so. These were all tried at the new Punggol Waterway Point outlet.

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20% discount at Tim Ho Wan for Pioneer Generation!

Pioneer Citizen

This picture damn cute lah. I thought I must share no matter what!

Tim Ho Wan Turns One!!

From 28 April 2014 to 28 May 2014, the Pioneer Generation will get to enjoy 20% off their total bills from Monday to Friday, 2pm to 5pm (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays). This promotion will be held at all four restaurants and is valid for dine-in customers only. To enjoy this special promotion, the diner has to meet the following criteria to qualify as the Pioneer Generation:

⦁    Born on or before 31 December 1949; aged 65 and above this year
⦁    Obtained citizenship on or before 31 December 1986

If the diner meets the above criteria, he/she can pay the bill* on behalf of his/her guests and enjoy this special promotion. He/she will need to present his/her NRIC or driving licence before placing an order for the purpose of verification.

*For this promotion, bills must be paid in person by the Pioneer Generation.

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Senior Citizen Promotion 28 April 2014 copy

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Tim Ho Wan at Toa Payoh ERA Centre

*Media Invite*

Did you know that Tim Ho Wan has opened a 2nd outlet in Toa Payoh? Those living in the North can now have a 2nd option instead of squeezing with the crowd at Plaza Sing. In fact, I might as well announce the good news that Tim Ho Wan will also be opening a new outlet in the East at the upcoming Bedok Mall before Christmas.

I’m really looking forward to the opening of Tim Ho Wan in Bedok as well as the opening of Bedok Mall! We’ve long lamented the fact that Bedok did not have its own proper mall until about 2 years ago. Even then, Bedok Point is so small, 90% of the stuff at Bedok Point is F&B related! The entire Bedok Point does not even have a proper cafe serving 3rd wave coffee. And nope, Starbucks does not count. Anyway I digress. Smile

I had the opportunity to check out Tim Ho Wan in Toa Payoh last month just before their grand opening. I’m glad to report the quality of the food has improved vastly! I was a little hesitant to accept the invite actually, after writing a rather stark piece the 1st time round. I didn’t want to have to write another negative post so I’m really happy that Tim Ho Wan’s standards have improved.

Tim Ho Wan - Basket of Dim sum

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Tim Ho Wan 添好運 Singapore

*Media Invite*

At this point in time, I guess just about any lover of dim sum would have heard of the opening of Tim Ho Wan in Singapore. For the uninitiated, Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin Starred dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Since it’s opening on 10 April 2013 in Singapore, if you’ve been in the Plaza Sing / Atrium area, you would undoubtedly have seen the snaking queues of eager customers awaiting their turn to try out Tim Ho Wan’s legendary dim sum. I was lucky to be able to avoid having to line up for my food, however I have heard that the average waiting time is 2 hours, and at one point it got so bad that the queue was even closed to more customers.

So the big question is, is Tim Ho Wan worth the 2 hour wait? Actually, I think no restaurant is worth a 2 hour wait. There is so much good food available in Singapore that to have to “work” for your food invariably means having even higher expectations on the food. There comes a tipping point where it is physically impossible for the quality and taste of the food to exceed expectations. In my opinion, the 2 hour wait is only for people who have a curiosity itch to suppress, and scratch it they must.

I have never been to the Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong. And to be frank, I am a little disappointed with the dim sum served at the media tasting. I found quite a number of the dishes exceedingly ordinary, especially when taking into account the price charged. But to be fair, there were some dim sum items that were great too.

So, should you find yourself having a table there, here are my recommendations as to what is worth ordering at Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Wan - Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin Roll with Shrimp (4)

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