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Best Afternoon Tea buffet places in Singapore

Recently, a friend asked for my suggestion as to the best place to have afternoon tea in Singapore. Specifically the English Afternoon Tea type, where she and her girly pals could giggle and gossip over pots of tea and unlimited dainty sandwiches. Three choices immediately came to mind, but it was quite hard to whittle it down to the top choice! And it really depends on personal preference in the end, but here are my top choices for the best English Afternoon High Tea places in Singapore. Click on the titles to go to the full posts.

No. 1 – L’Espresso at GoodWood Park Hotel – $38/pax

L’Espresso is my number 1 choice as it really is the best all rounder. There are lots of dainty finger sandwiches and canapes to choose from, all so delicious looking that I am seriously considering making a reservation this weekend as I type now. There’s a huge variety of cakes to choose from too. And most unique of all, there is free flow of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream. This last factor is my weak spot!  The one downside though, is that L’Espresso does not provide clotted cream with its scones.

L'Espresso (8)

No. 2 – Courtyard at Fullerton Hotel and Landing Point at Fullerton Bay Hotel – $42/pax

These 2 are sister hotels. I’ve only been to the afternoon tea buffet at Fullerton Hotel, but you get the exact same thing at Fullerton Bay Hotel too. At Fullerton Hotel, they first serve you a 3 tiered tray of scones, sandwiches and desserts. If you need 2nd helpings, or 5th helpings for that matter, the staff will top up your tray with the desired items. Fullerton scores very highly on my list because of its super delicious scones and generous serving of clotted cream! Also, the posh setting and huge velvety blue armchairs really make you feel like a tai tai. Let’s just hope someone else is paying the bill.

Courtyard 3-tier tea service

No. 3 – Chihuly Lounge at Ritz Carlton ($42/pax I think)

The afternoon tea at Chihuly Lounge also gets my thumbs up for serving up really creative dishes. You have to check out the decorations of the desserts in my previous post. Apparently the designs change frequently. The chefs are amazing! Afternoon tea at the Chihuly Lounge gives you the best of both worlds, it had dainty sandwiches, fried stuff like small spring rolls, samosas, and the European type desserts. Alas, once again, no clotted cream and the scones were blah. I’m afraid if you want good scones at a buffet, it seems quite an impossibility apart from the ones at Fullerton Hotel.

Chihuly Lounge @ Ritz Carlton


There you have it, my top 3 suggestions for good English afternoon high tea places. Anyone can be a tai tai for a day. Wait, everyone DESERVES to be pampered like a tai tai for a day, be it a man or a woman! Just eat $2.50 mixed rice for the next 5 days!

For where to find the best scones in Singapore, click here.

Best Scones in Singapore

After having eaten my way through so many scones in Singapore, I think it is fitting that I should perhaps do a compilation of all the places I have been to have scones in Singapore. Click on the links for an in-depth review the respective cafes/restaurants. I shall rate only the top 5 scones places.

Okay, where to find the best scones in Singapore…..drum roll please!

The BEST scones in Singapore award goes to….. Fullerton Hotel The Courtyard !!!!

No. 2 : Regent Hotel Lobby Lounge

Regent Hotel’s scones are also damn good. The best part about Fullerton Hotel and Regent Hotel’s scones is that not only are the scones good in their own right, they also provide clotted cream! You’re missing out if you haven’t tried scones with clotted cream!

No. 3 : The Knolls at Capella Sentosa

No. 4 : Oriole Cafe

No. 5 : TWG Tea @ Ion


No. 6 : Shangri-La Rose Verandah (sorry picture still pending…)

No. 7 : Dome Cafe @ Shaw House

The “Not the Best but still Quite Good” scones….

Conrad Hotel Executive Lobby

GoodWood Park Hotel L’Espresso

Hotel Intercontinental Lobby Lounge

Riders’ Cafe @ The Saddle Club

Cafe Beviamo @ Tanglin Mall and Paragon

The “Give It A Miss” Scone

Jams Cafe in Prologue Bookshop @ Ion

Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge


L’espresso @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Once in a while, pretty often to be exact, I get into the Afternoon Tea mood. There’s only so few places in Singapore where you can get really nice English Afternoon Teas. The more “unlocal” and “Tai-Tai” the place looks, the better. Don’t get me wrong though, the prices are not exorbitant. At about $38+++ per person for a buffet style Afternoon Tea, anyone can pretend to be a Tai-Tai for a day without breaking the bank.

My 2 favourite places to indulge in good Afternoon Tea is at the Shangri-La Rose Verandah and Goodwood Park’s L’Espresso.  I hadn’t been to L’Espresso in a very long while, so today, to celebrate YJ’s birthday, we decided to go there.

The canapes were really dainty and pretty looking! It was a pity that I didn’t have my DSLR with me. The pictures below don’t do justice to the food! On the other hand, many of the patrons there were snapping away with their DSLRs openly. There was a time where taking pictures was done discreetly for fear of looking like a fish out of water. But nowadays, everyone has a good camera and everyone wants more photos for their food blogs.

On the whole, I still prefer Shangri-La Rose Verandah for its more value for money spread, the 101 teas, superb service and delicious scones. The L’Espresso really lost points today for its inattentive staff. There was never anyone nearby whenever we needed our pot of tea refilled. L’Espresso’s saving grace is its pretty food and unlimited servings of Haagan Dazs ice-cream. Click here for Goodwood Park L’Espresso website. Click here for Shangri-La Rose Verandah website.

—-> *See my latest visit to L’Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel in February 2011!*

YJ surveying L'Espresso's buffet line

YJ surveying the buffet line

Canapes, sandwiches, smoked salmon and other delicious morsels

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Super sinful and rich chocolate mousse cake

Berry Chocolate Tart

Read about my reviews on other excellent Afternoon Tea places in Singapore

Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge – Part 1 (Sweet)

Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge – Part 2 (Savoury)

Regent Hotel Lobby Lounge

Hotel Intercontinental Lobby Lounge

Fullerton Hotel The Courtyard

Goodwood Park Hotel, L’Espresso
22, Scotts Road, Singapore 228221.
Tel: +65 6737 7411
Fax: +65 6732 8558

Christmas at Goodwood Park Hotel

December 08 (064)

Changi Airport wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

We had our Christmas lunch at Goodwood Park Hotel. Gordon Grill and L’Espresso had a joint buffet lunch affair. It was really wonderful and festive. I want to go back again next year!

December 08 (084)

Yoghurt glasses

December 08 (077)

Dessert Station

December 08 (076)

Shucks, I forgot to eat the oysters!

December 08 (074)

Fruit station

December 08 (072)

Omelette station. The best omelette I have eaten is at the Movenpick Resort in Phuket

December 08 (071)

Salad station. Note the big cheese ring on the left for you to toss your salad.

December 08 (085)

Mmmm…Roast Beef and Peking Duck Neighbour

December 08 (080)

Closer look of the delicious roast beef

December 08 (079)

Mmmmmm….Peking Duck!!

December 08 (091)

I love Scones and Jam….so British! Hehehe…every good buffet should have scones and jam.

—> *See my latest visit to L’Espresso at Goodwood Park Hotel in February 2011!*

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