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Tulip Mania 2017 is back!

Gardens by the Bay Tulip Mania 2017 (16)

Smile Baby, smile!

The annual Tulipmania Floral Display is on again from now until 7 May 2017, this time with a theme that celebrates Vincent van Gogh’s artworks. More than 100 varieties of tulips and hyacinths – including Darwin hybrid tulips often appreciated for their large blooms – will be on display in a palette of colours. Lots of photo opportunities! Local senior citizens enjoy 50% discount on their admission ticket to a single conservatory.

Gardens by the Bay Tulip Mania 2017 (15)

When Mama does the photo taking, Baby looks at the camera….

As you can see, Baby enjoyed the experience much more this time round as compared to last year when he was just a two month old. I’m a firm believer of letting young children experience as much nature as possible, but it’s even better when it’s in air-conditioned comfort such as in the cooled conservatories! I highly recommend everyone to go check out Tulip Mania not least because the cold air makes it feel as if your are overseas!

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New Rose display at Gardens by the Bay

Checked out the War of the Roses floral display at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome 2 weeks ago. If you love roses, you really have to come see the display. I love going to the Flower Dome. It’s like a cheating method for me to feel like I’m deep in the heart of nature, without having to sweat it out thanks to the air-conditioning! Kinda like why we love visiting parks and gardens when we are in temperate countries.

War of the Roses is on from 26 February to 6 April 2014!

War of the Roses display at Gardens by the Bay (2)

Some interesting facts on roses I never knew!

  • There are more than 15,000 different rose species grown worldwide
  • 5,000 roses will be used for the entire War of the Roses floral display, boasting 60 different varieties. Click here to see the names of the roses.
  • Bandung is a popular drink of milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup. Available at many hawker centres and food courts in Singapore.
  • In Chinese traditional medicine, some rose species can treat stomach problems
  • Have a rose named after you, if you can afford $15,000.
  • War of the Roses was a series of dynastic wars fought from 1455 to 1485 between the Royal House of Lancaster and the Royal House of York, for the throne of England

Click below to see more pictures.

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Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome

Tulip Mania is raging on at Gardens by the Bay. I was there today and it was a lovely sight. Reminded me so much of my travels in France where the roadside planters would be stuffed full of tulip plants and other colourful flowers. In fact, I was at the Gardens last week as well, but the tulips hadn’t yet bloomed fully. What a difference a week makes! It was well worth the effort to make the trip to the Flower Dome again today. Tomorrow is the last day of Tulip Mania so do take leave and see it if you can!!

It was actually my first time at the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest last week. For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, it costs $12 to visit one dome and $20 for 2 domes. If you ask me, you have to make time to visit the Gardens by the Bay Domes at least once. I think it’s really unlike any other attraction that we have in Singapore. How many times have we wished that Singapore wouldn’t be the scorching island that we have to tolerate on a daily basis? The domes allow you to take a walk in the park in cool air conditioned comfort. For those few blissful hours you can imagine yourself on holiday in a temperate country.

And if you’re hungry after the visit to the Domes and want to know what to eat at Gardens by the Bay, do check out the SuperTrees Dining, Cafe Crema or Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant for dim sum. Smile

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome Tulips (26)

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