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Pizza Hut Buffet is back for a limited time only, showcasing its improved Pan Pizzas. Reservations required online!

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Yes it’s true, the Pizza Hut Pizza buffet is back, from 25 June – 26 August 2018. It’ll be showcasing six new and improved Pan Pizza flavours. What’s this new and improved Pan Pizza? They are familiar favourites tweaked to have a crispier crust, improved signature sauce and toppings closer to the edge of the pizzas, ie more topping to dough ratio.

Pizza Hut - Meat Galore Pizza Cheese Pull

Do you love cheese as much as I do?

These are the six new and improved Pan Pizzas

  • Hawaiian – Chicken ham combined with pineapple chunks (hey my all time favourite!)
  • Chicken Supreme – Savoury chicken ham, spicy chicken chunks, roasted chicken, topped with onions, capsicums and mushrooms
  • Curry Chicken – Spicy chunky chicken, potatoes, onions and diced tomatoes cooked in spices
  • BBQ Chunky Chic – Spicy chicken chunks, onions and pineapple chunks with smoky BBQ sauce
  • Meat Galore – Chicken ham, pepperoni, minced beef and cabanossi sausage, with tomato mozzarella melt
  • Super Supreme – Ground beef, smoky cabanossi sausages, beef pepperoni, chicken ham, capsicums, onions, olives, mushrooms and pineapple chunks

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Skyve Wine Bistro

Tucked away in the Newton area, just off bustling Orchard Road is Skyve Wine Bistro. It occupies the former Monk’s Hill Secondary School. The place is pretty old school, pun intended. There are lots of plants all around which makes you feel as if you are dining in a park. Skyve has just revamped their menu and we were lucky to have the opportunity to check it out. The area is pretty quiet at night even though it’s Newton.

Featuring an all-day wine and dine concept open for breakfast to after-dinner drinks, the wine bistro offers three different spaces perfect for any occasion. Those inclined towards a quick tipple can opt for the alfresco area, while the indoor area comprise of the main dining hall with mismatched classroom-like chairs and a lounge area with long benches to reflect its “old school” character.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar (3)

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Cafe Melba

I’m always on the look out for new restaurants in the East, and thankfully, it seems that more restaurants have been opening up lately. Mind you, there’s still room for more so I’m still waiting! Today I wanted to have lunch at The Big Sheila tucked away in an obscure part of Siglap (Swan Lake Ave, have you heard of it?). It was 2pm already and I couldn’t get a table! That’s how bad the situation is in the East. Too much demand and too little supply.

Anyway, I want to share with you this new find in the Tanjong Rhu/Mountbatten/Katong area. I think people living in the area all know about it as it faces a busy main road. It’s Cafe Melba, located at where the La Salle Arts School once used to be. I’ve only been once so far, on a Saturday night and it was also full house. It’s a nice place, with a huge al-fresco area. The inside seating isn’t huge though. Dog lovers will love Cafe Melba as it is dog friendly. Also, there is a huge lawn in front of Cafe Melba, which would be great for the kids and the dogs.

Cafe Melba (1)

Not too sure if it would be sweltering in the day time because I went at night.

Cafe Melba - Ham and pineapple (Tomatoes, ham, pineapple, mozzarella) 9 inch $18 (2)

Ham and pineapple pizza (Tomatoes, ham, pineapple, mozzarella) 9 inch $18

They have 3 sizes of pizza to choose from but we took the smallest one at 9 inches. Those who like thin crust pizza would certainly like this one. It’s not so thin that it’s crispy like a biscuit, it does go a little floppy towards the middle. Toppings were nice and on the whole the pizza was quite nice.

Cafe Melba - Melba beef rendang in (Beef in coconut milk, ginger and spices, shoe-string fries and pizza breads) $18 (1)

Melba beef rendang in (Beef in coconut milk, ginger and spices, shoe-string fries and pizza breads) $18

Interesting to find Rendang at a Western bistro and it’s always a risk to order Asian dishes as it takes a really versatile chef to be good with both Western and Asian cuisines. The Rendang tasted quite authentic. It was quite heavy and rich and it was a delight to mop up the Rendang gravy with the pizza breads provided. The beef though was forgettable as it was stringy and slightly tough.

Cafe Melba - Shoestring fries

Crispy Shoestring fries

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Beer Market at Clarke Quay

You may have heard of the stock market, but have you ever heard of a beer market? You heard me right man. I recently discovered this lovely hangout place in Clarke Quay called Beer Market. It is run by 3 beer loving best friends who used to study together at SJI. They say many a friendship is ruined when friends become colleagues. Guess this rule doesn’t apply to the trio as Beer Market has been going strong for the last 3 years!

Beer Market, as the name suggests, really works like a stock exchange.There is no shouting of course, anyway it’s all automated nowadays, except for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange I believe. Incidentally, I was working at the Singapore Exchange when they closed the floors, but I digress.Beer Market Trading Screens (5)

Screens like these are located all over the restaurant pub. It’s not too difficult to grasp. All you have to do is keep watch of the prices, which is the price you’d pay if you ordered a beer at that instant. The prices change every 30 minutes, so there’s no need to be on your toes the entire time. If you like the price, you buy. If you don’t, you wait, or you choose a different beer. Easy peasy right? For detailed instructions, click here.

If you love sampling new types of beer, Beer Market is the perfect place. There is less risk in trying out beers with low buying volume as those beers are at a cheaper price! Wow I love this concept!

Beer Market - Primator

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Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands

ArtScience Museum tickets to Titanic!

Got 2 free tickets to the Titanic exhibition at the ArtScience Museum.

Pizzeria Mozza - (3)

So we took the opportunity to dine at Marina Bay Sands. We chose Pizzeria Mozza because I have already been to DB Moderne and I wanted something in a similar price range.

I’ve kinda been avoiding trying out Pizzeria Mozza or Osteria Mozza for that matter because last year, we had a most horrid time at Osteria Mozza. The music was blaring like nobody’s business and we happened to sit right under the speakers. The noise level in the restaurant was horrendous because everyone was trying to outtalk the speakers. I can’t imagine why people would want the music so loud, when most of the diners were middle aged people! Thank goodness Mozza has since turned off the racket so I was okay to dine at Pizzeria Mozza.

As you can see from the photo above, the place looks nice and relaxing. There’s an open kitchen for you to entertain yourself if your partner isn’t entertaining enough.

Pizzeria Mozza - Cheesy Dough Sticks

They served us complimentary cheesy dough sticks. I though they were pretty nice, being crispy and cheesy. The Partner thought that they were too salty and he stopped at one. YAY for me.

Pizzeria Mozza - Melons with Prawns, Chiles and Mint

We ordered this appetiser of melons with prawns in a kind of tangy chilli sauce $17. The first bite was really refreshing as the sweetness of the melons in the soury chilli sauce gave me a good wake up jolt. The prawns were fresh tasting and succulent. However, I found the dish to be way too spicy for my liking. It’s hard to imagine food in a Western Restaurant being spicy, but this one can beat any Thai restaurant! I had to let my taste buds rest after a while.

Pizzeria Mozza - Parma ham, Rucola and Mozzarella Pizza (3) 
We also ordered a Prosciutto di Parma with rucola, tomato and mozzarella pizza $31 to share. They were extremely generous with the Parma ham but too generous with the rucola. I personally don’t like rucola because I find it to be bitter. I guess I should have eaten the rucola with the parma, but it was hard to since it wasn’t sticking to anything and falling all over the place. On the whole the pizza was delicious. The crust was nice too even though it wasn’t my favourite type of crust. The pizza base at Mozza is kind of crispy at first bite, then chewy in the middle.

Pizzeria Mozza - Parma ham, Rucola and Mozzarella Pizza

Pizzeria Mozza - Italian Inventions

Love the placemats they gave. Very educational. I had no idea liposuction was invented by the Italians. And the parachute. And the scissors.

Pizzeria Mozza - (4)

A nice meal to fuel us for our visit to the Titanic Exhibition.

Marina Bay Sands

Couldn’t resist taking yet another picture of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I just find the mall so pretty and bright.

Pizzeria Mozza Singapore

B1-42-46 (Across from Theater),

Galleria level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Daily 12pm to 11pm (Last Reservation at 10:45pm)

Tel : +65 6688 8522

Email Pizzeria Mozza

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