The Disgruntled Chef

October 3, 2010

Read about The Disgruntled Chef restaurant in the Straits Times today, and already I am making plans to pay it a visit ASAP. Nothing like a really quirky name to perk up my interest in an eatery. The menu looks very interesting. I really want to try out the Baked Bone Marrow, Baked Camenbert Fondue and Chicken Liver Parfait! The prices don’t seem that expensive either so that’s a huge plus point! They should come up with a special treat for disgruntled customers or disgruntled office workers to help make them feel better!

They go by the communal system too, in that dishes ordered are meant to be shared. It seems like Western restaurants are finally latching on to the merits of Asian communal dining, and they want to jump on the bandwagon. I believe Cocotte’s dining concept is the same as well. Cafe Epicurious which I blogged about 1 month earlier also has the same concept for its dinner set menu. We shall see if this if this is new found acknowledgement on how Asians dine, or just simply a marketing gimmick.

Well I suppose it’s not as if we Asians don’t already share food at Western restaurants, never mind the manners and protocol. This just means that when you ask for extra plates, the waiters won’t be giving you the evil eye!

In case you want to try out The Disgruntled Chef, it is the new kid on the block at Dempsey Hill.


T: +65 64765305 F: +65 64765306

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