Angry Birds AttackkKKK!

October 15, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week. I was busy trying out new places so that I can blog about them! Shall endeavour to write about them in the next few posts. Also, I have been particularly busy this week tending to my new arrival…….my new toy…..the IPhone4!

So far, the Iphone has been pretty good. I can now entertain myself while on the MRT or while waiting for a bus with all the free games and applications. Just the other day I downloaded the free version of Angry Birds, which is like the cutest game ever! As the story goes, a group of evil pigs stole the birds’ eggs. And these birds are the super protective type. You should have seen what they did to the fly that landed on one of their eggs for a rest. So now the birds (rounded little tufts of feathers and chirps) are on a quest to bomb out the pigs (rounded piggy faces). How you play it is to launch the birds as projectiles onto the pigs, who have covered themselves with wood, ice and concrete structures. It’s physics and brute force. Damn cute and damn fun! Even when you lose it is cute because the pigs snigger and grin!!!!

The Iphone has not been as life-changing as I thought. While I can read news and go online as I please now, today, just when I needed it the most, it did not work. I did not get a signal at all while on the train. I was left to play Angry Birds again instead of catching up with the latest financial happenings. I suppose I have to blame Singtel for this rather than the Iphone?

I also hate the actual calling and SMS functions. I think by now, it should be a god given right that basic functions such as these should be a breeze to use. As is widely known, typing is a pain in the neck because it is so easy to mistype the letter you want for the neighbouring letters. No matter how fast I eventually get with this, there’s just no beating a real live keyboard with real keys.

Despite the negatives, I suppose I’d still rather be stuck on a desert island with an Iphone rather than my old phone. Meanwhile, have a good weekend everyone. I’m going to snuggle up in bed now and pummel some pigs before I sleep.

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