Singtel Easy Mobile – Substitute more data for less calls!

August 18, 2014

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Hey people, did you know there is a new phone plan by Singtel called Singtel Easy Mobile that allows you the flexibility of tweaking your plan to suit your phone use habits? If you are a heavy data user, you can tweak your plan such that you get more data in exchange for less local call time or less local SMSes!


OK this diagram above shows the type of standard data plans that we have been accustomed to for the the last few years. Eg, if you get the Value plan for $59.90, you get the standard 200 mins local calls, 900 free SMS and 3 GB of data.

HOWEVER, this is all about to change if you sign up for Singtel Easy Mobile!


There are 4 different price plans for you to choose from, each plan giving a certain number of units. For comparison’s sake, if you were to choose the L plan, you would get 16 units, which you can TWEAK as you like. If you’re like me, a heavy user of Instagram, Facebook and all sorts of other data zapping apps, you would want to TWEAK the plan such that you allocate the maximum number of units for the data.

In this case, you can see from the diagram above, I’ve allocated 10 out of 16 units to data, resulting in 5 GB of data for me! You would not have been able to get this, with the traditional plans. The closest you could have gotten would have been the Value Plan at $59.90, and have to top up $5 for every GB of additional data over 3GB.


As another example, if you are a more moderate person and equal amounts of talk time and data, and not so many SMSes, you can tweak the plan as per how I’ve done above. The permutations are numerous!

Isn’t it great that you now have so much more flexibility now when it comes to your phone plan? If only other aspects of life were so easily tweaked. Check out some of these great life hack ideas too, and share yours with everyone!

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