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January 9, 2011

When times are lean and you have to make every penny count, it pays to know where the cheapest deals are. Price doesn’t always have a correlation with quality. Today a few friends and I decided to forgo the $3.50 dessert cafe for ToastBox at VivoCity. It only cost us $2.50 each to enjoy a cuppa each plus buns and toast.

ToastBox Boluo Yao

Boluo Yao — A crunchy top bun with kaya and butter

ToastBox Kaya Toast with Butter (2)ToastBox Kaya Toast with Butter

Kaya Toast with Butter, only 2 slices though. Yakun serves up a bigger portion. I think I still prefer the kaya at Yakun, only problem is, at Yakun, they tend to give you a very thin layer of kaya, whereas I like my toasts to be richly covered with kaya!

ToastBox Thick Toast with Butter and Sugar (2)ToastBox Thick Toast with Butter and Sugar

Thick toast with butter and sugar — ToastBox is still my favourite place to have this after all these years. They are one of the few places that spread the butter evenly on the bread, such that each square of bread tastes good. Other places give you lumps of unmelted butter and expect you to do something with it.

ToastBox Chocolate Cherries CakeToastBox Banana Cake

Chocolate Cherries cake and other sponge cakes. Have never tried them although the price looks very tempting. It’s good to know that we can still enjoy cake for only $1.20 in Singapore.

ToastBox Seating Area


  1. My sis love Yakun probably for the same reason. I don’t go for kaya so much but I do like the butter sugar toast you featured. The cakes are ok, but they look better than they taste somehow. I think the ones you bake would be guzillion times better.

    • Thanks, I’ve no patience to decorate my cakes like they do though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone try the cakes in all the times I’ve been to toastbox. But then again, people must be buying them or why would they still sell them after all these years. They should do an afternoon tea thing, with cake and scones.

  2. I quite agree with you when the going gets tough people start breaking into the piggy banks but in a cuatious manner to ensure the little saving will last.

    There are good food shops out there with quality, cheap deals, all you need to do is take a walk and shop around, walking is good for you health anyway

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