Under the weather….

April 28, 2011

I’m suffering from a horrible cold right now. Half my head is clogged and my nose is like an uncontrollable tap which decides to turn on and off without warning. To make things worse, I still have a huge meeting to attend tomorrow. The consolation is at least I do not have a sore throat, and after tomorrow, I can rest to my heart’s content! My boss had generously told me that I can take 3 day’s worth of MC on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Isn’t that wonderful?!?!

I don’t even know who I caught the cold from. None of my colleagues are sick. Interestingly, I managed to escape the flu bug every time it has hit my colleagues. I was just thinking how strong I was not to have fallen sick with a flu or cold for at least 1 year, despite infectious souls parading near me. I guess I gloated too soon. I sure hope I don’t pass on the bug either, for it’ll still be I who have to man the fort if my colleagues topple.

As with all other times that I fall ill, I try not to medicate unless absolutely necessary. So far, I’ve been drinking lemon juice with tea as well as lots of fruit juice and fruit and garlic. The garlic worked wonders the last time I thought I was going to get a sore throat. I think I just didn’t eat enough cloves this time, and it wasn’t raw enough either. BTW I think the best way to juice a lemon is to get one of those knobbly things and shove it in a cut lemon. I learnt another trick lately if you don’t have that implement. Cut a lemon in half and use tongs to squeeze it. To think I’ve been using a stupid spoon to try and scrape out the juice all this while!

I WILL get better tomorrow. I’m going for afternoon tea on Saturday and I ain’t postponing that!


  1. I totally sympathize with you. I spent the last two weeks with a bad cough and cold. I, too, never get sick so I guess I was paying my dues so to speak. I hope you are better soon! I was told by someone recently that you could put a lime or lemon in the microwave for a few seconds and it is easier to juice. Haven’t tried that yet.

    • Two weeks is a long time, hope you are better now. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I don’t have a microwave.

    • I’m feeling so much better today. I think the worst day was Thursday (just before my big meeting!@#) Recovered in time to go for afternoon tea yeah!

  2. Hey!

    Hope you get well soon too. I caught a flu (was really unexpected and sudden as well) a couple days back… and started taking meds in advanced as I do not want to risk getting worst. :/

    It’s the long weekend so hopefully, it will provide u lotsa time to recuperate and get well 🙂

    • Yes I’m better already thanks! You know meds only suppress the symtoms? There is no cure for the flu at present 🙁 Try eating lots of lemon and garlic. My recovery in 5 days (i think that’s short right?) I attribute to lemon and garlic!

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