NDP 2011!

August 11, 2011

Hope you all had a good National Day holiday! I spent mine catching up on work, urgh! Had 2 tickets for the 9th August NDP but I gave them to my parents instead. Here are some pictures I took from the NDP Preview a week ago that I did manage to attend.

NDP 2011 (9)

Happy Birthday Singapore!

NDP 2011 (2)

Yes, half the fun is in getting the goodie bags and exploring what was in them. Have to say, the goodies aren’t that great this year. But for once, I think I just might be able to reuse the bag.

NDP 2011 (3)

The idiotic thing about the preview is that there are obviously no Ministers of State attending. Here’s a picture of Lee Hsien Loong, SIMULATED.

NDP 2011 (4)

NDP 2011 (7)

NDP 2011 (8)

NDP 2011 (10)

Check out all those people at MBS SkyPark trying to get a birds eye view of the parade

NDP 2011 (11)

And check out all those people at One Fullerton

NDP 2011 (13) NDP 2011 (12)

We got the last row, so we were ”chaperoned” by a whole contingent of men the entire 2 hours. If I had sneezed violently, my head would have jerked back and bashed into somebody’s b***s. Wonder why they had to stand there to watch the parade.

NDP 2011 (21)

Wonder what those things are?

NDP 2011 (19) NDP 2011 (20)

Well Speaker of Parliament Abdullah Tarmugi did attend, so that was something.

NDP 2011 (17)NDP 2011 (18)NDP 2011 (16)

 NDP 2011 (22) NDP 2011 (23) NDP 2011 (24) NDP 2011 (25) NDP 2011 (26) NDP 2011 (27) NDP 2011 (28) Dancing baos, yes.

NDP 2011 (29)

Dancing Teacups

NDP 2011 (30)NDP 2011 (37)

NDP 2011 (33)NDP 2011 (38)

Fireworks to come in a separate post!


  1. wonderful insider’s view. thanks for sharing the experience. I always wondered what it would be like. I think i probably attended once as a lil kid….not sure if it was NDP but recall that planes flew low and overhead and that was pretty thrilling. The fireworks and the stunning view here takes it to another level.

    • Definitely an experience to remember, even if the skits are cheesy. The fireworks was great, that was the best part! Too bad there is no National Stadium, or else more people would have been able to attend!

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