Afternoon Tea at The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel

April 29, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I feel that once in a while you have to pamper yourself with a nice treat. We work so hard Monday to Friday 8.30 — 5.30, usually longer than that, that life would be indeed a drag if you didn’t know how to enjoy it. Be it a spa, massage, short trip overseas of indulging over food, I feel it’s a necessity not a luxury, just to keep you sane and recharge you in this hectic environment.

For me, going for afternoon tea at a nice hotel is a must. When I’m low on ”lovin”, my brain craves for this. I know technically speaking, the afternoon tea items don’t feel worth the $$$ when compared to lobsters and crabs, but you’re really paying for the experience so I still think it’s worth it. Tourists to Singapore, you have to try our English Afternoon Tea experience, you won’t regret it!

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (14) For $42++, you get a 3 tier English Afternoon Tea set, which is refillable. Comes with 3 changes of tea.

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (15) Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (17)

Mini Macarons for the macaron lover. These were very good, just crispy on the outside and still chewy on the inside. Because the Afternoon Tea is refillable, its hard to restrain yourself to just 1 or 2 macarons!

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (16)

Salmon Tartar Filled Pistachio Cones — I think I had 3 servings of this! The salty flavours from the salmon married very well with the crisp pistachio cones. The Brie Cheese and Figs on Hazelnut Crackers in the background were also very good.

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (6)   We were there during the last week of December, hence the little star shaped cookies to make it more Christmassy.

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (8)

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (3)

Duck Confit and Blueberry Compote Petit Bagels (must try!), Truffled Egg Salad Finger Sandwich 

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (22) Scones were average only. The jam was rather runny as you can see from the picture. The clotted cream lacked depth. Not as nice as the scones at sister hotel The Fullerton Hotel.

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (18)

You can get 3 changes of tea. What I like to do is that since I’m dining with a friend, it means in total, we can get 6 teas. So we normally order 1 pot of tea at a time to share. 3 hours of afternoon tea = a new tea every 30 minutes or so. Some hotels provide hot/iced chocolate, which I like to order last, as a sort of dessert drink. Besides its too filling if you drink it up front. (Note at The Fullerton Hotel, it is only 2 changes of tea)

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (21)Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (9)Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (4) I spy with my little eye…

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (26)

These are the ”lower deck” seats, facing the seafront. I think these seats are better than the sofa seats as firstly there’s a view, secondly it’s more private as it’s not facing the hotel walkway, and lastly, the seats are studier which is better for the back.

Afternoon Tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel (24) Try not to sit at the table next to the sink. The guy was washing the cups the entire time.

Fullerton Bay Hotel The Landing Point

These sofa seats certainly look pretty, what with the comfy cushions and all. I found it a little difficult to eat as you’re sunken into the seats, so we decided to change to the lower deck seats.

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The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

80 Collyer Quay Singapore 049326

Tel: +65 6333 8388

Fax: +65 6386 8388



  1. omg this looks so good! is the 3-tier set shown here for 2 pax? what time does the afternoon tea start? is it available only on weekdays or weekends too?

  2. wow. $42++ for 2 person?

    if that is the case. this is a very value for money afternoon tea!

    Did I read wrongly? The 3 tier English Afternoon Tea set is refillable?!

    Is this for weekend too?

  3. Just reconfirmed with the hotel. It’s $42++/adult and $21++/kid, for both weekdays and weekends. Timing is 3pm – 5.30pm. Refillable so it is eat until you collapse. Not $42 for 2 or else teng kor.

    Sorry to confuse you with the photo. Since it is refillable, they won’t clog up the table with two 3-tiers. As and when the food gets eaten, they will come by to ask you if you want more.

    BTW, if you want a 3-tier non refillable set that can be shared by 2 people, try Regent Hotel.

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