The Gourmet Bakery Cafe

May 3, 2012

Today, I finally did something I hadn’t done in 4 months. I dragged myself to the gym. Technically speaking, I’ve set foot into Fitness First a number of times in those 4 months, but it was always to use the pool. Today was a momentous occasion, I finally hit the machines. To proof how rusty I was, I clean forgot to take my mp3 player with me, and I forgot to get the free workout clothes and had to turn back for them.

A colleague once sent me an article which I found to be very useful. You can read the full article here. To cut the gist, the article says that you shouldn’t set goals. You should set systems instead. Have a system in place that will eventually help you reach your goals.

Today, I brought my gym gear out. However, after the heavy media tasting at Bay Hotel and a looming headache, I was just about ready to hop into a taxi so as to reach my bed earlier. But thanks to what I learnt in the article, I told myself that I have to at least make it to the cafe next to the gym. After I’ve had my coffee at the cafe, if I still don’t feel up to it, I can allow myself to go home. Turns out that once I’d completed the half hour journey to the cafe, it was easy peasy to just pop into the gym after the coffee. So I think I know what I’m going to do from now on. I’m going to trick myself into going to the gym by going to the cafe! How having those milky coffees is going to help me lose weight is another story, but one step at a time folks!

So I guess what’s left of this post is to post about the cafe itself right?

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (2)

This is the Gourmet Bakery Cafe, tucked in a very secluded corner of Millenia Walk. It’s actually next to the Promenade MRT entrance, but few people use that station during off-peak hours, so the traffic flow isn’t that great. Fitness First is just 1 escalator up. Interestingly, Fitness First has its own little drink area with magazines too. While it’s nice to have it, I’ve always wondered about the purpose of providing sprite and coke there. Kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gym right?

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (3)

I only had a Cafe Mocha $5.50. It was pretty okay. Coffee was rather substantial so I didn’t manage to finish it. I enjoyed the peaceful half hour I had there. They have a few magazines for you to while away the time if necessary, but no girly magazines as you can see from the picture above.

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (5)

Other than drinks, they do mainly sandwiches, wraps and salads.

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (4)

That’s all folks! Shall blog more about The Gourmet Bakery Cafe if I make it to the gym again! OMG I just realised they have a 10% discount for Fitness First members if you order food! Hahaha luckily I only ordered coffee or I would have missed out on the discount!


The Gourmet Bakery . Cafe

9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco Stall P1-11/12, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 8952, Fax: 6338 8582

The Gourmet Bakery

9 Raffles Place
#B1-05, Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: 6534 5037


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