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October 13, 2012

I recently went on a quick trip to Bintan Lagoon Resorts. It was so quick, I left on a Friday afternoon and returned back to Singapore on a Saturday evening! I don’t think anyone missed me, but I sure accomplished a lot while I was there. I will write more about it in the next post, complete with pictures. I took over 300 photos so be prepared for a deluge of pictures. While I sort the rest of the photos out, let me first stuff you with pictures of my lovely lunch at Miyako Japanese Restaurant in Bintan Lagoon Resorts.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - (1)

Miyako Japanese Restaurant is next to the main hall, just on the left of Kopi-O Restaurant which is where most people will have their buffet breakfast. It’s a bright and cheery place as it’s nearly all glass walls. There’s a huge Teppanyaki station in the middle of the whole restaurant, with tables lined all around it.

I’ll be upfront with you. The food here isn’t cheap, but it is really very fresh tasting and of good quality. Well food in Bintan Lagoon Resort is a little pricey, it’s a holiday resort after all, but I think the Japanese restaurant takes the cake. Therefore, if you’re in for a good pampering, Miyako’s the place you want to go or take your business clients.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Ikura Sushi also known as Salmon Roe Sushi $15 (2)

Ikura Sushi also known as Salmon Roe Sushi $15

Eating this was fantastic as the delightful slightly salty liquid from the little voluptuous balls of salmon roe burst in my mouth.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Gindara (Cod) in Teriyaki Sauce $25 (1)

 Gindara (Cod) in Teriyaki Sauce $25

One of the best Gindara I have ever tasted. You can see from the picture that the cod was extremely flaky and practically slid down my throat without much effort. The flesh was moist and creamy flavoured. I could have just eaten this cod whole, together with a bowl of steaming rice! That would really make me a very happy person.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Wagyu Beef 200gm Teppanyaki $135

Wagyu Beef 200gm Teppanyaki $135

This was the killer dish, in terms of pricing. What you see here is half a portion because my mother took the other half. You have to order the whole 200gms though, but I wouldn’t advise it if you are dining alone. The meat is rather rich, although not extremely so. I believe it’s just a medium level Wagyu beef, forgot to ask the grading. Taste wise, I would actually prefer wagyu beef with more marbling. But if I didn’t know it was Wagyu beef, I would say that it was good beef teppanyaki.

I do think that this is one dish I wouldn’t recommend ordering. It tastes nice, but $135, it just seems a little too much, especially when you consider places like Morton’s charge only $100 for a slab of beef, albeit not Wagyu grade.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Abura Sushi $13 and Tai Sushi $12

Abura Sushi $13 and Tai Sushi $12

I was adventurous and ordered Abura, which is a butter fish as well as the Tai, which is the snapper. Both were fantastic tasting. I think it was my first time tasting butter fish, but I must have eaten snapper sushi countless times, and this snapper just seems to have more flavour. Same goes for the butter fish.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi $30

Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi $30

Also very delicious and fresh tasting.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Scallop Teppanyaki $25

 Scallop Teppanyaki $25

Miyako provides 3 different types of dips for you to enhance the experience. These scallops were cooked to perfection and had a great flavour. I love the marinade they used which made the scallops taste richer.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Prawn $20 and Scallop $25 Teppanyaki (2)

King Prawn $20 and Scallop $25 Teppanyaki

The King Prawn was humongous, and if I’d known, I might have shared it with my mother rather than ordering 2 separate servings.The prawns, or shall I say prawn pieces as it’s only 1 big king prawn, were succulent with a good bite, and I liked the sweet chargrilled flavour.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - Mixed Juices $6

Mixed Juices $6

Sweet refreshing juice to go along with the meal.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant - (2)

I really had a good feast here at Miyako Japanese Restaurant. Thank you Bintan Lagoon Resorts and Nuffnang!

Don’t forget to check out my next post on what to do, see and eat at Bintan Lagoon Resorts.

Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Bintan Lagoon Resorts


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