Amazing Zespri Kiwifruit

July 16, 2013

It’s Zespri Kiwifruit season again in Singapore’s supermarkets! Have you seen all the green kiwis in the supermarket lately? If you’ve seen a god kiwiffruit, you are in luck! Gold kiwifruit is very rare this year due to a drought in New Zealand which affected the gold kiwi fruit crop! If you manage to lay your hands on some, you can buy toto as well!!

Do take the opportunity to stock up on more kiwi fruit as they contain TWICE the amount of Vitamin C as compared to Oranges!

Kiwi Fruit

The easiest and most brainless way to eat a Kiwi fruit is obviously to slice the fruit in half and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh. But check out this video below, where you don’t even need a spoon, just a knife will do!

And in case you want to peel a whole kiwi fast, this video below shows you how! Good for when you need pretty slices of kiwi to decorate your cakes or if you just need to peel a ton to make kiwi chutneys!

I will be doing some Zespri Kiwi fruit giveaways in a few days time! Do watch out for the contest here. Bonus points to early birds who leave a comment here first on your thoughts about eating kiwi fruit!

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