Candy, the world’s 1st smart home appliances manufacturer now available in Singapore

October 6, 2017

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Candy Group? Heard of Kelvinator and Hoover? If so, you’re familiar with the Candy Group! Candy Group from Italy is the only home appliances company in the world with the entire range of fully-connected next-generation products, and they have recently launched in Singapore with the Watch & Touch Oven, the interactive washing machine and other home appliances.

If you’ve always dreamt of being able to control and operate your appliances when you are not at home, you need to check out the appliances from Candy Group, especially their Watch & Touch Oven as well as their Smart Touch Washing Machine. I have summarised their features below.

Watch & Touch Oven


  • 78 litres maxi cavity
  • Full Touch Total Control Screen door
  • High Definition / High Resolution video camera to view the cooking process on the screen door or via the app in another room
  • 360 degree lighting for optimal visibility of inside the oven
  • Internal Temperature measurement
  • Pre-loaded video recipes (can be viewed on door of oven or via the app)
  • More than 70 suggested cooking programmes
  • Create your own library of your favorite cooking videos
  • Customise cooking options for your favourite dishes
  • Intuitive to use, even for those who are not tech savvy
  • and not forgetting, a very sleek design!

Imagine watching your food cook, from the comfort of your living room! No more running into the kitchen every 5 minutes to see if the dinner is burning! And that high res video cam with bright lighting means no more squinting through the oven door to decipher if the food is browning, or if it is just the yellow lighting.

The Watch & Touch Oven will be exclusively available at all Mayer Showrooms and the Gain City Sungei Kadut store by end August. 

The retail price is $2,999 before GST.

The Smart Touch Washing Machine


  • Higher than usual door for greater ease of usage
  • 3 soil level settings
  • KG detector to allow for corresponding amount of water usage
  • Smart check-up function to monitor conditions of the washing machine to ensure longer life efficiency
  • Statistics to keep track of your most frequently used programmes and optimise washing habits
  • Voice assistance to guide you to choose the perfect programme
  • Smart start/delay application
  • 40 additional programmes
  • Collection of tips and hints to save time and money

I don’t know about you, but I think that KG detector will be a life saver! It often bugs me that I have to wait until I have at least half a load of clothes before I can start a wash (to save water and electricity). I often want to wear my favourite shirt, only to discover that it’s still waiting to be washed! And how about white shirts, do I have to wait a month before I can wash a load of white clothes? I don’t even own that many to begin with. If I could just wash 3 pieces of clothing, and know that the water used and duration will be calibrated just for the 3 pieces of clothing, that would be really useful.

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