The Great Cirque des Cascades at Bayfront Event Space – Amazing show for kids and adults!

December 29, 2022
The December 2022 holidays are quickly coming to an end. If you are still looking for memorable activities to fill up the rest of December, I highly recommend you watch the circus performance by Cirque des Cascades. It’s one of those things where watching on TV just isn’t the same as watching in real life. When you watch the performers doing flips high up in the sky right in front of your very eyes, there is a tiny moment where you wonder if they will actually land correctly, and that is what makes watching a circus performance live something you should experience live.

Edward was mesmerised by many of the acts. We kept on saying “amazing” to each other, at many of the heart-stopping moments. And when he reached home, he told his father the show was “spectacular”! Definitely a show that children and adults alike will enjoy.
You can read more about the various Cirque des Cascades acts here.

Here are some of my favourite acts

  • Panther Troupe – One of the first few acts to come on, and they lose no time in performing their wow element. As if jumping into the air and doing multiple somersaults is not difficult enough, the performer does it on a thin flexible bar held up by two other performers. How on earth does he execute the jump and still land perfectly on that thin strip, it just befuddles me!
  • Cyr Wheel – Watch Alexander Shpilevoy spin in and around a giant metal ring so gracefully and with such dexterity. It’s like watching a graceful and effortless dance where dancer and metal ring are one, quite trance like, with beautiful accompanying music.
  • Afumani Warriors – I’ve never seen anyone able to do the limbo under such a low rod before. A human could barely fit under the rod. And that’s not the end of that, the rod was on fire! Is that even scientifically possible?
  • Catapult – Watch the humble see-saw become a launchpad for more high rise acrobatic stunts including a stunt where a performer is catapulted onto a high rise chair!

Go to to book your tickets now. Shows are on everyday until 1 January 2023, with 4 timings to choose from: 2pm | 4.30pm | 7pm | 10pm.

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