L’espresso @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Once in a while, pretty often to be exact, I get into the Afternoon Tea mood. There’s only so few places in Singapore where you can get really nice English Afternoon Teas. The more ”unlocal” and ”Tai-Tai” the place looks, the better.
April 4, 2010

Lemon Chorizo Pasta

Today we cooked pasta for lunch. I love cooking pasta because its so easy and it helps us finish all the weird bits of vegetables or meat that we can’t fit into other meals. We have a very systematic way of cooking
March 31, 2010

What became of the old Turf Club in Singapore?

I had never been to the old Turf Club before, or for that matter, the new one either, and I wanted to know what had become of the old Turf Club. The few times that we drove past the area, it seemed
March 29, 2010

Fullerton Hotel Swimming Pool

Fullerton hotel has the swimming pool with the best views! You can watch the people strolling by the Singapore river, it is quite an interesting experience! Interestingly, most of the pool users are Caucasians. Which hotels do the Asian tourists like? Look
January 1, 2010

Photos of MacRitchie Reservoir

Photos of calm and serene MacRitchie Reservoir. A very nice place to stroll in the evenings and they even have a new cafe to boot.  Also a very romantic place for lovebirds. You can sit on the benches and just take in
September 9, 2009
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