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[CNY 2014] Canele’s Auspicious Goodies

Canele CNY Cookies and Chocolate Truffles

I’ve saved the most eye-catching Chinese New Year goodies for last. Presenting Canele’s Auspicious Koi Box ($88) that includes a 3D sculptured Koi-shaped milk chocolate stuffed with mandarin orange truffles as well as 400g of assorted cookies! Bring this for any reunion dinner and you will surely be the talk of the party! If you turn the Koi upside down, you will be able to dig into the white chocolate that lines the body. The mandarin orange truffles are also in a festive gold, and there are about 8 of these delectable morsels!

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Supertree Dining – Where to eat at Gardens by the Bay

Finally paid a visit to the much acclaimed Gardens by the Bay. I was there to sample the delights at Supertree Dining so I didn’t have much time to explore the park. The short walk from the bus bay to the Supertree Dining left me quite mesmerised. I will definitely have come back again to explore the park fully, both in the day as well as at night. Have you seen the pictures of the Gardens by the Bay at night? It looks alienish and surreal! The views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Rooms must be fantastic.

What to eat at Gardens by the Bay

Anyway, those making a trip to the park need not fret about packing their own picnic lunches. The variety of food available here is equally astounding too. Well this after all Singapore, the national pastime being eating, and eating some more. Apart from Supertree Dining, there’s also :-

  • Pollen – A 2-storey restaurant featuring mediterranean-influenced modern European cuisine and helmed by Chef Jason Atherton who owns the Michelin-starred Pollen Street Social back in London
  • Cafe Crema – Think coffee, sandwiches and brunch) at the entrance. You can get a picnic basket with sandwiches from them too!
  • Verandah – Asian bistro serving things like XO-sauce Chwee Kuey, Black Pepper Crab Linguine, and Kurobuta ‘Kong Bah’ on Japanese rice
  • Seventh Heaven – Handcrafted ice cream shop near the Cloud Forest and Forest Dome

Check out all the Gardens by the Bay dining options here. Bakerzin, Indochine and Satay by the Bay will open later in the year.

Supertree Dining

And….befitting the grandeur of the Supertrees located in the middle of the park, there is Supertree Dining as well! Supertree Dining is made up of 5 distinctive dining concepts combined into 1 unique dining destination. SuperTree Dining comprises of :-

  • Peach Garden Noodle House
  • Hill Street Coffee Shop
  • Casa Verde
  • Texas Chicken
  • Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie

Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie at Supertree Dining

Stepping into Supertree Dining is kind of like stepping into dome number 3. The place is so spacious, with the high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows allowing you to maintain eye contact with the Supertrees outside. The most amazing thing is that there are even trees housed within the Supertree Dining itself, with openings in the ceiling for the trees to grow. These openings also let the rain in, and the birds! We dined amongst the light rain coming down on the tree, and at one point, 2 little birds were flying and chirping around the tree, and we enjoyed this without getting wet ourselves!

Here are pictures of all the delicious food we tried at Supertree Dining.

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Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

Canele is finally back at Raffles City again. In fact, most of the restaurants and eateries are now open, except for the bit next to the the original fountain where Out of the Pan used to be. The basement is so changed it is like being in a completely different mall altogether. Some old names are still here, such as Cedele, Aerins, The Pizza Place and Teahouse The Asian Kitchen, with new decor and layout. There are a lot of new takaway stalls: – Best Fries Forever, Chewy Junior, Awfully Chocolate, 1A Curry Puff and Potato Depot to name a few. You won’t go hungry when you are at Raffles City Shopping Mall, that you can be sure.

Anyway, back to Canele. They have this maroon pink decor going on, which looks quite nice. The lampshades they have all over the place look pretty and makes the place feel special. And they still have the huge glass counter with different coloured macaroons displayed neatly and all calling out your name. It’s so distracting!

Menu-wise, it seems the same as before so I knew exactly what to order.

Canele - Croque Madame

  Croque Madame $13.50 – I used to like this dish, but now I feel that I am just eating empty calories with very little nutrients. It’s basically bread drenched with lots of cheese and a few slices of ham.

Canele - Cheese Burger

Canele Cheese Burger $15.50 – The burger was nice but pretty average. The chips were great though. Based on the texture, it seems the chef sliced and fried these potato chips onsite instead of getting them from a packet.

Canele - Carrot Water

Mint and carrot water is complementary

Awfully Chocolate

Never really understood the hype about Awfully Chocolate’s chocolate cake.

It all started when the owner of the brand got tired of chocolate cakes that were less cake and more mousse and cream instead. I too hate the frivolous use of mousse and cream, where’s the bite in that? She had a vision of a chocolate cake that was substantially cake, one with a rich chocolate taste, yet not so sweet as to be offputting. This cake was to be an object of desire. And so, she came up with what is now Awfully Chocolate’s signature chocolate cake. Layers of chocolate fudge between layers of chocolate sponge.

Awfully Chocolate chocolate cake

Admittedly, the cake does have more substance than a chocolate mousse and cream cake. I performed the Squish test on it, a very scientific method where I used my spoon to squash the cake down. The cake yielded a few mm. PASS.

And yes I would also have to agree that it is a cake that is not so sweet, so you do not run the risk of getting sick of it after a few mouthfuls. PASS

HOWEVER, and here’s the clincher, the cake just doesn’t taste THAT great to me. Frankly speaking, it tastes like chocolate kueh rather than chocolate cake. It definitely looks chocolatey enough, but to me, it didn’t feel like I’d had my daily dose of chocolate after eating the cake. I’m still hankering after a chocolate drink at this point in time. Maybe the sweet tooth in me just can’t process the idea of a chocolate cake that isn’t sweet.

Maybe I have to start my own business selling rich dense chocolatey chocolate cakes for sweet tooths. In the meantime, if you’re craving for a rich, sweet and dense chocolate cake, these are my all time favourite chocolate cakes in Singapore:-

1. Coffee Club – Viennese Chocolate Cake $5

2. Canele – Le Royale $7

3. Cafe Epicurious – Devil’s Chocolate cake (flourless and has mascarpone cream in it!)

Canelé has such pretty cakes

Canele Le Royale Chocolate Cake

Le Royale – $7/slice

Come closer…. I know you want to!! Canele has one of the best chocolate cakes in town! It is so rich, so dense, so decadent, so full of chocolate, so super sinful, so everything I want in a chocolate cake! The crispy rice bubbles at the bottom go so well with the rest of the cake. The cake looks small in comparison to cheapo chocolate cakes out there, but because it is so dense, 1 piece goes a really long way

Canele Tiramisu  Tiramisu

Moist and decadent, if you press it with the fork, the coffee liquor oozes out. I like my tiramisus to be as moist as possible.

Canele various cakes New York Cheese Cake – $6/slice

Caraibe – $8.50/slice

Baked Fruit Tart – $5.50/slice

Macha – $7/slice

Le Royale $7/slice

Canele sweet treat counter Canele also has macarons and meringues. At about $3.50 per piece, the meringues are the cheapest but largest desert at Canele.

 Canele cafe latte

Cafe Latte -  $5 Canele decor Nice lampshades

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