Canelé has such pretty cakes

July 6, 2010

Canele Le Royale Chocolate Cake

Le Royale – $7/slice

Come closer…. I know you want to!! Canele has one of the best chocolate cakes in town! It is so rich, so dense, so decadent, so full of chocolate, so super sinful, so everything I want in a chocolate cake! The crispy rice bubbles at the bottom go so well with the rest of the cake. The cake looks small in comparison to cheapo chocolate cakes out there, but because it is so dense, 1 piece goes a really long way

Canele Tiramisu  Tiramisu

Moist and decadent, if you press it with the fork, the coffee liquor oozes out. I like my tiramisus to be as moist as possible.

Canele various cakes New York Cheese Cake — $6/slice

Caraibe — $8.50/slice

Baked Fruit Tart – $5.50/slice

Macha — $7/slice

Le Royale $7/slice

Canele sweet treat counter Canele also has macarons and meringues. At about $3.50 per piece, the meringues are the cheapest but largest desert at Canele.

 Canele cafe latte

Cafe Latte -  $5 Canele decor Nice lampshades


  1. Where is this place? I am tempted by the macarons. Your cake photos are gorgeous! And I like the lamp shade too…it reminds me of sexy black sheer stockings…somehow.

  2. Canele, they used to have a branch at Raffles City but it is closed. Now you can find Canele at Robertson Walk, Paragon and Shaw Centre.

    Ya i know what you mean about the lampshades! They do look nice, I would love to have them in my room

    • I love Robertson Walk too!!! It has such a relaxed feel to it and I don’t think I have even explored every nook and cranny. And I still want to go to Laurent’s to indulge in a big cup of chocolate.

  3. “If you press it with the fork, the coffee liquor oozes out.”

    That must be classified as food porn! I always walk pass their displays at Paragon but I’ve not tried their cakes yet. You’re tempting me. 🙂

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