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Mother’s Day dim sum at Yum Cha

Yum Cha Mother Day 2014

Yum Cha, well known for its variety of dim sum, has launched 3 special items only available for Mother’s Day this year. The items will be available until 11 May at all outlets. The only exception is Serangoon Garden Country Club during the hours of 6pm – 11pm.

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Bark Cafe at Changi Museum

I’m on a quest to cover all the interest cafes and eateries in the East of Singapore! Last weekend, the Partner, the BFF and I decided to make a quick trip around the more obscure parts of the Eastern side of Singapore. Yes, even though we live in the East, Changi is a seldom visited area, especially because there is no MRT line coming down this way. Even when driving to the airport, Changi would be easily bypassed with the ECP or PIE.

Interestingly, Changi Road starts from around the Geylang/Eunos area, then becomes New Upper Changi Road near the Kembangan area. It then morphs into Upper Changi Road East and North. There is no Upper Changi Road West or South. And neither is there any Old Upper Changi Road, or Old Changi Road for that matter! I have this vague feeling that some roads which used to be known as the original Changi Road, and is parallel to the sea, has now been changed to another name. Maybe the history buffs can enlighten me.

Anyway, if you in the Changi / Loyang area, you may like to know that there is a huge cafe situated right next to the Changi Chapel & Museum. The best time to visit would I think be at night. Apart from the fact that this is a totally not air-conditioned place, there are not too many tall buildings nearby and you can gaze as the night sky more easily while the crickets provide their nocturnal accompaniment. It would be nice to sit here amongst the lush greens during the rainy season in December too. I love the smell of wet grass, don’t you?

Bark Cafe - Tomato Fried Cheese Salad $14 (1)

Tomato Fried Cheese Salad (Deep fried cheese with breadcrumb, on sliced tomato, drizzled with balsamic dressing) $14

We ordered a plate of these to share. I don’t usually order appetisers because I don’t normally need it, and also because I don’t want to be somewhat satiated by the time my mains arrive. But sometimes I just can’t resist! Last week was one such day. Fried cheese, caprese salads and melt in your mouth burratas really get to me and I lose all form of will power when they make their appearance in the appetiser section of the menu!

Bark Cafe - Tomato Fried Cheese Salad $14 (3)

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Lots Gourmet Stop – Another Cafe in the East

Even though it has been raining torrentially in the afternoons these last few days, it was unbelievably scorching on Sunday. After visiting Bark Cafe adjacent to Changi Museum, the Partner and I, plus a friend who met us for lunch thought it extremely appropriate to gravitate towards a cool cafe selling iced cold drinks. It was nice at Bark Cafe, but one hour in the non-air-conditioned Bark Cafe was as much as we could tolerate. While driving along Upper Changi Road North to get to Bark Cafe, we had spied a small nondescript cafe, so that’s where we headed to.

Changi Garden

I’d never been to this area which calls itself Changi Garden. I don’t suppose most people would know it too, unless you live in the vicinity. I know the famous Porta Porta Italian restaurant is located here, and after more than 10 years, I have yet to try it! I must make a mental note to try this Porta Porta out.

Lots Gourmet Stop (8)

Lots Gourmet Stop is a nifty little place, decked out in bright colours, and with little trinkets and decorative plates plastered on the back wall. Alas, it isn’t air-conditioned too, but it seems more shaded than the previous Bark Cafe. There is an upper inner balcony with air-conditioning, but we were told that it was reserved.

Lots Gourmet Stop - Iced Chocolate $6

Iced Chocolate $6

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The Coastal Settlement

The Kronenbourg 1664 event was held at The Coastal Settlement, a new restaurant and bar located in the heart of Changi. I have to admit, The Coastal Settlement is sited in a pretty secluded place. But despite that, or because of that, The Coastal Settlement exuded a special charm the 1st time I visited it a few weeks back.

The Coastal Settlement

The place is very laid back, but what I really like about the place is that it is like a little maze, waiting to be explored! Every section of the restaurant boasts a different type of decor and furniture.

The Coastal Settlement (4)

You have nice sofa seats for having coffee with friends on the weekends.

The Coastal Settlement (2)

You have the local old school feel with the wooden chairs and rounded tables with marble tops.

The Coastal Settlement (5)

You have the bar seating with Chinese doors

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Changi Airport – Best airport in the world!

No matter what anyone else says, I truly believe that Singapore’s Changi Airport is the best airport in the world! This is probably the only airport in the world where people come here just to eat, shop and stroll around. It is the only airport in the world where people actually enjoy being here longer than it takes to catch a flight. If there were to be another Iceland type volcanic eruption, Changi Airport is the airport you want to be stuck at.

Changi Airport (13)

All decked out for Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit

Changi Airport (2)

Pretty crowded for 10pm. Yes this is considered “crowded”. Compared to the sardine packed buses, trains and shopping malls, is it any wonder why Singaporeans like coming to the airport? It’s a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of town!

Changi Airport (18)

Passengers lining up to be the 1st to check in. It does suck a little if your flight’s at 2am. Several years ago, my intern had a 5am flight. My neighbour and I accompanied him from 12midnight all the way until it was time to go through immigration. That was the only time I ever walked from 1 terminal to the other as the SkyTrains were off operation.  That was before Terminal 3 was opened. We had to walk through the carpark as well as an open air bit through a tiny manicured garden. Now, it may actually be possible to walk from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 via the MRT station. But unless it’s the wee hours of the night, use the SkyTrain.

Changi Airport (15)

Most of the counters were closed. I wonder if these counters are ever used. Terminal 3 is so massive there’s still space for more airlines to hop over to Terminal 3.

Changi Airport (19)

Even the lifts look swanky

Changi Airport (4)

Me perving at the people in the Transit Area. Photo is slightly hazy because it’s taken through glass. Looks like Fauchon is going to open a cafe at the Transit Area. I would love to have a cuppa there. It’s one of my favourite tea brands, if not my most favourite! You can get Fauchon teabag and tea leaves at the basement of Takashimaya, but there’s no cafe to be had.

Changi Airport (3)

See what I mean when I say it’s nice to be stranded in Changi Airport? The seats are comfy, the floors are largely carpeted. Lots of free internet stations, free wifi, free local telephone calls. Coffee and tea at the coffee shops for less than 2 bucks. This seating area has a grand piano. There are numerous other spots around, including one that is football themed.

Changi Airport (5)

There’s the information counter at the bottom right of the photo. Staff are extremely polite and eager to help. Certainly not like what I encountered at a London Tube Station, which I like to tell everyone. I asked the girl at the information counter what the difference was between the $4 ticket and the $7 ticket. She told me the difference was $3?!?!

Changi Airport (6)

Changi Airport Terminal 3 also has a Changi Aviation Gallery in the public area 3rd floor. Nothing spectacular but I guess the kids will love it.

Changi Airport (7) Changi Airport (8)

Changi Airport (10)

I should know. I used to work for a stint at the Airport Catering Centre when I was a student. It was great fun, especially when I found out there was a worm chart. Yes you heard me right. Someone out there tracks the number of worms or creepies that are reportedly discovered in the meals served on board.

Changi Airport (12)

Bet you would not see this in any other airport. Families coming here to enjoy the facilities and have a game of cards.

Changi Airport (11)

To be frank, even I was shocked to see this! This whole family complete with at least 2 kids were camping out here with their sleeping bags! If I were a kid, I would surely find it immensely exciting!!

Xin Wang Cafe

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is right next to the Changi Aviation Gallery. Think it’s open 24 hours so there’s no fear that you’d go hungry. One could literally stay in the Airport for several days and not leave.

Xin Wang Cafe (2)

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For more information on Changi Airport, layout map and directory of shops and eateries, visit the Official Changi Airport Website.

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