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Enjoy first-ever 7th Heaven Gyudon, with 7 different cuts of beef in 1 bowl, only with online platform Saucy

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You may be familiar with donburis, aka Japanese rice bowls comprising of meat, vegetables  and sometimes egg simmered together in a savoury sauce, and piled on top of rice before being served. These are available in numerous Japanese restaurants all over Singapore. However, have you heard of a Gyudon (beef bowl) where the beef is served separately? And not only is the beef served separately, there are a total of 7 different cuts of beef?

Renga Ya (5)

The 7th Heaven Gyudon ($35.90) …showcasing:

  1. Gyu Tongue with Demi Glace Sauce & Whipped Cream
  2. Hokkaido Prime Tataki with Ponzu Jelly
  3. Hokkaido Prime Karubi (Chuck Short Ribs) topped with Kizami Wasabi
  4. Hokkaido Nikomi with Ginger Shoyu
  5. Kagoshima Wagyu Rump with Shoyu Base
  6. Kagoshima Wagyu Shabu with Ponzu & Daikon Oroshi
  7. Beef Maitake Consomme

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What to eat at Chijmes!

After our lunch at Chijmes, we decided to take a walk around the grounds. Some renovations are still on-going, mainly at the cathedral area only, so most of the restaurants and cafes have already been open for business for quite some time. Not much has changed, and rightly so because this is a historic building, but yet Chijmes feels refreshingly different from before. There are a number of new restaurants, as well as a number of old ones.

I would say the courtyard areas are more manicured with lush trees and foliage strategically placed such that you feel as if you are taking a walk in a garden. It kinda feels as if you are taking a stroll in some European park! Also, the single file restaurants have had roofs extended over their outdoor dining areas so rain or scorching sun is less of a worry now.

Prive at Chijmes (5)

I love seeing kids run around outdoors (as opposed to in the malls). This is such a pretty picture, and even after a full meal at Lei Garden next door, I wish I had space to enjoy a drink or something at Prive just so as to be able to relax in this greenery. Thumbs up for how Prive has managed to incorporate nature into their design elements, from the green roof, to the creeping plants surrounding the outdoor area. And of course the large shady trees all around add to the atmosphere. Prive seems to have a knack for choosing “picturesque” locations… you will remember they have another outlet at Keppel Island facing the marina.

Prive at Chijmes (3)

The shady trees I was talking about that make you feel as if you are walking in a park.

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Lei Garden Dim Sum

Years back when I was working in the City Hall area, I used to frequent Lei Garden around once a month, and in particular on birthdays or new joiner celebrations. The big boss was from Hong Kong, and he deemed Lei Garden to be the go to place for good dim sum and double-boiled soups. So I’ve always had a rather good impression of Lei Garden, the food, the ambience, service and decor. There used to be a Lei Garden in Orchard too, but that has since closed down several years ago.

I hadn’t planned on having dim sum as one of my birthday meals, but after the exemplary dim sum tasting portion served at Anti:Dote’s afternoon tea, I just had such an intense craving for dim sum that I had to go the very next day. And since it’s a birthday, it couldn’t be just any old dim sum place, it had to be a good one.

Lei Garden Restaurant at Chijmes

Lei Garden is located in Chijmes, and situated near the courtyard area.

Lei Garden Dim Sum (10)

Are you like me? I absolutely have to order Har Gow and Siew mai whenever I go for Dim Sum. Those are the de-facto, and it just doesn’t seem complete without these 2 stalwarts. Good siew mai should not have too much pork and pork fat, and Lei Garden passed the test here.

Lei Garden Dim Sum (6)

Another must order would be the Char Siew Bao. The baos we tried were so good! So fluffy, with the char siew meat moist, tender and enveloped in the deliciously rich sweet char siew sauce. If only the baos were bigger!

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Japanese Dining SUN

Japanese Dining SUN has been around since 2005 and it is a place that holds special memories for me because I celebrated my 1st Valentine’s Day there! I was young then and enjoyed the romantic evening very much! Since then, I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese Dining SUN, also partly helped along by the fact that one of my friends used to be the manager there.

So I was pretty delighted to be invited for a food tasting to try out their new Kyushu Experience promotion. Japanese Dining SUN (Chjimes) & Sun with Moon (Wheelock Place) is working in partnership with the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry to launch the Kyushu Experience.  The Kyushu Gourmet Experience will introduce not only regional cuisine from the Kyushu prefectures of Miyazaki, Fukuoka, Saga and Oita, but also feature authentic ingredients air-flown in twice weekly especially for this menu, such as Miyazaki Wagyu, Koji Salt, Kyushu Sashimi etc.

The Kyushu Experience will be available from 16th November 2012 to 8th January 2013,

Sun Dining - Sun Goma Salmon (Sliced salmon sashimi served with special soya sauce dip and soft-boiled egg) (2)

Sun Goma Salmon (Sliced salmon sashimi served with special soya sauce dip and soft-boiled egg) $15.80

Oh, another favourite for me, salmon sashimi with soft-boiled egg! The salmon sashimi was fresh tasting, and for $15.80, quite a generous amount of sashimi was provided. To perk up the dish, we were treated to a soft-boiled egg floating in special soya sauce that was on the sweet side. I have to apologise to my fellow diners because I must have grabbed more than 1/2 the egg. You know how I love eggs in most forms (except hard-boiled). Definitely a must order if you’re going to try out the Kyushu Experience!

Sun Dining - Kyushu Sashimi Smoked Moriawase (Smoked sashimi platter of salmon, yellowtail and mackerel dressed in mustard and peppercorn) (2)

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Lei Garden at Chijmes

To make the most of our time before the dreaded office move, we’ve been revisiting all our favourite City Hall area restaurants. One of our favourites has got to be Lei Garden. When I first joined, I was even told that Lei Garden was known as the Office Canteen, such is the frequency that we go there!

Well they did a makeover earlier this year. The decor looks very European, with the big chandeliers and tall mirrors. I like it but some others may find it strange for a Chinese restaurant. The lunch set menu prices are slightly higher, but we got used to it in the end. After tax, it costs about $20/pax for 4. You get a variety of dim sum, vegetables, noodles, and a few other chef choice dishes. According to the Hong Kongers in my office, the experts at Cantonese cuisine, Lei Garden has the best double boiled soup you can get around this area. I think that is probably true, although I would say Royal China isn’t that far off either.

Lei Garden Crystal Dumpling (2)Lei Garden Crystal Dumpling

Crystal dumplings – Translucent skin with diced mushrooms, veges and meat. Very delicious, wish I could have 2 servings!

Lei Garden Fish with fried beancurd skin

Claypot fish with beancurd. The pieces of fish are really chunky. Today I thought it was a little dry. I definitely prefer the cod fish version available at Royal China. It seems Lei Garden used to use Cod fish too but they changed it to this fish.

Lei Garden Peking Duck

Peking duck. Slivers of crispy duck skin wrapped in egg crepe. Definitely not for those on a diet. Interesting they don’t give you the meat to go with the crepe. The meat is used for another dish.

Lei Garden Duck Plum Sauce

Dip the peking duck crepe in this plum sauce. Yummy!

Lei Garden Super Crispy Spring Rolls

Super crispy spring rolls

Lei Garden vegetables and mushrooms

Spinach and Enoki mushroom in flavourful vegetable broth

Lei Garden - Prawn Ee Fu Noodles

Prawns with Ee Fu noodles. I do love Ee Fu noodles. Too bad you can’t get them easily at any food court. They seem to make their appearance mostly in Chinese wedding banquets.

Lei Garden Double Boiled SoupLei Garden Double Boiled Soup ingredients

The double boiled soup. The waitress will dish out the soup for you and place the soup ingredients on a separate dish. I normally just focus on the soup because the meat has had its essence sucked out of it and is usually pretty tough and tasteless by now. The double boiled soup at Lei Garden is damn delicious and comforting and it is always consistently good. And there’s always enough for 2 bowls of it. I like to put a little bit of sliced chilli into my soup. Does anyone out there also do that?

Lei Garden Chilli dip

Chilli for dipping your dim sum morsels.

Lei Garden Live Lobster

Live lobster duty – Been seeing live lobsters and crabs on display for the last few months. The 1st time I realised it was still alive, I felt sickened. It was a crab the 1st time, and I thought it was dead because it was propped up vertically. As I walked past, I saw a gill move. I took a second look and the gills were really moving. I felt so sick I almost fainted. I think it is cruel and disrespectful to display live beings in this way. Yet now I seem to be immune to it already….

Lei Garden Stairs

Stairs to the 2nd floor. Bet you didn’t think that this could be found in a chinese restaurant.

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