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Santi at Marina Bay Sands

If you haven’t already heard the news, Santi, one of Marina Bay Sand’s celebrity restaurants will close for good on 11 March 2012. The news came as a sad shock to me because I had a really wonderful time there last year when the Partner surprised me with a sumptuous dinner at Santi followed by a stay at MBS.

I suppose the thought of whether Santi would ever be around permanently must have crossed the minds of many ever since the passing of chef Santi Santamaria a year ago on 16 February 2011. Still, when Santi the restaurant didn’t close soon after, I began to think it would be around longer. Hence the reason why I delayed this post for so long! So I guess it’s now or never…. I don’t know if they still have space available, but if they do, and if you have spare dough, you really have to give Santi a try by 11 March 2012!

Me at Santi Me and the Partner at Santi. We got a nice seat overlooking the Shoppes.

For me, Santi was a wonderful experience right from the minute I stepped into the restaurant. Absolutely love the rustic decor, with the reddish grey bricks and wooden floor. You know how it is when you enter an expensive and high class restaurant. You feel like you have to watch your every move in case you do something that’s against the fine dining etiquette. I liked it that dining at Santi didn’t give me that kind of feeling. It was pretty relaxing, and the staff were not snooty at all. On the contrary, they were ever ready to accommodate any request, to the extent that after presenting you with the menu, they would ask you if you need any ingredients to be substituted out.

The meal itself was undoubtedly an expensive affair. A main course costs $90. A starter also costs about $90. However, the restaurant surprised us with quite a number of extra dishes, or amuse bouche if you will. Even a small dessert was thrown in. So for the $$$ spent, it does still feel like value for money. It’s too bad they are closing in one week, I would have liked to go again!

Forgive me if I am unable to name the dishes or provide a better description of the taste, it was 5 months ago! I don’t know why I procrastinated so long. I guess I do know why. I wanted to write a perfect piece, to commemorate a perfect dinner.

Santi (2) Selection of crusty breads to choose from. You can have as much as you want. I liked the olive and onion bread a lot. All the waiters looked so spiffy. I wonder where they will go to next.

Santi - Foaming SquidBaby Calamari starter $70 – We ordered this starter to share. The service was so good that the restaurant halved the dish for us without us even asking.

Santi - Duck Breast Duck breast, or was it thigh? – One of the amuse bouche Santi offered to us. The meat was so tender and flavourful, which increased our expectations on the main courses!

Santi (6)Ok I have no idea what this was….Some gaspacho I think. But I’m sure it was good.

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Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino Singapore

Italiannies has CLOSED DOWN in Singapore!

Everybody’s talking about Italiannies. Okay maybe it’s just me. In the last few weeks, I kept coming across the name Italiannies. At first it was just an ad, quite a nice ad too, of a girl slurping noodles. Then without warning, practically every magazine I picked up had a short feature on Italiannies.

To be frank, the 1st time I saw that name, I thought “this must be some really casual and trying to pass off as authentic Italian place”. Blame it on the “ies”. It makes names sound more kiddyish, no?

Anyway, I checked out the Italiannies Singapore website, and it looks really good. It is one heck of a colourful website! The marketing team must be doing their job well! Can’t wait to go. Especially since I am in a pasta mood lately… courtesy of Sapore Italiano and the tagliatelle from Brasserie Wolf (strictly speaking, a French restaurant). They’ve only just opened in Singapore but I believe they already have a restaurant in Malaysia for a few years.

See below the pictures taken from their website.

imageThe restaurant interior

imageThe cool ad of the girl slurping up the noodles

Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino

#01-02, TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
tel: +65 6736 4211
operational hours:
Sunday – Thursday : 10am – 11pm
Friday – Saturday : 10am – 12mn

Restaurant Ten at Purvis Street

**Either Closed Down for good or under renovation. Their website and Facebook are down too. Will update when I have more info**

Row of Shophouses where Restaurant Ten is

We had originally wanted to go to Garibaldi’s on Friday but we hadn’t made a reservation, so it was no surprise when we got there that it was full for the day. We fretted for a few seconds as to where to have dinner next and spotted a really brightly lit shop directly across Garibaldi’s. It was so bright, and the entire shopfront was glass, that for a moment, I’d wondered if it might be a furniture store.

So we hopped across the narrow Purvis Street and to our delight, it was indeed a restaurant, a Chinese Restaurant, the new kid on the block. Restaurant Ten. Very interesting name.  I remember the previous place, Limon, which closed down several months back. Apparently, Restaurant Ten is new only in name and location. It used to be known as Metropole Herbal Restaurant located in Clarke Quay.

Anyway we were game to try out Restaurant Ten as it was new to us. The ground floor had only seats for large groups, so the manager ushered us upstairs to the second floor. The place was very nicely furnished, and it exuded a stylish upper-class vibe. We were served a complementary “health” drink each, which was a cranberry tasting reddish coloured liquid in a narrow and tiny sipping glass. They had some really interesting dishes on the menu. Too bad it was just me and the Partner, or we could have tried out more dishes.  In the end, we decided upon an appetiser of Fried Eggwhites and dried scallop in Potato Nest, Sauteed Mushrooms with garlic, Braised Cod Fish, Fried rice with baby prawns and fried butterfly buns.

Fried Egg whites in potato mesh basket

Fried Eggwhites and dried scallop in potato nest. These were absolutely heavenly!  Kudos to them for transforming something as bland as eggwhite into something so delicious. And together with the potato mesh, it was like a match made in heaven. I had to exercise alot of willpower in order to save half a portion for the Partner! It’s a wonder we don’t find this simple looking dish more often in other Chinese restaurants. The waitress told me to add some of the apple vinegar to enhance the taste, but I didn’t because it was so good as it was that I didn’t want to risk having to lose any bit of that egg in case I didn’t like the apple vinegar.

Sauteed mushrooms in lettuce bed

The sauteed mushrooms were also very delicious, although a little less salt and oil would have made it perfect.

Braised cod in special sauce

Braised cod. Once again, extremely delicious, flaky and rich to the taste. Now, I am very fussy with fish, and many a times, a fish is ruined in my eyes if it is just a tad overcooked. Thankfully, not this time.

Fried Rice with shrimps

All the previous items had been served in small and dainty dishes, so when the fried rice arrived, we were quite taken aback at the size of the portion. But on second thoughts, this is the usual amount of fried rice that is served in the usual Chinese restaurants. Taste wise, nothing to complain about. We polished off the entire serving in the end.

Fried Butterfly buns (Mantou)

I really wanted to see what the butterfly buns were like even though I didn’t really need them. The Partner is very particular about us (me) not over ordering lest  he has to endure more “I’m so fat” comments. They come in steamed versions as well as fried versions. I chose the fried version, and I must say, the colour seems a bit off, but trust me, 100 marks to the taste. Buns crispy on the outside, and so fluffy on the inside. I polished off 2 and left the Partner with only 1.  We saw the steamed version too as they’d forgotten we wanted them fried instead of steamed. The steamed version looks better as the buns retain their individual colour (pink, green and yellow I think), but I don’t know about the taste.

On the whole, it was a very satisfying meal and I definitely want to try out more of the other dishes the next time, especially the braised pork / Dong Po pork in bun. I tried my 1st ever Dong Po pork in Shanghai more than 5 years ago. It was so delicious, I have never forgotten it  in all this years! And since then I’ve hardly come across any restaurants serving this dish, and I’m really keen to see if Restaurant Ten can whip up Dong Po pork like how I remember it to be.

Restaurant Ten Facade with cute lampsHere are a few pictures I took during the day time of the facade of Restaurant Ten several weeks later. I really like the colourful lamps hanging from the ceiling. So you see, not all Chinese restaurants are fuddy duddy looking. Some Chinese restaurants can be cool looking too.

Row of shophouses along Purvis Street

Restaurant Ten

7 Purvis Street #01-01

Singapore 188586

Telephone: 63339901

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