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Shima Restaurant at Goodwood Park

I love going to Goodwood Park Hotel. It exudes a nostalgia of bygone eras and was also one of the hotels I was seriously considering as a venue for my wedding. So it was without hesitation that I accepted the invitation to check out the newly renovated Shima Restaurant. In case this sounds familiar, yes Shima Restaurant has been around since 1980! It is in fact Singapore’s first fine-dining Teppanyaki restaurant.

The restaurant was previously opened by Katsuhiro Watanabe, a former Singapore resident who has since retired and back in Japan. Last year, JR Foods bought over Shima Restaurant, hence the facelift, which now sees Shima Restaurant downsizing from a double storey restaurant to a single storey one. To be frank, I didn’t know about the existence of Shima Restaurant until the invite. Apparently my parents have dined at Shima once more than 10 years ago, and spent a bomb there! Come to think of it, Goodwood Park has TWO Japanese restaurants, the other one being Tatsuya.

Shima Restaurant - 4 Kinds of Sashimi Moriawase $45

4 Kinds of Sashimi Moriawase (Maguro, Tai, Yellowtail and Salmon) $45

We were there to check out the Sukiyaki set, although we did get a chance to sample the sashimi and teppanyaki as well. First up, the sashimi moriawase set, that had all the bloggers oohing and ahhhing at the voluptuous slices of raw fish. You can really taste the freshness in the fish, in addition to the more pronounced and slightly sweeter flavours. Those salmon sashimi slices were hands down, my favourite item of the evening. If only I didn’t have to share this with 2 other bloggers!

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Arossa Wine & Grill

I haven’t had many opportunities to visit Scott’s Square, one of the newest kids on the block along Scotts Road so I was sure glad to be given the opportunity to review Arossa Wine & Grill. If this place sounds or looks vaguely familiar, that’s because they did a revamp of the restaurant and had a change of name from La Luna Rossa to Arossa Wine & Grill. The wooden floors and brick walls have been retained to exude the rustic charm.

Arossa Wine & Grill (2)

Pricing wise, Arossa caters mainly to the business crowd, what with the table cloths and wine glasses. Strangely though, there are attempts to appeal to the masses by doing away with napkins and also serving brunch on the weekends.

Arossa - Charcuterie of Pate de Campagne, Foie Gras Terrine, Proscuitto $32 (2)Charcuterie of Pate de Campagne, Foie Gras Terrine, Prosciutto $32

We started off our meal with this mouth-watering plate of chacuterie. Seeing slivers of ham, pate and terrines never fails to lift my mood up. It’s also a very good way to distract customers while they wait for the mains to be prepared. I particularly liked the Foie Gras Terrine, which went really well with the complimentary bread. Had to control myself or I would have eaten more and had no space for the mains. The Pate de Campagne was also quite interesting as it had nutty bits in it, something that is not too common.

Arossa - Pan Fried foie Gras with Caramelized Apple $30 (2)

Pan Fried foie Gras with Caramelized Apple $30

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Will be getting married at 4 Seasons Hotel. On the day that we signed the contract, we were treated to a lovely meal at One-Ninety Restaurant. We were too busy discussing the contract details hence I didn’t even realise that I hadn’t noted down the menu prices. Heck, I’ve also forgotten exactly what we ate, given that this all happened more than half a year ago. Still, I don’t want to waste the nice pictures I’ve taken so this shall be a pictorial review!

OneNinety - Chocolate Cake

4 Seasons Signature chocolate cake! Costs about $10 and is decadent like hell! A normal human would not be able to finish this piece so it’s best to share. Love the intense and heavy chocolate fudge on top, with a thick and crispy granola base. I don’t even think there’s any sponge cake in this chocolate on a plate!

OneNinety - Chocolate Gelato

This chocolate ice cream $15 is another good choice to order if you’re hankering after something chocolaty and sweet. The ice cream is deeply chocolaty, aided by generous amounts of chocolate fudge and crispy cocopop bits. You know what, for my wedding day, AFTER the wedding, I’m going to order myself this chocolate ice cream and just relaxxxxx after the excitement of the day.

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Wooloomooloo Steakhouse

I hadn’t been to a steakhouse in a while so I was really pleased to receive an invitation from Wooloomooloo/Sixth Sense Communications to come sample the latest steakhouse in town named after the Australian town of Woolloomooloo in Sydney.

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, an independent group of celebrated premium steakhouses from Hong Kong, comprises of 300sq ft of wining and dining space. Premium steaks, Australian-inspired offerings, as well as an outstanding range of wines and cocktails can be found at Wooloomooloo. The restaurant touts itself to be comparable to other steakhouses like Mortons and Cut.

Wooloomooloo - (15)Wooloomooloo Steakhouse Lounge Bali Suar Wood Table   view 2

The restaurant is really stylish and you can’t help feeling like you’re in for a treat the minute you step into the restaurant. Apart from the elegant furnishings and leather upholstered seats, the restaurant is also decorated with neat wood piles – a design synonymous with all Wooloomooloo restaurants.

BTW, the restaurant and bar offer a fantastic view of the F1 race track. Unfortunately, Wooloomooloo is completely booked for this year’s F1 races. Better luck next year. Or you could try catching the fireworks here too.

Wooloomooloo - (7)

Wooloomooloo - (11)

Wooloomooloo - (28)

Our dining area for the evening was in a semi-private area. Quite like the semi-private area as it makes you feel like nobody can see you, even though they can if they choose to walk past. Private rooms tend to be very cramped and dark, which may be claustrophobic to some. The downside is that you can still hear the noise coming from the patrons in the restaurant.


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The Prime Society

I was sieving through my old photos and I realised I haven’t written about my birthday dinner! I might have mentioned before that I like to celebrate my whole birthday month, and not just the birthDAY itself. I like to space out all the treats so as to maximise the enjoyment and anticipation. I mean won’t you agree that the birthDay is just 1 day only, and one day is just too short to fully celebrate? In fact, come to think of it, the Partner still owes me a treat to Waku Ghin! I’d postponed it after already celebrating my birthday a few times that week, plus a few media tastings I had to contend with. I think now is a good time to remind him that a trip to Waku Ghin is in order….

Most of the time, as I can imagine would be the case with other food bloggers, I am the one tasked with the job of finding new restaurants to whet our appetites. It’s an arduous task actually, for it’s not a matter of just listing out the top restaurants. There are criteria to be fulfilled, such as location, ambience, the availability of a particular dish, pricing, and the like. If you can’t do it fast enough, your intelligence is questioned. Should the restaurant fail to live up to expectations, rest assured you will hear about it as if you owned the restaurant. But more on that another day.

For my birthday, the Partner actually managed to rustle up the idea of going to Prime Society. Very good job, it was a very enjoyable evening and the steaks were excellent. Ah well, at least he knew he would like the place, he’s a steak person!

It’s always a bit of a bother going to Dempsey Hill if you aren’t driving, but this time it was well worth the effort. I liked Prime Society the minute I entered it. It has this European kind of decor, with the brick columns, tall ceiling, mini chandeliers and murals of battle soldiers. In fact, you’re expected to think of yourself as hailing from an upper class society, if not from royalty itself. Check out these commandments, and you’ll know what I mean!

The food was EXCELLENT, and if you’re looking for a higher end steak place without the higher end $$$, Prime Society is the place to go.

Prime Society - CommandmentsThou shalt not have a vegetarian friend!! Certainly, it would be best to leave the vegetarians and pescetarians at home when coming to the Prime Society. Okay, they have a Barramundi if you must, but that’s really about all there is for non-meat eaters. Other than the pesky pescetarians (my father is one), I believe I fulfil the rest of the commandments. 🙂

Prime Society - (2) Picture of the bar area

Prime Society - Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16 (2)

Prime Society - Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16 (5) Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16

What can I say, it’s bone marrow. Super delicious and super sinful! The texture of bone marrow is like that of fat, without any gristly bits getting in the way. It’s soft and voluptuous, each mouthful sliding down your throat so easily. Be careful about eating too much of it, it’s definitely meant to be shared! The lemon helped to cut a bit of the greasiness, but really, 2 or 3 mouthfuls of the stuff is more than enough to start making you satiated! If I have any complaints, it’s that there’

Prime Society - Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16 Come on, you know you want some!

Prime Society - 100% Natural Pasture Fed Black Angus Rib Eye 220g from North Western Tasmania $44 100% Natural Pasture Fed Black Angus Rib Eye 220g from North Western Tasmania $44

The Partner ordered this. Where possible, he always opts for the Pasture/Free Range options rather than the Grain Fed cattle as it is a healthier and more flavourful choice. We always go for medium rare and this steak was cooked just right. The steak was tender while retaining a nice bite. It was flavourful and moist. The specks of salt on the top was more for garnishing as the steak tasted perfect the way it came. As this steak arrived first, I had the opportunity to steal a few bites and I was almost worried that I should have ordered this instead!

Prime Society - Wagyu Tri-Tip (3) Wagyu Tri-Tip $50

When my steak arrived, I had absolutely no regrets at all. This is hands down, the most tasty, juicy, fattening, flavourful, delicious, divine, SUBLIME piece of steak I have ever eaten to date! This steak wasn’t in the menu, but the manager recommended it to us as they had some stock. Until then, I’d never even heard of Tri-Tip, but I realise now it is the bottom Sirloin, and there’s only a bit from each cow. It was only 150gm, and I thought I would not be full, but the manager assured us that because Wagyu Tri-Tip is quite fattening, 150gm would be more than enough! And he was definitely right. I was a little worried about the fat that I was ingesting. Okay fine who am I kidding, despite the fears I still finished the entire steak. I wouldn’t have ordered the Bone Marrow in this case, because that’s really too much greasiness in the appetiser and the mains.

It’s interesting why the manager offered the Tri-Tip so hesitantly. Did he think that it would be some exotic flavour that I would not be used to? Well I can safely say it should be made a PERMANENT feature in the menu!

Prime Society - Wagyu Tri-Tip Mmmmm…..MEAT. Really, a work of art.

Towards the end, I have to admit the greasiness got to me so more pieces of lemon would have been appreciated.

Prime Society - Seasonal Vegetables $7 Seasonal Vegetables $7

A tuft of vegetables is provided with the steak, but that’s hardly enough to meet your daily fibre requirements so we ordered a serving of seasonal vegetables. I never like having to order additional vegetables. I feel they should be provided with the main course! I feel they are surreptitiously trying to make the steaks look cheaper when they are not. I know Mortons does this, and a few other places as well and I don’t like it. It’s kind of like the same feeling you get when restaurants charge you for plain water.

Prime Society - (20)  The open concept kitchen at Prime Society

Prime Society - (22) Prime Society - (18)

The Prime Society

10 Dempsey Road #01-20, Singapore, Singapore 247700

Mon – Wed : 6:00 pm-10:30 pm

Thu – Fri : 12:00 pm-3:00 pm   ; 6:00 pm-10:30 pm

Sat – Sun : 9:30 am-2:00 pm  ;  6:00 pm-10:30 pm

Telephone : 6474 7427

The Prime Society Website : 

The Prime Society Menu :

The Prime Society Facebook :

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