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Marmalade Pantry at the Stables Revisited

After the wonderful Valentine’s Day Dinner at Marmalade Pantry at the Stables in Bukit Timah, I was privileged to be invited again to sample Marmalade Pantry’s more popular dishes, as well as the dishes that are only available at this outlet and not at Orchard ION.

If you have the time, do visit Pantry at the Stables during the day as you would be able to better appreciate its unique dining location surrounded lush greenery which surrounds the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. Night time is also good if you are looking for a romantic evening. I will warn you in advance that it is really pitch dark beyond the restaurant area, so it is not possible to walk out unless you feel extremely brave. Hmm, the lack of light might actually make this a good place to catch some of Singapore’s night sky.

It was a nice quiet evening for me, Wilson of and Melissa of We got to sample a great many dishes and it was a wonder how we even managed to stumble out the restaurant.

I always end up posting desserts last if I’m doing the post in chronological order, but I think I’ll give the desserts some airtime today because the cupcakes are just so pretty!

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables - Pretty Cupcakes! (2)

Don’t you think the cupcakes look so luscious??? My favourite has always been the Hazelnut chocolate cupcake, which is the one on the top right. If you’re a fan of Nutella you would love it! The nice thing about Marmalade Pantry’s cupcakes are that the frosting is pretty thick and flat, which makes for easy eating. I don’t really fancy those with sky-high frosting as it just seems a little hard to eat and most times you try to lick the cream off first anyway to avoid having any land on your nose.

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables - (11)

A creamy one which I didn’t try, but it does look so pretty though!

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables - Pretty Cupcakes!

This is the Elvis Cupcake, which is banana cake with a peanut butter frosting.

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables - Red Velvet Cupcake ($4.50)

A favourite for many ladies, the Red Velvet cupcake. The redness comes from beetroot juice that is used. Marmalade Pantry at the Stables - (2)

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Marriott Hotel – Riot of good food!

Singapore Marriott Hotel has completed a S$35m refurbishment, one of the most extensive projects of its kind in the Hotel’s 17 year history in Singapore. You will remember that before the Marriott Hotel, it was formerly the Dynasty Hotel.  Apart from the overhaul of all guest rooms, the once traditional hotel lobby has been converted into a welcoming open plan zone while Marriott Cafe boasts a sophisticated new ambience, extended seating and open kitchen block. A brand new F&B concept, Java+, has also been added.

I was lucky to be invited to check out all the restaurants in Marriott Hotel. It’s interesting to know that I have not eaten in Marriott Hotel for more than 10 years! I vaguely remember that I tried out the Marriott Cafe, and Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant too. For some reason, despite my love for trying out hotel restaurants and new restaurants in general, I’ve always bypassed Marriott. Perhaps the Crossroads Cafe on the ground floor facing the streets always looks so full of tired Caucasians that I’ve never felt an urge to dine there. Also because it was not air-conditioned. But after this food trail, I’m glad to announce that Marriott Hotel has more than just the Crossroads Cafe. It also has the air-conditioned Marriott Cafe, yes right behind to the Crossroads Cafe. Anyway, enough talk, and on to the actual Marriott Hotel Restaurant Trail!

Marriott Hotel Restaurants

There are 5 restaurants in Marriott Hotel:-

  • Java+ – Takeaways, Sandwiches, Tapas
  • Marriott Cafe – Buffet buffet buffet
  • Crossroads Cafe
  • Pool Grill – Chic al fresco restaurant
  • Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

First stop, Java+! Java+ is a premium retail deli outlet and offers a selection of premium cured meats, cheeses alongside homemade cakes freshly-baked breads, sandwiches, salads and quiches. If you’re in the vicinity during lunch time and want a quick bite, you can grab a sandwich for $9.50 or a salad for about $8. Tapas are also available for those who wish to linger longer.

Marriott Hotel - Java  (2)

Marriott Hotel - Java  (3)

Marriott Hotel - Java  (4)

These 2 tapas were fantastic. The above one was a cheese and quince tapas. The sweetness of the quince went very well with the tartness of the cheese. The lower photo is that of a ratatouille tapas. I was amazed by the rich flavours of the ratatouille and to be frank, I’ve never actually been a big fan of ratatouille because of the strong tomato base. However, I was told by Marriott Executive Chef Kevin Thomson that if you cook the ratatouille ingredients individually, as they do so at Marriott, you would be able to taste the other vegetables that go into the ratatouille, and not just be overwhelmed by tomato. Fantastic, I will never look at ratatouille the same way again!

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Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub

Hands up how many of you out there think of Pubs as a place to merely have a drink? Did you know that they can be good places to get good meal too? I recently checked out Molly Roffey, an Irish Pub chain with 3 pubs. The one I visited was in Bras Basah while the other 2 are in Market Street and another upcoming location. This wasn’t the 1st time I’d been to Molly Roffey. In fact, I’d been once before roughly one year ago, for dinner. Never got round to blogging about it so I’m quite happy for a second opportunity!

Even though I’ve been to several Irish Pubs in Singapore over the years, I still found it quite amazing to be served proper restaurant food with nice cutlery. The dishes served didn’t look like what you would expect of “Pub Grub”. And best of all, the prices are really reasonable!

Molly Roffey - Chicken Caesar Salad- $9.80

Chicken Caesar Salad- $9.80

Tasty. Lettuce was very crisp and the salad had just enough dressing not to be an over kill.

Molly Roffey -Irish Salad with Packham Pear- $11.80

Irish Salad with Packham Pear- $11.80

This was a very interesting salad. You have to try the blue cheese on top of the sweet pear!

Molly Roffey -  Mushroom Medley Pizza- $13.80

 Mushroom Medley Pizza- $13.80

This was very very very very delicious! I really wasn’t expecting to find such a delicious tasting pizza here because I normally only like pizzas from authentic Italian restaurants! This pizza had a rather crispy base, but not as crispy as that of Skinny Pizza. The toppings were the highlight. I don’t know what went into the mushroom medley, but it tasted so fragrant and heavenly. I will definitely order this when I’m back at Molly Roffey again! This is a MUST ORDER guys!

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The Gourmet Bakery Cafe

Today, I finally did something I hadn’t done in 4 months. I dragged myself to the gym. Technically speaking, I’ve set foot into Fitness First a number of times in those 4 months, but it was always to use the pool. Today was a momentous occasion, I finally hit the machines. To proof how rusty I was, I clean forgot to take my mp3 player with me, and I forgot to get the free workout clothes and had to turn back for them.

A colleague once sent me an article which I found to be very useful. You can read the full article here. To cut the gist, the article says that you shouldn’t set goals. You should set systems instead. Have a system in place that will eventually help you reach your goals.

Today, I brought my gym gear out. However, after the heavy media tasting at Bay Hotel and a looming headache, I was just about ready to hop into a taxi so as to reach my bed earlier. But thanks to what I learnt in the article, I told myself that I have to at least make it to the cafe next to the gym. After I’ve had my coffee at the cafe, if I still don’t feel up to it, I can allow myself to go home. Turns out that once I’d completed the half hour journey to the cafe, it was easy peasy to just pop into the gym after the coffee. So I think I know what I’m going to do from now on. I’m going to trick myself into going to the gym by going to the cafe! How having those milky coffees is going to help me lose weight is another story, but one step at a time folks!

So I guess what’s left of this post is to post about the cafe itself right?

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (2)

This is the Gourmet Bakery Cafe, tucked in a very secluded corner of Millenia Walk. It’s actually next to the Promenade MRT entrance, but few people use that station during off-peak hours, so the traffic flow isn’t that great. Fitness First is just 1 escalator up. Interestingly, Fitness First has its own little drink area with magazines too. While it’s nice to have it, I’ve always wondered about the purpose of providing sprite and coke there. Kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gym right?

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (3)

I only had a Cafe Mocha $5.50. It was pretty okay. Coffee was rather substantial so I didn’t manage to finish it. I enjoyed the peaceful half hour I had there. They have a few magazines for you to while away the time if necessary, but no girly magazines as you can see from the picture above.

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (5)

Other than drinks, they do mainly sandwiches, wraps and salads.

The Gourmet Bakery Cafe The Gourmet Bakery Cafe (4)

That’s all folks! Shall blog more about The Gourmet Bakery Cafe if I make it to the gym again! OMG I just realised they have a 10% discount for Fitness First members if you order food! Hahaha luckily I only ordered coffee or I would have missed out on the discount!


The Gourmet Bakery . Cafe

9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco Stall P1-11/12, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 8952, Fax: 6338 8582

The Gourmet Bakery

9 Raffles Place
#B1-05, Republic Plaza
Singapore 048619
Tel: 6534 5037

Grand Salads Bistro

*Invited Session*

Just before my Norway trip, I received an invitation to check out Grand Salads Bistro. It’s not often that you find a cafe touting healthy food so I was really excited to know about the existence of this place. Grand Salads Bistro is located in the Buona Vista area. Have you heard of Fusionopolis? Well Grand Salads Bistro is located at the Solaris building, which is an extension of Fusionopolis. It’s near the one-north MRT station.

If you think that Grand Salads Bistro sounds familiar, it’s because of the Grand Salads bars located in Suntec City and AXA Tower, all owned by the petite and soft-spoken Israeli Michelle Kanner. Grand Salads Bistro offers salads and sandwiches on weekdays to the lunch time office crowd. However, on the weekends, which was when we were there, the bistro focuses on brunch/lunch items.

The brunch menu isn’t very extensive but we managed to each find something that we liked. The food is prepared by Michelle herself together with her helpers. The portions aren’t large, big eaters may need to order side dishes to share. You won’t find any deep fried food or oily food here. The dishes don’t make you feel like you’ve sinned. Instead, you get the light hearted feeling that you’ve done something good for your health for once.

Grand Salads Bistro - (3)  .Grand Salads Bistro

I really really really love the decor of Grand Salads Bistro. It looks like some New York styled deli! The place is bright and the high ceiling gives the feeling of great spaciousness. It helps that the bistro overlooks a lot of green shrubs.

Grand Salads Bistro - Cappucino and Latte

One latte and one flat white $4.90 – Nice coffee that came with a biscotti each

Grand Salads Bistro - Anti-Pasties Platter Set B

Bite selection of Mini Sandwiches, Veg & Dip, Quiche and Olives $12.90 – Love the vegetable quiche. We were thinking of whether to order a quiche on its own or via this platter here and quite regretted not getting a bigger quiche even though the accompaniments were tasty. I think most Singaporeans would not be accustomed to eating olives, prunes and chickpea puree aka hummus for breakfast, but it is a refreshing change. I love olives dearly, and I can’t understand why the Partner doesn’t, even though he loves olive oil. But whatever he doesn’t like, is a extra bonus into my mouth. Yes that little bowl there is a bowl of garlic. We polished it off wholesale.

Grand Salads Bistro - Buenos Dias

Buenos Dias (Mexican Breakfast) $12.90 – Traditional Mexican omelette with tomato, mushroom, onion, peppers and cheese, with premium veal sausage. The veal sausage we were told was organic and imported from New Zealand. You can’t find this sausage in Jason’s supermarket! Really tasty, juicy and cooked with just a tinge of char. Grand Salads Bistro should consider having a sausage dish on its own! Omelette was also nice and light tasting with all the diced veggies in it.

Grand Salads Bistro - Homemade Fruit Pickle

Michelle’s really into making her own fruit chutney. I can’t remember what they all are, I think grapefruit was one of them, and of course the garlic in the jar on the right. If you’re nice, she might just give you some to try!

Grand Salads Bistro - Pickled Grapefruit

You either like it or you don’t! I loved it, sour zing and all!

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