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Pet friendly Sun Ray Cafe

If you’re living in the Serangoon area, you may be delighted to know that Sun Ray Cafe there welcomes furry guests. Although I presently do not own a dog or a cat, I can well sympathise with pet owners who find it really difficult to travel around with their pets in Singapore, much less find a place to dine with them. While I was in France last week, I was amazed to know that dogs are pretty much allowed anywhere! In the TGV train ride from Lyon to Paris, a dog was snoozing on the train table diagonally from me! No need to leash your dog or hide it in a doggie carrier! I don’t think we’ll be seeing that fairly soon in Singapore, but at least the pet-cafe scene seems to be hotting up.

Sunray Cafe - (27)

Sunray Cafe - (33)

A doggie perusing the daily specials while propping up the owner’s iPad.

Dave Lim (1)

At first glance, Sun Ray Cafe may not look like the typical place to get good 3rd wave coffee. After all, when the place was furnished a few years ago, Sun Ray’s focus was more on food. Now that they’ve gotten the food aspect on cruise control, their next goal is to get the word out that great coffee can be synonymous with Sun Ray Cafe.

In terms of certifications, they have it all as you can see from the picture above. That’s Dave Lim, the owner of Sun Ray Cafe.

Sunray Cafe - Cafe Latte $4

Sunray Cafe - Latte Art (2)

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River Palace Chinese Restaurant at Riverview Hotel

Haven’t posted about dining at a Chinese Restaurant in a long time, so I thought this would be a good time to post about River Palace Chinese Restaurant, lest you readers out there think that I only eat potato!

I haven’t dined in a posh looking Chinese restaurant for a while so it was quite nice to be invited by Riverview Hotel to sample their new Chinese menu last month.

River Palace Chinese Restaurant (3)

I like the decor of the place. It looks suitably Chinese, without being too Cheena, if you know what I mean.

River Palace Chinese Restaurant - Pan Fried Pork Chop in Mongolia Style (2)

Pan Fried Pork Chop in Mongolia Style $18

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Crystal Jade Dining IN Dim Sum

When it comes to Dim Sum, the Parents have probably tried more places than I have in the last few months. They have been secretly dining out without inviting me, on the pretext that I was too busy with my own programme. What kind of an explanation is that?? My programme is always flexible when free food is involved. Yeah they knew they were on shaky ground, so a reservation was quickly made at their latest discovery, aka Crystal Jade Dining IN at Vivocity.

I was initially surprised that they would suggest Crystal Jade. Although I had a good dim sum meal at one of the casual Crystal Jade restaurants several years ago, I just didn’t associate Crystal Jade (a really affordable restaurant) with good dim sum. I forget that Crystal Jade has so many outlets ranging from cheap to premium. Crystal Jade Dining IN is of course one of their premium restaurants.

I love this Vivocity outlet. Not only do you get a view of Sentosa, the natural light coming in makes for great food photography! The staff are really attentive and will not hesitate to fill up your cup with tea the instance it is empty. We were sitting at the lower tier, nearest the glass walls, and because of the tiered seating, we didn’t realise that the restaurant was totally full during lunch, it was that cosy.

Crystal Jade Dining IN - Chinese Tea (2)

Believe we ordered Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha) tea, The tea is a little light because I was too hasty in pouring it out.

Crystal Jade Dining IN - Dim Sum Dishes (2)

I haven’t caught on to the Tapas fad, but small bites in the form of Dim Sum is okay for me. I wonder why.

Crystal Jade Dining IN - Pumpkin soup with Seafood $12 Pumpkin soup with Seafood $12

I thought my parents were joking when they said they were going to order pumpkin soup. I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin, and much less pumpkin soup, which I expected to be a thick puree of pumpkin. Thankfully, it wasn’t and it was a really good recommendation too. There wasn’t a strong pumpkin taste actually. It lent itself in the colour of the soup, the smooth/slightly thick texture and sweet flavour. I loved the diced vegetables and seafood in the soup. I like my soups to have something to bite into, and not just be pure liquid.

Crystal Jade Dining IN - Char Siew Bao aka Steamed B.B.Q Pork with Honey Bun $4.20 Char Siew Bao aka Steamed B.B.Q Pork with Honey Bun $4.20

I found this to be delicious at first bite, with the sweetness of the BBQ pork being just right. The pork was also firm and I did not detect fatty bits, which to me is a sign of a cheap quality bun. Towards the end, I did feel like there was a sort of off flavour in the pork, which made me wonder if the pork was not fresh.

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Boathouse and [prelude] Singapore

This is my final entry for Restaurant Week March 2012. After an extremely memorable Monday evening at St Regis’s Brasserie Les Saveurs, it was with high expectations when the Partner and I visited Boathouse opposite Fullerton Hotel.

The 1st thing I did when presented with the menu was to check if Tea & Coffee were included, cuz my friend and I forgot about the coffee at St Regis! Alas, the lunch menu at Boathouse didn’t include beverages, or it would be funny if we missed it again the 2nd time.

Actually, I already knew the menu before hand as I’d browsed through quite a number of restaurants before settling on the Boathouse. Also, that Valhrona chocolate bar dessert was just calling out to me you know. I’d also been to the rooftop aka [prelude] for a networking event, and that was a very nice experience. It was night and the view of Marina Bay Sands was superb! I was more interested in the green laser beams flashing out than whichever director of whichever oil firm I was talking to.

Boathouse Here’s a picture of the restaurant, housed within a 1919 heritage building. It’s quite small actually. This is about 40% of the restaurant already. Where we were sitting, the air conditioning was extremely strong, such that the plant leaves were swaying. I was okay with that for once after the hot trek from One Fullerton.

Boathouse Restaurant Week March 2012 Lunch Menu $35 restaurant week lunch menu. The Partner and I ordered different things so we managed to cover all the items on the menu.

Boathouse - Petuna Ocean Trout with celery root remoulade, sauce rouilleCured Petuna Ocean Trout with celery root remoulade

First up, this fantastic cured Petuna Ocean Trout with celery root remoulade. A nice smoky and not overly salty flavour, every bite of the firm fish was a pleasure. I thought it tasted quite similar to smoked salmon, but most of the time, smoked salmon comes in thin slices. I like it that this ocean trout came in a thick slice to better enjoy the firm bite.

Boathouse - Fine smoothie of cauliflower mushroom & leek fricasse, perfume of truffleFine smoothie of cauliflower mushroom & leek fricasse with added perfume of truffle.

I have to say if I hadn’t eaten the ocean trout, this soup would have been pretty tasty. But because trout was so good, it became a case of me hankering over what the other person ordered. The 1st few mouthfuls were tasty. It was a thick and rich soup, almost as if you were eating finely pureed mushrooms. But then the richness got to me after a while, especially with the truffle oil. Definitely a soup for sharing, if you order this ala carte.

Boathouse - Atlantic Sea Bass with potato fricasse and asparagus Atlantic Sea Bass with potato fricassee and asparagus

Ordered by the Partner. I didn’t try it as I don’t like snapper. The Partner proclaimed it to be an enjoyable dish and didn’t regret what he ordered.

Boathouse - Braised brisket of beef with potato chausson, glazed roots, cauliflower cremeaux Braised brisket of beef with potato chausson, glazed roots, cauliflower cremeaux.

Alas, I once again didn’t enjoy the dish that I ordered.  You know the beef brisket noodles that you order at Chinese restaurants such as Crystal Jade? I was kind of expecting that kind of soft, melt in the mouth beef brisket! This one was tough and stringy! The Partner, who has a PHD in Meatology said that the beef brisket tasted exactly like it should and was very well done, as in well cooked! Too bad he was eating snapper, if not I would have swapped dishes! Well I guess I know not to order beef brisket in Western restaurants anymore.

Boathouse - Valhrona chocoalte bar with vanilla bean ice creamValhrona chocolate bar with vanilla bean ice cream

At last, something I did like! The vanilla bean ice cream was absolutely heavenly. I was busy scooping it into my mouth as fast as possible as it was melting so fast. So creamy tasting. Superb. The chocolate bar was also very nice, although it was pretty one dimensional. Refer back to Laurent Bernard’s Chocolate and Banana Cake and you’ll know what I mean when I say this one is one dimensional.

Boathouse - Selection of sorbet & ice cream (2) Selection of sorbet & ice cream

The Partner’s dessert to end off his meal.

One grouse I had which bugged me the entire meal was that I felt that the staff were too quick in bringing us our dishes. Haha like yeah right, that is a problem? Well you see I know that they had another sitting, and we were there for the earlier sitting. So although the staff never openly asked us to hurry up except for when they brought us the bill without us asking for it, the fact that each dish was served so quickly barely after the plates had been cleared made me feel like they were rushing us. I wanted to have a 3 hour meal like what I did at St Regis, but we scooted out of the restaurant after only ONE HOUR! The amazing thing is that the Partner thinks that the service is great because they were so prompt. Sheesh man, am I asking for too much? This is the Boathouse after all, not the local cafe. I will still return though, cuz I like the ambience, and I want to try that Ocean Trout again!

Boathouse (3)

I like the misty look!

I was just perusing the menus at Boathouse. The Business Set lunch looks really affordable at $32, for a place like Boathouse. Also, check out the Sunday Brunch Boathouse Platter. That looks pretty affordable too. And the $65 afternoon tea set for 2 that includes caviar sandwich, lobster sandwich and foie gras brioche! Who’s free to come dine with me????


The Boathouse Restaurant

3 Fullerton Rd #03-01 The Waterboat House Singapore 049215

Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Monday – Saturday 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Sunday Brunch & High Tea 11:00am – 5:00pm

Tel : 6538 9038

By Train: Raffles Place to Fullerton Hotel
Walk along the Singapore River to Anderson Bridge; cross the road to the Fullerton Waterboat House

Parking: Optional valet parking available during dinner Mondays to Saturdays.
Nearest alternatives: One Fullerton Basement Carpark or Valet at Fullerton Hotel.

Taxi Instructions: The Waterboat House, standalone building at the end of the Anderson Bridge

Brasserie Les Saveurs – Restaurant Week March 2012

After a not so spectacular Restaurant Week experience a year ago at Magma restaurant, I skipped the next Restaurant Week event. I wasn’t planning on going for this year’s Restaurant Week either, but when Amex sent me an enticing email saying “PRORITY BOOKINGS ENDS TONIGHT!”, I succumbed and clicked on the email….just to you know, check out the restaurants without really intending to make a reservation.

I was actually still mixed after perusing the list of restaurants. I asked the Partner if he would like to go and he said “OK but you decide on the restaurant”, which totally didn’t make things any easier. I casually told a friend who was on MSN about Restaurant Week and to my surprise he was keen to attend! Not only was he keen, he didn’t mind going on a Monday night to a restaurant that listed its menu as “Surprise Menu”. OK fine let’s just plunge in and hope for the best! So with trepidation, I clicked “Book table for 2 at St Regis Brasserie Les Saveurs”.

Brasserie Les Saveurs Restaurant Week Menu

I am so glad we went for Restaurant Week cuz the meal we had at Brasserie Les Saveurs was totally fantastic. The ambience was good, the food was good, the service was good. Really I couldn’t ask for more, except perhaps a little more lighting because the food photos didn’t turn out too good. But then again, more lighting would have changed the mood of the place. Next time I’ll bring a torch.

Normal Restaurant Set Dinners are at $35++ each, but St Regis Brasserie Les Saveurs is considered as one of the high end restaurants so an additional $20++ was imposed. Still, it’s worth the money as most of the ala carte main courses are well over $40++ already.

Brasserie Les Saveurs - Trio of chocolate mousse with coffee ice-cream and pepper anglaise sauceHave to start with a picture of dessert first even if I ate dessert last.

Brasserie Les Saveurs - Bread Basket (2) The usual bread basket served before the commencement of the meal. Bread was nice and warm in its covered basket. Love the tub of French butter provided! Decadence! My friend polished it off entirely.

Brasserie Les Saveurs - Gaspacho Amuse Bouche Amuse bouche of gaspacho served. Refreshing vegetable concoction with a dollop of cream. The cream is supposed to be mixed into the gaspacho but it was so lovely I couldn’t stop eating it on its own.

Brasserie Les Saveurs - Foie Gras Terrine - Duck Foie Gras Terrine and Roasted Figs with Balsamic vinegar and Mesclun Salad (2) Duck Foie Gras Terrine and Roasted Figs with Balsamic vinegar and Mesclun Salad. Heavenly melt in the mouth rich duck foie gras. Brioche was provided but I felt it was just in the way of me enjoying the terrine in all it’s naked glory. I had to stop myself from finishing it all off or I would be too full to enjoy the main course. I didn’t let the waitstaff clear it either until after desserts, just IN CASE. My dining companion sniggered at me for consuming so much fat. Ya lah he had the healthy soup for starters, but need I remind him that he ate the entire tub of butter?

Brasserie Les Saveurs - Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup with olives and basil (2)-tile   Spicy Tomato soup with olives and basil. Soup came separately from the condiments! I had a spoonful and thought it to be delightfully refreshing with a nice sour tang from the tomatoes.

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