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The Olive Restaurant

There were 2 dining establishments during our stay at Resorts World Genting that were particularly memorable. One of them was The Bakery at Maxims Hotel. That was where we withdrew for the day to relax over a cup of coffee and catch up on our social networks via the free WIFI. The other memorable dining establishment was The Olive Restaurant, just a stone’s throw away from The Bakery actually.

Of the entire 3D2N that we spent at Resorts World Genting, The Olive was single-handedly the most memorable restaurant we visited. The Olive is a fine-dining restaurant and without a doubt, the food was impeccable. The service was excellent too. If I were to return to Genting again and had extra cash to spare, I would most definitely visit The Olive.

The Olive - (2)

We were the 1st customers to arrive at the restaurant at 6pm on a Sunday evening. Love the elegant ambience and lighting.

The Olive - Complimentary Hot Bread

The complimentary bread was excellent! The breads were kept nice and warm in the napkin. Don’t be put off by this black bread, cuz it’s squid ink bread! It was absolutely lovely and it’s one of those places where you could just eat loads and loads of bread and be contented.

The Olive - Pan Seared Foie Gras with sweet & savoury brioche, port poached apple, toasted hazelnuts and tangerine caramel sauce RM 128 (3)

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The Prime Society

I was sieving through my old photos and I realised I haven’t written about my birthday dinner! I might have mentioned before that I like to celebrate my whole birthday month, and not just the birthDAY itself. I like to space out all the treats so as to maximise the enjoyment and anticipation. I mean won’t you agree that the birthDay is just 1 day only, and one day is just too short to fully celebrate? In fact, come to think of it, the Partner still owes me a treat to Waku Ghin! I’d postponed it after already celebrating my birthday a few times that week, plus a few media tastings I had to contend with. I think now is a good time to remind him that a trip to Waku Ghin is in order….

Most of the time, as I can imagine would be the case with other food bloggers, I am the one tasked with the job of finding new restaurants to whet our appetites. It’s an arduous task actually, for it’s not a matter of just listing out the top restaurants. There are criteria to be fulfilled, such as location, ambience, the availability of a particular dish, pricing, and the like. If you can’t do it fast enough, your intelligence is questioned. Should the restaurant fail to live up to expectations, rest assured you will hear about it as if you owned the restaurant. But more on that another day.

For my birthday, the Partner actually managed to rustle up the idea of going to Prime Society. Very good job, it was a very enjoyable evening and the steaks were excellent. Ah well, at least he knew he would like the place, he’s a steak person!

It’s always a bit of a bother going to Dempsey Hill if you aren’t driving, but this time it was well worth the effort. I liked Prime Society the minute I entered it. It has this European kind of decor, with the brick columns, tall ceiling, mini chandeliers and murals of battle soldiers. In fact, you’re expected to think of yourself as hailing from an upper class society, if not from royalty itself. Check out these commandments, and you’ll know what I mean!

The food was EXCELLENT, and if you’re looking for a higher end steak place without the higher end $$$, Prime Society is the place to go.

Prime Society - CommandmentsThou shalt not have a vegetarian friend!! Certainly, it would be best to leave the vegetarians and pescetarians at home when coming to the Prime Society. Okay, they have a Barramundi if you must, but that’s really about all there is for non-meat eaters. Other than the pesky pescetarians (my father is one), I believe I fulfil the rest of the commandments. 🙂

Prime Society - (2) Picture of the bar area

Prime Society - Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16 (2)

Prime Society - Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16 (5) Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16

What can I say, it’s bone marrow. Super delicious and super sinful! The texture of bone marrow is like that of fat, without any gristly bits getting in the way. It’s soft and voluptuous, each mouthful sliding down your throat so easily. Be careful about eating too much of it, it’s definitely meant to be shared! The lemon helped to cut a bit of the greasiness, but really, 2 or 3 mouthfuls of the stuff is more than enough to start making you satiated! If I have any complaints, it’s that there’

Prime Society - Bone Marrow with Celeriac Remoulade, Parsley and Toast $16 Come on, you know you want some!

Prime Society - 100% Natural Pasture Fed Black Angus Rib Eye 220g from North Western Tasmania $44 100% Natural Pasture Fed Black Angus Rib Eye 220g from North Western Tasmania $44

The Partner ordered this. Where possible, he always opts for the Pasture/Free Range options rather than the Grain Fed cattle as it is a healthier and more flavourful choice. We always go for medium rare and this steak was cooked just right. The steak was tender while retaining a nice bite. It was flavourful and moist. The specks of salt on the top was more for garnishing as the steak tasted perfect the way it came. As this steak arrived first, I had the opportunity to steal a few bites and I was almost worried that I should have ordered this instead!

Prime Society - Wagyu Tri-Tip (3) Wagyu Tri-Tip $50

When my steak arrived, I had absolutely no regrets at all. This is hands down, the most tasty, juicy, fattening, flavourful, delicious, divine, SUBLIME piece of steak I have ever eaten to date! This steak wasn’t in the menu, but the manager recommended it to us as they had some stock. Until then, I’d never even heard of Tri-Tip, but I realise now it is the bottom Sirloin, and there’s only a bit from each cow. It was only 150gm, and I thought I would not be full, but the manager assured us that because Wagyu Tri-Tip is quite fattening, 150gm would be more than enough! And he was definitely right. I was a little worried about the fat that I was ingesting. Okay fine who am I kidding, despite the fears I still finished the entire steak. I wouldn’t have ordered the Bone Marrow in this case, because that’s really too much greasiness in the appetiser and the mains.

It’s interesting why the manager offered the Tri-Tip so hesitantly. Did he think that it would be some exotic flavour that I would not be used to? Well I can safely say it should be made a PERMANENT feature in the menu!

Prime Society - Wagyu Tri-Tip Mmmmm…..MEAT. Really, a work of art.

Towards the end, I have to admit the greasiness got to me so more pieces of lemon would have been appreciated.

Prime Society - Seasonal Vegetables $7 Seasonal Vegetables $7

A tuft of vegetables is provided with the steak, but that’s hardly enough to meet your daily fibre requirements so we ordered a serving of seasonal vegetables. I never like having to order additional vegetables. I feel they should be provided with the main course! I feel they are surreptitiously trying to make the steaks look cheaper when they are not. I know Mortons does this, and a few other places as well and I don’t like it. It’s kind of like the same feeling you get when restaurants charge you for plain water.

Prime Society - (20)  The open concept kitchen at Prime Society

Prime Society - (22) Prime Society - (18)

The Prime Society

10 Dempsey Road #01-20, Singapore, Singapore 247700

Mon – Wed : 6:00 pm-10:30 pm

Thu – Fri : 12:00 pm-3:00 pm   ; 6:00 pm-10:30 pm

Sat – Sun : 9:30 am-2:00 pm  ;  6:00 pm-10:30 pm

Telephone : 6474 7427

The Prime Society Website : 

The Prime Society Menu :

The Prime Society Facebook :

The Halia Restaurant at the Botanic Gardens

*Media Invite*

I was seriously elated when I received an invitation to try out The Halia Restaurant, a beautiful restaurant nestled in the heart of the Botanic Gardens. There is something magical and mystical about dining amidst lush greenery.

Up until then, I’d never dined at Halia before, but for those of you who have, The Halia Restaurant has rejuvenated itself with a new look, menu and culinary team since October 2011. Chef Reynaldo Arriola helms the kitchen now. “Halia” is a Malay word for ginger and the restaurant is aptly named so because it is smack in the middle of the Ginger Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The restaurant now boasts a new show kitchen with counter seats, which I think is pretty rare for a Western restaurant.

It can be a tad inconvenient to get to The Halia Restaurant as it’s almost in the middle of the Botanic Gardens, but it helps that there is now a Botanic Gardens MRT station, which means it is only about a 10 – 15 minute walk after you get out of the station.

Ms Karen Wee of FoodNews hosted the dinner for 5 lucky diners, myself included.  Because there were so many of us, we were able to sample a great number of dishes. It’s almost incredible how we managed to finish all the food (there were hardly any leftovers!) and if you don’t believe me, you can count the number of dishes!! Between the 6 of us, we polished off 5 appetisers, 7 Mains and 3 desserts, with additional servings for some of the dishes too!

Most of the photos used are provided by The Halia Restaurant, as they have a professional photographer lah. My excuse is that it was dark when I took my pictures. 🙂

Halia - Ginger Jive - Ice blended fresh ginger, fruit punch, orange & honey

Ginger Jive – Ice blended fresh ginger, fruit punch, orange & honey @ $12++ – We started off the evening with a refreshing Ginger Jive drink. Refreshing it was indeed especially after an arduous day at work. Love it that it’s all healthy ingredients that is used! Preps you for any “unhealthy” things you might eat next… The ginger leaves a nice warm buzz in the chest too.


Halia - Half dozen Sydney Rock Oysters (2)

Half dozen Sydney Rock Oysters @ $35++ – Oysters done in 3 different ways. I used to think that I only like my oysters fresh shucked and unadulterated, ie just with some lemon juice, and maybe some tabasco sauce if I’m in the mood. However, the tempura & ponzu oysters on the right were fantastic. The tempura was light and crispy, and the oyster just ever so lightly cooked such that it was still flavourful and succulent. The sauteed baby spinach with Pernod deglaze, nutmeg & parmesan gratin oysters on the left were also very good.

Halia Appetiser - Jamon Iberico Bellota, baked Yuzu walnut & olive oil

Next up Jamon Iberico Bellota, baked yuzu walnut and olive oil @ $30++. When this dish arrived, I tell you, there was an audible collective whoop of joy from all at the table. Just looking at the dish itself was a treat to the eyes. Jamón ibérico is a type of ham from Spain. It is very expensive, very delicious and not widely available outside of Spain. Each slice of this salty and fatty savoury goodness will send your tongue into the high heavens.

Halia Appetizer - Tian of vine ripened tomato, pine nut, guacamole & mango salsa

 Tian of vine ripened tomato, pine nut, guacamole, mango salsa, shiso and braised courgette @ $28++ – After the saltiness of the Jamón ibérico, it was nice to enjoy this vegetarian appetiser. Love the sweet mango salsa while the pine nuts gave the dish a good crunch.

Halia Appetizer - Foie Gras Salad

Salad leaves, ginger-infused foie gras, balsamic deglaze, green apple, fresh fig and piment flakes @ $29++ – The salad leaves were lost to me as my focus was only on the foie gras. The nicely seared outer skin gave way to a melt in the mouth fatty richness of foie. I don’t think I need to say much about foie gras, except to say that it was simply fantastic.

Halia - Tempura of white prawn, salad leaves with light lemon vinaigrette, baby shiso, beetroot and celeriac reduction

Tempura of white prawn, salad leaves with light lemon vinaigrette, baby shiso, beetroot and celeriac reduction @ $28++ – The 5th appetiser of the night, tempura of white prawn. The prawn was succulent and juicy under the tempura batter. Not that this wasn’t nice, but for just $2 extra, I’d highly recommend that you go for the Jamón ibérico.

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