Loose leaf tea on demand

May 2, 2010

Today I discovered an amazing thing. You can buy loose leaf tea in whatever weight combination you want, from TWG!!! It’s amazing because all along, I’d thought that the tea comes in prepackaged tins. And it’s quite affordable, considering the exorbitant prices they charge at their cafe. We bought 2 types of tea, 100grams of Irish Breakfast Tea and 100gm of Rwanda Breakfast Tea. Cost only $26. TWG had this rotating cabinet contraption filled with tea canistors, and the guy had to push at it with all his might in order to rotate the thing to our desired tea.

So happy with this discovery. They have loads and loads of different types of tea flavours for sale. Now we can buy just enough to last us 1 or 2 weeks. Because you know once tea is opened, it starts to lose its freshness. I once bought an expensive tin of tea from Fauchon. The 1st day, the tea tasted heavenly. Since then, I’ve been trying to obtain the same flavour but to no avail.

It’s a bit sad that I should be so happy and amazed to find tea sold in this manner. This should be more ubiquitous, rather than the boxes and boxes of generic tea sold in the supermarkets. I suppose there might be more shops selling tea like this, but I am unable to recall any offhand, and I’ve certainly not seen any in recent times. Maybe I should start a business of selling tea myself!

But for now, what I need is a new plunger. Can’t wait to try out the new tea!!! The Rwanda tea we chose is especially strong. I’m actually going to look forward to waking up in the weekday mornings for once!


    • Thanks for the tip. I checked out the website but it seems they only do online orders. Have you tried it before?

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