Bluefin Tuna at Sushi Tei

May 3, 2010

Went to Sushi Tei at Raffles City today. Their latest seasonal menu is out. I see they have some collagen dishes on offer again. They must have had a good run the last time. I haven’t personally tried eating collagen in this manner (you can boil bones for many hours to make your own cheap collagen soup) and I wonder if anybody can tell me how it tastes.

I also discovered Bluefin tuna on the menu. For $16, you get several slices of bluefin tuna sashimi in addition to some other sashimi on rice. I was quite surprised to see this on the menu, and for such a price, because Bluefin Tuna is extremely endangered! And as everyone knows, Sushi Tei is extremely popular because it is so affordable and good. And if Bluefin tuna is being sold at Sushi Tei, does this mean that lots and lots of Bluefin tuna will be consumed? I know it is already being consumed in huge quantities in Japan, which is why it is so endangered to begin with, but still, when it hits home and on such a mass market level….. I shall have to consult my endangered species guru on this.

A colleague tried the bluefin tuna rice dish and said it was absolutely delicious. I probably shouldn’t even be saying this, because now those who read this might be tempted to try. But then again, all fish stocks are fast depleting, and humans really ought to eat less fish!

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