Bedok Point is open!!

December 16, 2010

Bedok Point, or Bedok Mall, as some would call it is finally open! Bedok is now civilized! This has got to be the smallest mall ever. From the back door, you can see through to the front door! Most of the shops aren’t open, and there is a sickeningly strong turpentine smell there, especially in the basement and the 3rd floor. It’s less strong on the 1st floor due to the air coming in from the entrances I suppose. I marvel at the people who are able to eat there. Still, the smell didn’t deter the throngs of people checking out the Mall at 9pm at night.

We had a cup of coffee at the Killiney Cafe, but luckily that was near the back entrance so it was fine. While we were there, Killiney generated some kind of burnt meat smell, I hope it’s not going to be a permanent thing.

At this point in time,  the restaurants that are already open include the following:- Killiney Cafe, NYDC, Pasta Mania, Mos Burger. I see that Gong Cha will be opening soon. I wonder if it will see snaking queues like their branch at Raffles City. My father is super excited about the Sushi Tei too. I’m just happy that finally we have a kopi place we can go to in Bedok without having to start up the car.

Click on the image below to see the full list of tenants and shops. Where is Bedok Point? You can see it from the MRT train while travelling to and from Bedok and Tanah Merah. It is at the former Changi and Bedok Theatre site. If you are at Bedok MRT, just follow the same direction as the trains going towards Tanah Merah and you will reach it in less than 5 minutes. Or click here to see directions to Bedok Point.

Bedok Point Tenant Directory

Latest Update as at 6 Jan 2011: Most of the shops and restaurants are now officially opened. The only 2 big businesses not yet opened are K Box Karaoke and Paradise Inn. There is no more paint or turpentine smell anymore. Mall feels clean and tidy, although ventilation can still be improved. You can sometimes get a whiff of the cooked food smell at certain restaurants, but given that the Bedok Point Mall is largely a mall of restaurants, this I suppose is to be expected. The Gong Cha here even has a small sitting area. click here for Frasers Centrepoint Mall’s website for an official list of the shops, restaurants and tenants  at Bedok Point as well as phone numbers.

I asked the staff helping with the renovations when Paradise Inn will open. They told me Paradise Inn will officially open on 17 January 2010 at Bedok Point Mall.

Click here for my subsequent review on Bedok Point’s Sushi Tei.


  1. I went in for a bite this afternoon with my sis after running some errands in the vicinity. I thought there would be a cinema in the building before it opened, it was a disappointment to find none. If only there is, it would be even more ideal! Popeye Chicken is not running yet, hence we checked out this Japanese eatery on the 3rd level. Their service was bad, so much so that I walked off instantly to next door, MOS.

    • Ya I did wonder if they would have a cinema, but I guess nowadays there won’t ever be those 1 or 2 screen type cinemas anymore. Sorry to hear u encountered bad service. Hope it’s just teething problems and they get better at it. The tea at killiney was not up to the usual standards either. I do hope they improve because I want to go again.

  2. Wow cool!! I am immediately attracted by Popeyes and Mos Burger.

    I think we are very very bored in microscopic little Singapore…so a new mall… always exciting.

    • Well I am particularly interested because I live in the East. Popeyes yes I am looking forward to that! And speaking of Popeyes, the one at the Airport is expanding!

  3. I sure hope the services improve.
    Have you girls try Arnold’s? I think their chicken is better, but I still like Popeyes’s biscuit.

    BTW, I live in the East too! 🙂

    • Hello fellow Eastie!
      I don’t think Bookjunkie lives in the East though…
      I’ve only tried Texas Chicken, Popeyes and KFC hehehe….I think I still like KFC the best! Oops!

      • HUH!?? That’s on my dropped off list. Ok girl, you should go chomp some Arnold’s chicken!
        And I can’t get over this, tell me what you like about KFC??

        • I like the taste of the 11 herbs and spices! Hahaha…okay the 2 times I went to Popeyes, the chicken was rather dry. That was years ago, I may need to reassess. Texas chicken was nice but not better than KFC. Haven’t tried Arnold’s, which I should soon.

  4. Just went to Bedok Point. So many restaurants all cramped together and in the end, we still went to the hawker centre for our lunch. Haha… Hubby and I still prefer KFC after trying Arnold, Popeyes

  5. Actually, I was impressed with it! Seriously. First time after nearly 40 years. Now many more stall are open, and it was packed even more than Tampines Mall when I checked out Bedok Point last night. Way to go!

    • Really???? You must be a true blue Bedokian :-). I like it because we finally have a mall, but it seems more of a food mall rather than a shopping mall. Did you eat at any of the restaurants yesterday? I probably should visit again soon now that the dust has settled.

  6. Yea most of the shops are eateries actually as I think Frasers wants multiple anchor tenants of foodies, as mall is too small for Carrefoure or NTUC outlests. Got smart mix of entertainment, all 3 telcos and various others, including arcade zone next to banquet. Family-oriented actually.
    Smart location, next to at least 4 bank branches..
    Doesn’t matter as much, as CapitaLand will be building another mall by 2014 which will be thrice the size of this mall, and interconnected with MRT and interchange, with office tower and residential units.. AMK Hub and Toa Payoh Hub-style…

    • That’s still 3 years away….wow office towers, can’t imagine that Bedok will have that. It’s finally growing up!!! Wonder why it took so long for Bedok to even get its 1st mall. Bedok is a pretty big town don’t you think, yet the more ulu/smaller towns have had their malls for years.

    • Your response is fast! I think I did it like 5 minutes ago only? I tried it years ago when Lerk Thai had a branch at the Singapore Expo. It was quite nice, better than Thai Express.

  7. Just before CNY, my son went to the Arcade, if I am not wrong, it is TZ-Active at the 4th floor. He spent $20 and had won a lucky draw, 1st prize. It is a scooter for kids. We helped him to bring the scooter home without even checking if the scooter is working properly. We took it home, only to realise that one of the key was broken and unable to open the seat. There was no warranty card, we can’t even send it for repair!!
    I am just wandering, is this the way the organizer or the arcade dispose off their unwanted items??? At the same time, encourage the kids to spend more for the lucky draw!!! One stone kill 2 birds!!!

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