I love cookbooks!

I am the proud owner of 2 new cookbooks! A few weeks ago, we entered some radio contest and managed to win. I was quite ecstatic to find out that the prize would be a cook book, even if it was a Gordon Ramsay’s cook book. If you’ve watched his cooking shows, you know he loves yelling at his staff. I don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen for the very reason, and I refuse to buy his cookbooks. But snagging them for free is another matter altogether.

Today the books arrived at my place:- Gordon Ramsay’s Desserts and Gordon Ramsay’s Chef for all seasons. Have never seen these recipe books in any of Singapore’s bookshops before. I must admit, I’ve already fallen in love with them! The luscious food pictures!!! I can’t wait to get started on the recipes! Asparagus soup with fresh cheese croutes, rump of new season’s lamb with lentils, Turbot with courgette flower fritters and Noilly Prat sauce (whatever a Prat may be), fricassee of scallops and girolles, roasted rhubarb and apple crumble, and steamed chocolate pudding! I can hear them calling out my name!

Nothing like flipping through cookbooks to get you inspired to cook. Now I’m almost sure I will resume my cooking activities again this weekend. There is only a slight problem. The Partner will be off to NZ this weekend and who will wash the dishes???

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