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October 17, 2010

KFC Australia

I’ve tried KFC in a number of countries and I’ve always felt that the Singapore KFC restaurants serves the best tasting chicken. For one, I really love the Crispy KFC version, which apparently isn’t available worldwide. New Zealand only brings it out once in a while for promotion purposes. So I was quite surprised to find that Australia also offers Crispy chicken! The taste is also pretty comparable to Singapore’s KFC.

Interestingly, contrary to what we like to believe about KFC, it appears that they use hormone and steroid free fresh chicken! If you read the disclaimer on the KFC box, it sure sounds like KFC Australia uses quality unadulterated chicken. I don’t recall seeing these statements on the KFC Singapore packaging. Does this mean that the KFC chicken you get in Singapore is NOT hormone and steroid free? I think if KFC feels the pressure to provide hormone and steroid free chicken in Australia, we as consumers should start pressurising KFC Singapore to do the same.

Whatever the case, there’s no mention of the chickens being free-range, meaning these chickens are probably crammed into small cages their entire lives. If they’re luckier, they’re crammed into a large barn, which isn’t that much better either if you’ve watched Hugh’ Chicken Run.

But let’s face it, going free-range, hormone free and steroid free surely means increasing prices. The only reason why prices are even this low is because these tactics keep costs low! And this is not just an issue about KFC, in fact most hawker centres and restaurants in Singapore probably use the same type of chicken! But right is right and wrong is wrong. I would be most willing to pay a little more to ensure the health of the chickens as well as mine.

What about you?

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  1. the best KFC I ever had was from Adelaide. The chicken was actually succulent and the skin was crisp and so tasty. It was also the cheapest meal I could find – a set for AUS$6.50 that came with fries and a drink.

    • I would prefer not to eat KFC when I am overseas, but somehow it always happens either because of a lack of ideas or just for the fun of it. AUD $6.50 sounds similar priced to Singapore, don’t think it was that cheap in Perth.

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