Kluang Railway Station

November 14, 2010

As part of the Zenxin Organic Farm tour we were on, the tour guide brought us to Kluang Railway Station to sample the national tea-time favourite snack and beverage of Singaporeans and Malaysians. Kopi/Teh Tarik and Kaya Toast!

Having been to the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore many times for Nasi Beriyani and Teh Tarik, I can now add Kluang Railway Station to the list of Railway stations I’ve dined at before. The Kluang Railway Station is nowhere as big as the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station because it’s not a terminus nor an interchange. Still, that doesn’t make having a cuppa here less rustic and enjoyable.

I love how laid back the whole place looks. Even though it may be uncomfortable sitting on hard plastic red chairs in the heat of the day, and even though the roads are riddled with potholes containing yesterday’s rain, I want places like these to still exist because they are so full of character and history. Too bad you can hardly find such places in Singapore anymore, but luckily, I now know where to go if I need a dose of nostalgia. Apparently this coffee shop has been in existence since the early 1930s. It seems they now have franchise branches, that serve a larger variety of meals, but this is the original one.

Kluang is about 1.5 hrs drive from the Malaysian Checkpoint. Or you can take the KTM trains. It’s the 4th station from Singapore.

Kluang Railway Station (2)

See from this angle, you can’t even tell it’s a train station.

Kluang Railway Station - Diners

It was crowded when we got there at 3.30pm.

Kluang Railway Station - Diners (2)

No outside food allowed….who brought in those sushi? Wait a minute, those are donuts dressed to look like sushi!

Kluang Railway Station - Kaya Toast (2)

Kaya toast, or Roti Bakar with Butter and Kaya as how they would say it in Malay. Only 1 ringgit. They also have the square toast too.

Kluang Railway Station - Kaya Toast

Teh Susu (Milk tea) RM$1.20 — Tasted quite good. It isn’t as sweet as the ones we get in Singapore, which is not a bad thing considering how much we ate that day.

Kluang Railway Station - Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak RM0.70 and Mee Siam RM0.70 — These are placed on every table and you just help yourself if you want one. The mee siam here is the dry version. I’ve no idea this version existed until yesterday.

Kluang Railway Station - Kopi Menu (2)

You can also get Coffee Powder, Kaya and even yogurt.

Kluang Railway Station - Kopi Menu

Kluang Railway Station - Indoor Seating

The inner seating area

Kluang Railway Station - Railway  Tracks (3)

Kluang Railway Station - Railway  Tracks

Kluang Railway Station - Railway  Tracks (2)

Commuters waiting for the next train


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Kluang Railway Station

Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Operating hours: 6.30am-12.30pm, and 2.30pm-6.30pm daily except Tuesdays.

Directions to Kluang Railway Station

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  1. the place is oozing with charm….only in Malaysia….I feel so laidback and relaxed already ….we need more of this vibe in Singapore…love it 🙂

  2. I also understand this Hainanese Owner Jack Lim also runs:
    Hoover Restaurant
    No. 24, Jln Ng Pi Ton, Taman Sayang, 86000 Kluang, Johor
    07-771 2772
    Hoover Restaurant – They are famous for their chicken rice and afternoon tea as they has many kinds of kuih such as pisang goreng, popiah and ondek-ondek which is popular in Malaysia. Hoover Restaurant also serve mouth-watering lunch such as Hainanese chicken rice as the owner is a Hainanese. It is located at Kluang Baru. It is also newly named as “Kluang Lim”

    I used to patronize them at both locations (Hoover Restaurant and at the Railway Station) many years ago and met the owner Jack Lim during previous business trip to Malaysia with my local contact there at that time. Have not been back there for a long time already.

    • Thanks for the info Bob. Actually I didn’t realise they had chain stores elsewhere until I went back home to google. It seems this Kluang Rail Coffee is pretty famous. I didn’t even realise my father had previously visited it 10 – 15 years ago until I came back from the trip.

  3. Just discovered your blog when googling on interesting places to go… Haha… My husband is driving me to M’sia tmr for a day trip, maybe I can suggest yr itinerary to him. =)

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sure I hope you enjoy your trip! Been wanting to do a road trip too but haven’t gotten round to doing it. Let me know how it goes.

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