Wedding Bells

September 29, 2012

If you have been following my blog, you might have picked up on the hints. I have been wondering if I should officially announce it, or if anyone cares to know about it in the first place. Well, I have decided I will, so that I may share more posts on how best to plan and organise a wedding. So here’s the announcement…..


The reason why I’ve decided to announce it now is because the wedding date is exactly 3 months away! Also, I just finished doing my pre-wedding photo-shoot on Monday. I finally have a concrete photo to share on this blog instead of just words. Of all the blurry and badly framed images I’ve had to endure from The Partner, this photo takes the cake, in a positive way for once!

Wedding Photo

No photoshop, no adjustments, no nothing. Just a pure photo taken by the Partner using my iPhone. Is it not the epitome of a Food Blogger’s mindset that I choose to take my photos in a restaurant? Not one, but TWO in fact. A big thank you to La Maison Fatien for allowing me to use their premises without any extra charges! I did of course take the mandatory photos at the Botanic Gardens and what have you and also some more in New Zealand.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, preparing for a wedding is no joke. It takes lots of money, and lots of time. For anyone holding a traditional Chinese wedding banquet in Singapore, your best bet is to get things rolling more than 1 year in advance.

Watch this space as I share with you the trials and tribulations I went through in deciding on

  • the Best hotel for my wedding banquet
  • the best bridal studio and bridal packages
  • the photo-shoot wedding gowns and actual day gowns
  • how to choose the best wedding photographer for your needs
  • how to take pre-wedding photos overseas for cheap

and lots more!!!


    • Thank you! That’s the photoshoot dress, will be a different one for the actual day. 🙂

  1. You look gorgeous! And trust me, you definitely don’t need to go to the extreme to cut down flabs… what flabs do you have???

  2. the location of the photoshoot is beyond apt for you, dawn! hahahaha
    and you look stunning in that wedding dress!

    can’t wait for you to reveal the tips and advice on wedding preparations!

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