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January 9, 2013

For a good part of the wedding, I’d been cracking my brains to come up with something creative yet still wedding worthy if you know what I mean. Didn’t really want a live band or singers because seriously, you spend a bomb and people hardly even notice that they’re there. Those who do happen to sit near the stage and I know of people who have complained of the noise!

I wanted something a little whimsical, to sort of make me feel better that I didn’t get to have a garden wedding. A garden wedding is something that is so pretty, and I think most brides would consider it, but to be realistic, most guests hate garden weddings thanks to the Singapore weather! And trust me, as a bride, you don’t want to be worrying about whether it’s going to rain either. I made the decision not to have a garden wedding, but I still wanted to have my cake and eat it.

And that’s when I thought of having a candy bar! It doesn’t seem such a common thing for now, and I hope I’m one of the first few to set the trend going! One of the best parts about preparing for my wedding were the parts where I was researching on candy bars. So many whimsical and eye popping candy bars pictures out there!! With all manner of variations from the types of candy to whether you want biscuits, macarons, cupcakes, canapes and what have you!

JOandJARS (11)

I was so lucky to be able to get a sponsor JOandJARS to come set up a Candy Bar for my wedding! Check out the little goodies they provided!

  1. Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree
  2. Kinder Bueno
  3. Garrett Popcorn
  4. Jam sandwich biscuits from M&S
  5. Chocolate cookies from M&S
  6. Yan Yan
  7. M&Ms in Christmas colours
  8. Customised Hersheys

This here would have cost about $600! Thank you JOandJARS!

This was set up in the Four Seasons Ballroom Private Foyer, before I even arrived for my solemnization! As busy as I was that day, I made sure to spend at least a few minutes viewing the lovely candybar and making my official photographer take pictures of me with it!

JOandJARS (12)

I actually asked JOandJARS to create some signs for me to inform the guests that the Candy Bar would only be open towards the end of the wedding banquet because I didn’t all the early bird guests to be ”destroying” the lovely Candy bar before everyone had seen it. Apparently this was the first time they had ever received such a request, and in fact, the guests are usually so excited that some people even start grabbing the goodies before the set up has been completed!

JOandJARS (4)

JOandJARS dutifully made the cute signs for me saying things like ”These are not real, yet”! How cute is that? Well, it worked for a while lah. People milled around, eyeing the loot from afar. HOWEVER, towards the end of the cocktail, just before the start of the banquet, one of my relatives took some of the candy for my nephew, and after that, others just took that as the cue to start the celebrations earlier!

JOandJARS (6)

By my 2nd march in, the Candy Bar was COMPLETELY wiped out! And you thought that candy was only for kids right. Adults were reliving their childhood memories especially with the Yan Yans! Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like Yan Yan? Sweets and chocolates are timeless! The Partner, aka the Husband, snuck some sweeties up to our bridal suite before hand, but guess what, the fathers ate them!!$#!% I didn’t even get to sniff at any of my candy bar goodies, but I’m really happy that all the guests enjoyed the candy so much! A few people even asked us to top up! I had 220 guests, so for those of you who have a similar sized wedding, take note that your candybar needs to be bigger than this!

JOandJARS (14)

Thank you JOandJARS from me and all my guests, for the lovely Candybar!! Smile Smile Smile

JOandJARS will offer a 10% discount to all customers who quote 365days2play!

Oh I just realised that they wrote about my wedding too! Check it out here! And their Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to read more about my wedding, check out this link.


  1. Your candy bar looks awesome! I think candy bars are such great ideas but it hasn’t quite picked up here in singapore yet. i had one at my wedding a couple of years ago but it was completely wiped out…and there were so few children!

  2. Wow. I think what else the wedding needs is a chocolate fountain fondue. Talk about having a sweet tooth! crazy but nice idea you have there 🙂

    • A chocolate fountain fondue might be a little dangerous! Might get the wedding gown dirty with drippy chocolate! But I’m sure the guests will love it of course.

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