Chateau D’Isenbourg, France

July 11, 2013

Day 5 of 365days2play’s Honeymoon in Luxembourg, Germany & France

One of the most memorable hotels I stayed at during my honeymoon trip through France was the Chateau D’Isenbourg. Although I stayed at a fair number of chateaus during the trip, Chateau D’Isenbourg struck me as being the most ornate and regal looking one. We got the most exquisite looking room and it was as spacious as could be.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (3)

Built on the foundation of 12th & 14th Century cellars, the Chí¢teau d’Isenbourg is soaked in the turbulent history of Dagobert and Charlemagne, whose names still echo here. Located on the Alsatian wine trail, in the heart of the vineyards, several kilometres from Colmar, it dominates the old town of Rouffach, offering a magnificent panoramic view of the Vosges foothills, the Rhine Plain and the Black Forest in the distance.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (8)

Wouldn’t you just love to stay in a room like this? I love how the dark blue curtains blends so well with the warm orangey yellows of the walls. I feel like royalty staying in this room! Even the design of the chairs adds to the grandeur of the room, plus the ornate looking writing desk. I think if the bed hadn’t been there, and if I’d told you that this was the sitting room of someone from the British Monarchy, you might have just believed it, right?

Chateau D'Isenbourg (44)

We stayed in the well-appointed Deluxe Room. The room comes with a large wooden wardrobe, the kind that you read about in storybooks. Air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, Mini-Bar, Hairdryer and complimentary WIFI are all available. Picture of me above penning my new novel.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (2)

The bathroom looks somewhat dated, admittedly, but modern enough to have nice toiletries.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (19)

View from my room window. Those are vineyards in the distance. I’m sure this whole place would look even prettier in the summer, with blue skies and striking green-leafed trees.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (24)

More pictures of Chateau D’Isenbourg. My room was in the red portion, the level above ground floor.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (25)

A very nice touch to leave a good night note to us as well as the weather forecast. That came in useful, thanks! Great to know it is going to be sunny!

Chateau D'Isenbourg (26)

Buffet breakfast the next day at Les Tommeries.

I think I might have mentioned it before a couple of hundred times, but did you know that I love spending a long time luxuriating over breakfast? Unlike most Singaporeans, I do enjoy eating the European breads. Yes they may be tougher than our Gardenia and Sunshine, but they are packed full of flavour and texture! Coupled with the fresh cheeses on offer, as well as the smoked salmon and smoked meats, it makes for a satisfying breakfast. I thought I would like to have a cooked breakfast, but with such a sumptuous continental breakfast spread as that offered by Chateau D’Isenbourg, I am more than happy to do away with the cooked portions. And most hotels are generous enough to provide AOP butter as well, none of that margarine muck! When you see the words AOP, you know the butter has got to be good.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (29)

Smoked meats and salmon on the left, various cheeses on the right, numerous jams at the upper level, and a bowl of AOP butter to eat to your heart’s content. Mind the arteries though.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (45)

This being Alsace, Kugelhoph (the bread in a cake like form on the top left) is a must for every breakfast table. I must admit I meant to try the Kugelhoph but I was just too wrapped up with the mini baguettes and other breads to try the Kugelhoph. Note the orange and grapefruit juicer, so you know your juice is really FRESH. And of course, Nutella, another staple.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (37)

Me with my rather raw egg… Got the timing wrong I’m afraid because I hadn’t even switched on the boiler! But now I know, 3 minutes on a fast boil will yield an egg with a runny yolk. Smile 

Chateau D'Isenbourg (38)

Taking a breather out on the verandah after the filling breakfast.

Chateau D'Isenbourg (42)

It was too cold to sit out here for breakfast or dinner the night before, but certainly the ambience would be amazing in the summer. If you’re in the Alsace / Colmar / Rouffach region, be sure to stop by Les Tommeries Restaurant of Chateau D’Isenbourg for a good meal.

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds

Chateau d’Isenbourg boasts an outdoor pool as well as an indoor pool. The indoor pool is usable all year round whereas the outdoor pool obviously isnt. In fact, when we were there in April, the pool was only just being filled and tested to get ready for the summer season. I can imagine how much fun it would be with all the kiddos frolicking here with their colourful bobbing floats.

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds (15)

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds (13)

And how about a dip in the jacuzzi with a view of the vineyards??

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds (3)

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds (9)

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds (16)

Chateau d'Isenbourg grounds (17)

Turn the knob to enter into the wardrobe that will take you to a different world…

Read more about our lovely and romantic dinner at the hotel’s in house restaurant, Les Tommeries.

Read more about my cycling expedition through the vineyard behind Chateau d’Isenbourg in Alsace, France.


Chateau D’Isenbourg is part of the Small Luxury Hotel of the World group as well as the Grandes Etapes Françaises family owned group. I had the pleasure of staying in 8 SLH properties as well as 3 Grandes Etapes Françaises properties. Thank you very much Chateau D’Isenbourg for the generous hospitality! Smile


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Route de Pfaffenheim – 68250 Rouffach
Tél : +33 (0)3 89 78 58 50 — Fax : +33 (0)3 89 78 53 70



  1. I noticed that all hotel toilets in europe have this big toilet bowl and also a smaller one toilet bowl next to it. Any idea what the smaller ‘toilet bowl’is meant for? after all there’s already a wash basin for wasting hands!

    • That’s the bidet! It’s to ….erm… you google for it!! But it seems rather old school. I had an automatic one in my office bathroom and there were many buttons to push to customise strength!

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