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June 2, 2020

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During the Circuit Breaker period, I was invited to check out 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant. Crab restaurants are aplenty in Singapore but I found out that 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant is the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. The crabs are supposedly meatier, tastier, bigger and less watery as compared to farmed crabs. To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, air-flown, prepared and delivered to to each customer within 12 hours. Read more about why wild caught crabs are better here.


I went to check out their website and I noticed that the crabs comes in various sizes from from L, XL and XXL. I was torn between getting L or XL which is $20 more because those who eat crabs often will know that a large part of the crab comprises of shell. And if you get too small a crab, some of the flesh may be inaccessible or stuck.

In the end I decided to go with the XL crab and true to the restaurant’s claim, I found the flesh to be indeed quite meaty, firm and not mushy, and easy to peel out. On hindsight this would probably be so for the L crab if this is the characteristic of the wild Sri Lankan crabs. The crab also had a mildly sweet flavour and there was no off putting smells or flavours which assured me of its freshness. Did you know that if the crabs smell of ammonia, that is a bad sign that the crabs were very stressed before being harvested?

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant (5)

Chilli crab, salted egg prawns and mantou from 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant. Wine is provided separately, courtesy of WolfBlass Wines. May I add that wines go well even with Asian food?

There are 3 preparation methods to choose from : Salted Egg, Black Pepper and Chilli Crab. I went for the Chilli Crab because I wanted to have lots of the chilli crab eggy sauce to go with my rice. 8 Crabs were very generous on the sauce, it was practically almost a bucket of sauce they sent over. The husband and kiddo enjoyed the sauce very much too. I personally thought that the sauce was a bit too starchy and not sweet enough though.

Boy holding 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant mantous

Well by right he’s supposed to hold the crabs for a picture perfect photo but I can’t risk him toppling the crab so I gave him a less risky task!

To make our order a meal, I added on fried-mantou as well as salted-egg prawns. I must warn you, the mantous are humongous. Double the size of the mantous you get at most other restaurants. 1 is quite enough per person I feel, because you still want to reserve stomach space for the crab! The salted-egg prawns were quite mild tasting. I would have preferred a saltier kick, but I guess moderation is a good thing too since seafood is high in cholesterol.

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant (4)

Closer look of the salted egg prawns


8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant (7)

Crab shells are already cracked for you so they are easy to pry open with just your fingers. Look at the humongous tub of sauce.

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant (2)

This was just half a portion of crab, and almost spilling out of my dish.

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant (3)

If you replate your food into nice dishes, it will look like you are still dining at a restaurant!

If you are looking for crab delivery during this period, why not check out 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant? They delivery for lunch and dinner and have a 1 hour delivery service! And if you have any questions, they even have a live chat manned by a human on the website to answer your queries. $8 flat delivery fee per order (island-wide) or 1 hr express delivery $18. Free delivery for orders above $120, regardless of order type.

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8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant


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