The Sun Coffee Planet

Nowadays, in order to fuel the food blog, we are always on the look out for new places to try. After seeing an ad put up by Sun Coffee Planet in the newspapers, we decided to stop by after finding ourselves peckish

Sunset Bay Garden Beach Bar

Happy 45th National Day Singapore! If you’ve been to East Coast Park and cycled in the direction of Changi Airport, you might have chanced upon a little bistro / cafe called Sunset Bay Garden Beach Bar, also known as Sunset Bay Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Let’s take a break from food photos for a while and let me indulge in my other favourite things to do in Singapore…visiting parks, museums and old buildings. Here’s some photos I took a few days back at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The real farmer’s market

When we hear the words ”farmers’ market”, we normally think of the Western kind, but the truth is that we here in Singapore have been shopping the ”farmers’ market” way all this while. Our wet markets are the first real farmers’ market.

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