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Enak Enak HongKong Tea House : New Halal eatery in East Coast Park

Our Muslim friends can rejoice at the opening of the very popular Halal eatery Enak Enak HongKong Tea House. If this sounds familiar, yes Enak Enak of Simpang Bedok has expanded with its second outlet now located at East Coast Park Seafood Centre, opened in early April. The outlet boasts prime sea views as well as a huge car park nearby. Although most people may not realise it, there is a strip of beach in front of the Seafood Centre, and otters were spotted there last month!

If there’s one thing that won’t escape notice when you step into Enak Enak, it is that of its extensive menu. It is so extensive, it is more than 10 pages long, and mind you, each page has like 20 items listed! Practically anything under the sun is sold here, ranging from dim sum, to Western grilled dishes, all the way to steamboat, peanut soup and banana milkshake? The list is almost endless. Scroll down to check out sample pages of the menu. And get this, they are open 24 hours every day!

Even English Premier League fans will be happy, as there are a couple of TV screens televising the EPL matches every weekend. Seafood Centre is no longer just the home of the chilli crab…

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse (1)

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House occupies the corner left unit of Block 1202 of the Seafood Centre. Come early morning or in the evenings to enjoy the cool sea breeze! The pricing is very similar to that at Simpang Bedok, or hawker centre pricing but perhaps 10-20% more. The food generally tasted good as well.

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Braised Duck Rice

Braised Duck Rice

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Beehoon Goreng

Bee hoon Goreng (wet style)

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Dim Sum

Har Gow $3.90

The har gow was surprisingly nice. It can’t be compared to top Chinese restaurants because obviously, any pork ingredient/essence has to be substituted out. But it was good enough that I wanted to eat more than the 2 pieces that I had.

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Dim Sum (1)

Siew Mai $3.50

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Banana Milkshake

The banana milkshake, at $4+, was so good, we ordered it on 2 separate occasions.

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse televised EPL Matches

Watch EPL matches at East Coast Park Seafood Centre!

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Menu (2)

Sample menu. I am not posting the entire menu, just some pages of it. Hong Kong Tim Sum, Porridge, Nasi Lemak.

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Menu (4)

Dinner sets : BBQ Sting Ray, Oats Prawns, Onion Omelette, Hotplate Beancurd etc

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Menu (1)

Steam Boat

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse Menu (3)

Mediterranean Grill eg lamb chop, fish & chips, chicken chop etc

East Coast Park Seafood Centre (1)

Taken about 1 month after opening, at 7pm on a Saturday. Not bad business I must say? And look at the throng of crowd just strolling by. I wonder where these people come from?

East Coast Park Seafood Centre (3)

Even though Singapore is not exactly known for her beaches, it is still nice to see people making do with what is available and still having fun outdoors, swimming, fishing, building sandcastles and all.

East Coast Park Seafood Centre (2)

Probably a very good idea to camp directly outside Enak Enak. You have food at your doorstep 24 hrs, and the public toilet is just nearby as well. This couple here were at their badminton game for well over an hour!

East Coast Park Seafood Centre (4)

How cute is that? The kids have dug themselves a really deep hole!

East Coast Park Seafood Centre (6)

Used to think that this lawn right in the middle of the Seafood Centre would be no man’s land, but obviously the kids found some use for it.

Enak Enak HongKong Teahouse

Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea House

Well, if Parkland Green is too crowded for you at East Coast Park, or if you’re looking for something open 24 hours at East Coast Park, you know where to find it!

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Enak Enak HongKong Tea House (Halal)

1202 East Coast Parkway

East Coast Seafood Centre

#01-01, Singapore 449881

WildFire Kitchen + Bar

Visited Wildfire Kitchen + Bar back in February when they first opened (and again yesterday). Although it is a skip and a hop away from my office, my colleagues had till then not been too keen to check it out because firstly, not everyone likes burgers, and secondly, spending twenty bucks on lunch is not everyone’s cup of tea either.

But, it was my birthday so everyone gamely trooped there to check it out. Although there are quite a number of staff milling around, WildFire is a self-service restaurant, meaning, you have to place and collect your orders at the counter. Don’t be shy to plonk your butt down at the nearest available table, seating is self-service too.

WildFire Kitchen and Bar

Burgers are Wildfire’s speciality. There are a total of 12 burgers to choose from, in addition to 2 hot dog types, as well as fish and chips, and hanger steak. When they first opened in February, there were 7 types of steaks to choose from, but I guess they were removed from the menu because most people know Wildfire as a gourmet burger outlet. It’s not hard to see why, as the beef patties used are 100% beef patties, as opposed to having cheap fillers in them.

Wildfire Kitchen   Bar Chili Con Carne $19 and Umami $17

Chili Con Carne $19 and Umami $17

All burgers are cooked to chef’s recommended doneness, unless otherwise requested. This usually means a doneness of medium rare. However, during my first visit, most of my colleagues complained that the patties were overdone and too dry. The running joke for that day was that the burgers were done very well… However, yesterday, when I was there with the Partner, who is very experienced in burger eating for obvious reasons, his lamb burger was quite rare. We had to have it exchanged and the 2nd one came back perfect. My classic 001 was medium rare to rare, so it was okay for me.

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Chijmes revamped!

After our lunch at Chijmes, we decided to take a walk around the grounds. Some renovations are still on-going, mainly at the cathedral area only, so most of the restaurants and cafes have already been open for business for quite some time. Not much has changed, and rightly so because this is a historic building, but yet Chijmes feels refreshingly different from before. There are a number of new restaurants, as well as a number of old ones.

I would say the courtyard areas are more manicured with lush trees and foliage strategically placed such that you feel as if you are taking a walk in a garden. It kinda feels as if you are taking a stroll in some European park! Also, the single file restaurants have had roofs extended over their outdoor dining areas so rain or scorching sun is less of a worry now.

Prive at Chijmes (5)

I love seeing kids run around outdoors (as opposed to in the malls). This is such a pretty picture, and even after a full meal at Lei Garden next door, I wish I had space to enjoy a drink or something at Prive just so as to be able to relax in this greenery. Thumbs up for how Prive has managed to incorporate nature into their design elements, from the green roof, to the creeping plants surrounding the outdoor area. And of course the large shady trees all around add to the atmosphere. Prive seems to have a knack for choosing “picturesque” locations… you will remember they have another outlet at Keppel Island facing the marina.

Prive at Chijmes (3)

The shady trees I was talking about that make you feel as if you are walking in a park.

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[Chinese New Year 2015] Antoinette’s Ang Moh Yu Sheng!

Chinese New Year 2015 reviews

I guarantee you, this will be the most intriguing Yu Sheng that you will see this year. No there ain’t heaps of lobsters, crabs, abalones, uni or other manner of seafood. In fact, this Yusheng has no raw fish in it! If this isn’t the most creative Yu Sheng for 2015, I don’t know what is! But to keep you in suspense, here’s a picture of some of Antoinette’s Chinese New Year goodies. You’ll have to go below the fold to see the picture of the Yu Sheng I’m talking about. Smile

Antoinette Chinese New Year Goodies

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[Chinese New Year 2015] Quayside Seafood Restaurant

Chinese New Year 2015 reviews

If you’re looking to celebrate Chinese New Year with a bit of a difference in terms of view and cuisine, you might just want to consider Quayside Seafood. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever dined al-fresco style at Clarke Quay by the river before. I’ve wanted to many many times, but the restaurants were either full and I had to sit indoors, or I somehow ended up at a restaurant facing the inner fountain courtyard. So it was really pleasant to finally be able to experience dining al-fresco by the river, with a Chinese menu to boot! It was surprisingly cool and not humid at all.

Quayside Seafood  (2)

Quayside Seafood  (1)

There are tables for 10, and there are also booth seats for smaller parties. This is about as picturesque as it gets in Singapore!

Quayside Seafood Salted Egg Yam

Quayside Seafood Salted Egg Yam

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