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September 11, 2008

Decided to go really healthy today by having a salad meal instead of the usual Chinese 2 veg 1 meat dish (“Fan Cai”). I used to think that you couldn’t go much healthier than that, until an American, who interned at my office, commented that he couldn’t stand the Fan Cai anymore and just had to have something healthy that day. I was like, what on earth? How can rice and stir-fried vegetables not be healthy? I mean like KFC and MacDonalds are unhealthy, but surely not rice with dishes???? Apparently he eats salads and sandwiches with lots of raw veggies in them. Thanks to him, I now always have a twinge of guilt when eating Fan Cai, which used to be so “normal”!!!

Anyway, salad it was today, and I must say, this is kinda like the best salad you can find in Singapore. There aren’t many establishments with salad as their main focus in Singapore. In fact, this is probably the only one.  For $8.50, you get to get a their Rawbar leaf-mix, which you then add on 6 more items from their salad selection. There are things like kidney beans, snow peas, cucumbers, egg, tofu, tomatoes and the like. Then choose from like 10 different types of dressing and you’re ready to go. The vegetables are really crunchy and fresh tasting. Apparently any left overs are chucked at the end of the day, so you are guaranteed a fresh selection each day. This is the only establishment I know that has more Ang Mohs than locals.

#B1-08 Republic Plaza,
9 Raffles Place
(S) 048619.
Tel: 6535 3230


  1. I just bought the salad and i can’t help but feel that they have decreased the amount greatly. R they being more stingy? I add chicken and the server grab 2 tiny servings of chicken and i told him to give me more. All he did was played with the chicken and did not added more chicken. Such a fool. Tat’s it i m no longer going there it’s a rip off.

  2. I’ve only recently patronised this place so I wouldn’t know if they have decreased the amount. Try again? Maybe it was the particular server you got… Unfortunately I think it is one of the few places that serves salad with this amount of variety so i guess i will still be visiting them.

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