Tulip Mania 2014 at Gardens by the Bay

May 4, 2014

Today is the LAST DAY to check out Tulip Mania 2014, before all the tulips bid us farewell! The Flower Dome closes only at 9pm so you still have time to check out the pretty tulip display! I would highly advise you to bring your selfie sticks, not just for taking selfies, but for getting close up shots of the tulips in case there are people in front of you blocking you.

I visited Tulip Mania last week and it was a very enjoyable experience. Even though I’ve been to Tulip Mania 2013, revisiting the photos is just not as getting up close and personal with the tulips again. The minute you enter the cooled flower dome conservatory, you’re hit by the lovely scent of flowers. The dome is cooled to a really low temperature which makes you feel like you’re in the midst of Netherlands or something!

Ok less talking from me. Enjoy the pictures!

Tulip Mania 2014 (18)

Tulip Mania 2014 (23)

Tulip Mania 2014 (4)

Tulip Mania 2014 (15)

Tulip Mania 2014 (6)

Tulip Mania 2014 (24)

Tulip Mania 2014 (33) - Copy

Tulip Mania 2014 (26) - Copy

Tulip Mania 2014 (28)

Tulip Mania 2014 (17)

This time round, visitors are not allowed to access the inner path, which is actually a good thing in a way because you can capture the tulips without having an arm or leg getting in the way of your shots. You can still get up close and personal on the other half of the tulip garden.

Tulip Mania 2014 (3)

Tulip Mania 2014 (31)

Tulip Mania 2014 (30) - Copy

The Flower dome does not just comprise of Tulips of course. You can still catch other pretty flowers hiding here and there if you keep your eyes open.

Tulip Mania 2014 (29)

After you have visited Tulip Mania, please go down to The Colonnade, which is opposite the Supertrees. You will be able to view the photography exhibition of Tulip Mania 2013 photos! The photos will be there until 29 June 2013. I’ve 2 photos on display, don’t miss that! Smile Smile

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Flower Dome, Gardens By the Bay

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  1. I liked this year’s display more than last year’s. It seemed to have more contrast of colours.

    • I like last year’s more because we were lucky and all the flowers were blooming at the same time. This year, they’ve done staggered blooming.

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