People watch with Tortilla Wraps at Marriott Hotel’s Crossroads Cafe

May 15, 2018

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You know they say much has changed in Orchard Road as compared to a decade or two ago. Aside from the fact that so many new malls have sprung up, and the older malls having had a complete facade overhaul, even long standing shops have moved on and been replaced with newer ones.

But one place that has retained its prominent spot along Orchard Road is Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Crossroads Cafe. I can recall walking pass the al-fresco Crossroads Cafe numerous times when going to Far East Plaza was then the in thing. It was always chockfull of people and still is even until today. If you think that the F&B industry is fickle, take a leaf out of Crossroads Cafe’s experience!

However, even though it looked like a great spot to people watch, it never crossed my mind to enter this place. I had this impression that you’d only go there if you wanted an alcoholic drink, given that so many Caucasians frequent Crossroads Cafe, and are often seen holding wine glasses or beer bottles.

But recently, I found out that Crossroads Cafe serves a full-fledge bistro menu. Think dishes like salads, burgers, pasta, steaks, breakfast and even local food such as Hokkien Mee and Char Kuay Teow! The menu is pretty extensive actually, you can purview it on Crossroads Cafe’s website here.

Marriott Crossroads Cafe - $Iberico Pork Secreto $35

If you feel like you might now want to visit Crossroads Cafe, now’s a good time to go because Crossroads Cafe is currently having an Indulgent Tortilla Wraps promotion from now until 30 June 2018. For about $30 — $35 ++, you can select from one of 5 different tortilla wraps. The torilla wraps will be served platter style to facilitate sharing, with the tortilla sheets separate from the ingredients so that you can customise your own tortillas.

The five flavours on offer are

  • Iberico Pork Secreto— $35++
  • Chorizo Prawns — $35++
  • Beef Sirloin — $34++
  • Spanish Rice & Kidney Bean — $32++
  • Moroccan Chicken — $30++

Marriott Crossroads Cafe (5)

Marriott Crossroads Cafe - Spanish Rice & Kidney Bean $32

Spanish Rice & Kidney Bean $32++

Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Spanish Rice & Kidney Bean option the most. This is the only vegetarian option, and despite it being ”carbs on carbs”, I found the flavour profile very pleasing. I guess liked the tangy tomato-base that they incorporated into the rice. The Beef Sirloin is also a pretty good choice.

Marriott Crossroads Cafe - Beef Sirloin $34

Beef Sirloin $34++

Marriott Crossroads Cafe - Chorizo Prawns $35

Chorizo Prawns $35++

Eat this one quickly because the prawns tend to get overcooked and hard after a while on the hot plate.

Marriott Crossroads Cafe - Moroccan Chicken $30

Moroccan Chicken $30++

Marriott Crossroads Cafe (8)

Very generous portions of meat, but I could do with more condiments

It can get messy trying to wrap the tortilla up, especially when the ingredients are meaty and chunky, but don’t give up! Also, put in more of the delicious guacamole and sour cream than you think you need as those will help to bring out the flavours of all the ingredients.

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    Crossroads Cafe | Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
    320 Orchard Road Singapore 238865

    Opening Hours : 7am —1am Sunday to Thursday | 7am – 2am Friday and Saturday

    Tel : (65) 6831 4605

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